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Feel Like You’ve Tapped Your Market? Nonprofit Software May Be the Answer

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Top Nonprofit Software Infographic

Are you doing everything you can to make sure potential donors and volunteers can find you to help move your mission?

If you don’t have Nonprofit Software, the answer is likely “no.”

Relationships are the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Without relationships–whether they be donors, volunteers, or brand advocates spreading your cause–your nonprofit would not exist.

So how do you continue to gain and maintain these relationships to expand your reach?

Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit software streamlines processes and organizes data, helping nonprofit orgs (NPOs) better manage their relationships with their constituents and the community. And with software, you have more time to actually focus on your mission… not just managing lists of data.

Given how valuable it is for NPOs to have access to the best software in order to achieve their missions, we decided to look into which nonprofit management solutions are some of the industry’s top picks in our latest infographic: The Top 20 Most Popular Nonprofit Management Software.

The Research

To narrow down the pool of contenders, we focused specifically on solutions that specialize in the relationship management side of nonprofit technology.  There are, however, still a number of other features and types of nonprofit software, including accounting, grant management, and event planning to name a few. While many of the solutions in our list may also include those features, we only focused on  donation management software or fundraising management software, and included volunteer management software if these vendors also had this feature.

We determined the top 20 based on our popularity index, which takes into account number of customers, number of users, and a social presence score. In this case, “customers” represents the number of NPOs using each software, and “users” represents the number of individuals within those nonprofits with access to the software.

If you’re interested in the full process we go through to create these infographics, you can read more here.

The Data

Below you will see the raw data for the rankings. For your reference, we have distinguished between vendors strictly focused on fundraising or donation management, and those that also contain a volunteer management function.

Top Nonprofit Software Infographic Key

Keep in mind a number of the companies were only able to provide rough estimates of these numbers, so some of their customer and user data may be higher than what we report here.

And, as always, please let us know if there’s anyone you think we missed!  We’re always looking for ways to improve our infographics and the research behind them, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

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Jordan Barrish

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Jordan is a lover of all things social media. When she's not spending time doing research for Capterra she is running, cooking, reading or watching The Office. Follow her on Twitter @jordanbarrish.


Hi Jordan,
It’s really a great chart, glad to learn more about this topic. Have you any idea how big is the non-profit management software market is? any future insight(like the increasing rate or the industry trend) about these CRM providers?
Thank you!

Hi StoneHu,

Thanks for your comment! Jordan Barrish has left Capterra since writing this article. I have taken over her position as the Market Research Analyst and can answer your questions on her behalf.

Per your first question, the non-profit software market is definitely growing. To give you an idea, we have over 160 software vendors listed in our Fundraising Software Directory alone, over 130 vendors in Donation Management Directory, and more than 60 in Volunteer Management. Of course, as you will know by reading the article above, there is some definite overlap across those categories, but it does show you that there are quite a few players in the industry.

Per your second question, the current trends in the software industry at large (cloud computing, utilizing mobile devices, etc.) are breaking down a lot of adoption barriers in non-profit. Non-profits are notoriously short on money and staff, so the lack of IT infrastructure and personnel can limit their options in terms of software. However, now that software is becoming increasingly internet-based, smaller nonprofit operations are able to benefit from software without requiring extensive set-up or in-house tech support. It would be our prediction that adoption rates in the non-profit sector are really going to boom in the next few years.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Rachel Wille
Market Research Analyst, Capterra

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