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The Ultimate New Employee Orientation Checklist

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You’re an HR manager. But you’re also an employee. That means you were new yourself once, right? Now imagine this scenario:

You labored over your resume. You bested the applicant tracking system. You nailed the interview. You negotiated an offer. You got a whole new work wardrobe.

It’s finally here: your first day at your new job. You walk through the door … and you’re totally ignored. Nothing is explained. Nobody so much as says hello. Are you in the right place? What’s expected of you? Did you even really get the job?

As an HR manager, I’m sure you can’t imagine subjecting a new employee to a first day like that. But what goes into a really seamless new employee orientation? What should you do when, and what does your employee need to know?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking those exact questions, trying to make a list that anticipates a new employee’s every need, and muttering “what else?” this list is for you: the ultimate new employee orientation checklist.

This list is not in order of priority, as you’ll know your company’s specific needs better than I will, so feel free to skip anything you don’t need, and pay extra attention to vital steps.


Why do you need a plan for new employee orientation?

Consider what type of first impression you want to make. What should a new employee know and how should they feel about your company as they leave the office on their first day?

While a big part of the first impression will be made by the other people on their team and the work itself, as the on-deck HR professional, you have a lot of control over the foot your company puts forward.

First impressions matter; they can impact employee retention as much as 25%. So this is no time to slack or hope for a slow but steady start!

If you’re looking for a way to make your life easier as you go through this process, find rockstar employee onboarding software. Onboarding software is like a cheat sheet for tracking this process.


Do you really need to do everything on the list?


I don’t know your company like you do, and I never will. It’s up to you to pick and choose what elements of this list are actually valuable to you, and which things you can skip.

What’s on your checklist?

Anything I missed? Anything that you’d want to see on an updated list? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me @CapterraHalden

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Halden Ingwersen

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