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5 Popular Wiki Software Products

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Wiki software programs are great not only for open-source knowledge-sharing operations like Wikipedia, but also for helping to train and share institutional knowledge within your own organization.

Popular wiki software

You can use wiki software programs right now to create helpful databases that contain information for customers, for employees, and for prospects.

However, you need to make sure the wiki program you choose is organized well and presents information in an easy-to-follow manner.

There are a lot of different wiki programs out there, so it helps to compare before selecting a specific tool.

Here are five popular wiki software options to consider.


Popular wiki software

TikiWiki is a prominent open source option for businesses. TikiWiki uses a CMS-based setup and encourages collaboration among people in the workplace to create the best possible wiki page.

The tool has an extended array of features including a full display interface, a staging section, and a history retention setup that makes it easier for data to be sent out in real time and used to one’s liking. Forums can even be created alongside a wiki page to allow people to discuss the features and points presented on the page.

Key Features

  • Has a framework for building reports and forms
  • Has a full office suite of programs for spreadsheets, slideshows, databases, and other special setups
  • Uses collated pages to keep things organized
  • Synchronizes all translations
  • Includes history retention
  • Handles hundreds of different kinds of plug-ins
  • Uses a wiki-based environment for edits


Popular wiki software

MediaWiki is another free open source choice. Notable as the software that Wikipedia is actually built on, it uses thousands of extensions and hundreds of configuration settings to keep your information organized the right way. In particular, it offers many layers of caching and can even duplicate as many databases as needed.

MediaWiki also uses a robust localization feature and can translate data into as many languages as needed.

Key Features

  • Allows for ease when editing, adding or deleting wiki pages
  • Does not require any programming skills to work
  • Can be easily installed onto a server
  • Multiple versions of the same page can be saved
  • Free to use; no warranty or guarantee is offered
  • Uses a sandbox environment for testing purposes

ProProfs Wiki Software

Popular wiki software

ProProfs can be used for the creation of quizzes, surveys, and knowledge-bases. In addition, its wiki functionality allows you to upload articles and photos in real time and to brand the wiki with your own logo and other identifying information. Unlimited links also ensure you can structure your wiki exactly as needed.

Key Features

  • Uses a simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Edit a wiki with CSS and HTML codes
  • Revision history ensures that edits can be tracked and reverted
  • Uses several themes that can be organized based on the user’s preference
  • Allows for the creation of cover pages
  • Access control helps to prevent pages from being overwritten


Popular wiki software

DokuWiki is an open source wiki program that lets you edit the text directly instead of having to use code. The interface used within DokuWiki is similar to what Microsoft uses in its Office series of programs.

It uses indexing features to keep information in check while making it easier for people to organize the data they come across. Extended access control lists also keep edits limited and trackable.

Key Features

  • Uses a vast variety of extensions
  • Keeps track of all recent changes and saves old versions of pages
  • Locking used to limit access to content for editing purposes
  • Section editing feature allows the user to adjust only specific portions of a page
  • Delaying indexing allows pages to be sent to search engines only after they’re finished
  • Search features are index-based for easy use
  • More than 900 plug-ins available for use


Popular wiki software

PmWiki is another popular free wiki tool. PmWiki gives users access control over individual pages. That means you can set it so some pages are accessible only to specific people in the workplace based on their credentials and what they understand about certain topics. Different passwords can be used for a variety of pages to ensure this.

Key Features

  • Allows the user to adjust access by page
  • Uses various extensions that can be accessed through the Cookbook section of the site
  • Runs with PHP 4.3 or greater; 5.2 or greater is recommended
  • Creates navigation trails through individual sections
  • Customized skins can be added
  • Tables may be inserted and edited on any wiki page
  • Uses a printable layout


Any great wiki programs we missed?  Add your favorites in the comments below!

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About the Author

Sameer Bhatia

Sameer Bhatia

Guest author Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of ProProfs, a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software is used to create highly-searchable online FAQ’s to improve customer service and reduce tickets. It helps centralize access to organizational files, documents and how-to articles ensuring they can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC) and is an ed-tech industry veteran. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.



Comment by Essekia Paul on

An excellent roundup, guys!

Here’s one more that you’ll love, Helpie WP.

Helpie WP is a WordPress based Wiki plugin that’s excellent for a small team wiki, a open wiki or even public product documentation.

It’s focused on collaboration on content creation with interface, wiki like publishing capabilities and works with the innumerable other WordPress plugins to create a rich and dynamic wiki / knowledge base website.

Key Features:

1. frontend editor ( with customisations )
2. Publishing Capabilities ( ability to control who can edit, publish and review content )
3. Revision system ( and the ability to go back and forth )
4. User Access Restriction ( control access to specific topics of articles )
5. Advanced Search ( that has keyword, weightage, tag prioritisation )

There’s a lot more to Helpie, and that you can try by creating a personalised demo site here:


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Comment by Coen Flach on

A product missing is Atlassian Confluence, one of the most used wiki based tools.

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