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5 Outstanding Free SEO Tools

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SEO can be tough. It can be tougher without using the right tools. With the staggering amount of SEO tools out today, trying to pick the right ones can induce a panic attack if you don’t know what you are looking for.

On top of having to wade through a sea of tools you may be unfamiliar with, you also have to see if they can fit into your company’s budget.

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To ease your pains, we put together a list of the best free SEO tools that will add efficiency to any strategy you have in place. These are all free so you won’t have to try and convince your boss to add these tools into the budget and you won’t have to spend a dime if you own a business.

Everything listed falls under white hat SEO tactics so you can safely use these tools to improve your website ranking without the risk of getting punished by Google’s algorithms.

This article looks at five free SEO software options. See the full list of free SEO software solutions here.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress


With the growing number of businesses today using some form of content marketing a majority of them choose to use WordPress. Yoast Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to make sure the content you are creating and publishing on WordPress is optimized for SEO. For each piece you are publishing Yoast makes you choose a focus keyword and checks if you are using this specific keyword throughout piece.

Yoast makes sure to check on page optimization for you, like if you are using the correct alt-text on images, how many links you’ve included, and if you’ve used your focus keyword in the correct places. It gives you a snippet preview to see what your page will look like when it comes up in search results so you can make changes to your headings and tweak your meta description.

Researching the search volume through Google Keyword Planner, finding the highest volume related to your piece, then centering the piece around the focus keyword with Yoast is a rock-solid SEO strategy.

2. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the strongest tools on the market that tracks an amazing amount of website visitor data. Some of the features include seeing where website visitors are coming from, what pages they are viewing, and even how long they are staying.

You need to be able to see the amount of traffic that your SEO keywords are or aren’t pulling in. If you don’t, you run the risk of putting together a strategy that ultimately fails because you don’t know what’s working or what’s not working. Pairing this tool with any SEO strategy is a no-brainer.



Find out what people are searching for. KeywordTool lets you find relevant keywords by using Google’s auto-fill suggestions.

You can accurately pick what keywords to include in your website’s copy and pieces of content to show up on your intended audience’s radar. This SEO tool also boasts the ability to generate up to 750+ long tail keywords for every search term you plug in.

4. Google Keyword Planner

free seo tools

Google Keyword Planner gives you lots of valuable keyword data and suggestions. All you need to do is start it off with your topic keyword, and it can suggest similar, well-performing keywords and how hard it is to rank for them. The most important piece of data that you can take away is the monthly search volume for each given suggestion, so you can watch search data trend up or down.

It also gives you the average bidding price for keywords being used in Ad-words. Using this in conjunction with and you can really develop a strong SEO keyword strategy.

5. Screaming Frog  

free seo tools

The Screaming Frog is a powerful application that audits your website’s SEO.

The SEO tool goes through all your images, links, code, and meta descriptions to give you a comprehensive SEO audit. The application also finds broken links, checks to see what needs updating (like h1 tags and meta keywords). Screaming Frog also gives you the option to export your audit to a spreadsheet to print out or to keep on file for quick access.


SEO is necessary for any website trying to increase its rank and stay competitive. Using these tools will help that process, all for the cost of nothing. Let us know if you have found success using any of these in your SEO strategies.

Use a free tool that you don’t see on the list? Feel free to comment below with what you like to use.

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Chris Fitzner

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Comment by Natalie Fialkovska on

This list of tools is really useful for beginners in SEO. I use them all with my projects, and they are top! Most of these tools are directed on keyword research as an essential part of website optimization. But over the years I realized that backlink checker tool should be used by every SEO specialist. You have to check anchors, nofollow / dofollow attributes and potential spammy links which leads to your website. This is very important, as it can cause many problems, like penalties (Penguin Google update).
As for me, I use free tool from Sitechecker to check backlinks, analyze them and decline if it is necessary. Really recommend.

Comment by Heathcliff Padberg on

Nice list of tools that you’ve posted. I’ll try using them, as new to SEO. Thank you for posting this Chris.

Comment by shweta on

hey… keyword planner is very nice tool for keyword planning. The Keyword Planner is a more engaged variant of the Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator device, and the emphasis is on completing one thing just: to make it less demanding for promoters to overcome the way toward making new advertisement gatherings and promotion crusades, which is the way to getting your PPC accounts off to a decent.


Comment by Ailsa Cartledge on

Good list of free tools explaining their features. Google Analytics is definitely a must-have tool to track if your work on SEO is actually working or not.
Another SEO tool that could be of interest to some of you is Cocolyze.

Comment by Amit Patel on

Rightly said. SEO is very important for any website now. If you can’t beat your online competitors, you can not grow your business online. SEO can help you to do so. I think, all the tools you have mentioned are very important for SEO. However, I think Yoast, Keyword Planner, and Screaming Frog are more important as they can help you in your routine SEO tasks. Google analytics can really help to measure up to what if your SEO strategy is working or not.

Comment by Nancy Jones on

Hey, great list ya. Being an SEO Professional myself, I use all of these for my projects. I recently happened to install the Plugin Yoast SEO for one of my WordPress projects. Must say, that has greatly helped me with the On-Page SEO stuff.

Tools like Answer the Public again help with varieties of content possibilities.

Having such SEO Tools by your side is fine but the point where we stumbled was managing all of them together. ViduPM helped a lot in tracking & managing all the SEO Activities. Tried a number of such tools but ViduPM gels up the best!

Comment by Carissa on

I think the best tools is still Google Keyword Tool, it give very detail on which keyword we should use to make great content and get valueable bidding price.

Comment by Calin on

This is nice list for tools required to do seo analysis of website. But there is several other analysis to be done for proper review of site. It includes backlinks, top keywords in search, on & off page analysis of site.. There are several free tools which you can use to do this like:,, etc.

Comment by Nikolay Stoyanov on

Nice article Chris. It is a real shame that Google Keyword Planner has lost its impact, was one of my favorite tools 🙁 But as you mentioned, we still have at our disposal.


Comment by Ericka Todd on

Thank you for this list of SEO tools. Personally I think SEO by Yoast is fantastic. Not only does it help you with SEO, but now it helps with the readability of your post. Google Analytics is the road map to what is working for you with your blog so also indispensable.

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