NEON Lights the Way to Nonprofit Event Management and Fundraising

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We recently sat down with Brendan Noone, the Director of Marketing at Z2 Systems, a provider of event management and fundraising software. He discusses the capabilities of NEON, the issues buyers are having in their software search, and his thoughts on making the buying process easier.NEON lights the way

Q: Who do you target?

A: Nonprofit organizations that are looking to have all of their constituent information in one CRM database system. Most nonprofit organizations (and many for-profit organizations too) have their data scattered in 3-5 databases. NEON helps to consolidate all member, donor, event, online store, fundraising, volunteer info, and more. For nonprofits that are spending too much time managing their data, NEON is the solution. NEON handles small organizations just opening their doors to longtime organizations with 100k+ members/donors/etc.

Pricing is monthly and determined in increments by how many people are in the database. A non-profit can pick any 2 modules that are included in the base monthly fee with the option of adding additional modules.

Q: How does your software benefit your clients?

A: NEON can integrate an organization’s websites so all of the incoming information automatically feeds the NEON database. The system creates the record and notes donations, membership, event information, etc. It can even send out automated emails to thank constituents.

Also, NEON has a password-protected portal that allows returning loyal constituents to manage their own account/profile/donations/receipts/preferences/etc. and ensure that their account is current and up to date. NEON can manage member-only page access and allow household and organizational management of accounts.

The powerful database in the backend allows organizations to see the full lifecycle history of all of their members/donors/attendees and even allows for real time processing of transactions from the website or in the backend. As a cloud-based system, NEON is accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Q: How do you differentiate your product?

A: Our CRM database is more connected than any other cloud-based system for nonprofits. NEON’s CRM core allows the database to manage the full lifecycle history of organizations constituents, but the fact that it so seamlessly connects to existing websites allows for wonderful connectivity for the full scope of any organization’s needs. There are no other products in the industry that are tracking as much data or allowing as sophisticated communication or reporting for the data that is in the system.

Q: How do your clients justify the expense?

A: NEON has the best price point on the market over short and long-term spending. Also, when considering that NEON is one system that does it all. It’s an all-in-one system that can allow organizations to combine 3-5 different systems that they are spending money on and spending too much time trying to connect.

Q: What recommendations would you make to businesses that are considering this kind of software?

A: First and foremost, it is always best for organizations to identify what their needs are, very specifically. It is also good for organizations to understand that they should ask the software providers: how will their most vital information will be stored, configured and reported, etc. It is always recommended to take out a trial of the software and spend a considerable amount of time evaluating the structure of the system to make sure that it suits their needs. Once taking out a trial and familiarizing themselves with the system and using support videos/guides, they should sign up to attend a demonstration so they can address their specific needs or to have a vendor demonstrate some of the features they are most interested in seeing/using.

For more information on Z2 Systems and other similar solutions, check out our Event Management,Fundraising, and Membership Management software directories.

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