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How Project Management Software Simplifies Your Reporting

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Managing a project comes with a lot of reporting needs.

Not only do you have to answer basic questions like, “How are we on milestones?” but you also have to answer complex questions like, “How should we change the scope to best meet our customers’ needs?”

Even a simple progress report can take days to complete—time that could be spent working on the physical project itself (and we all know how project managers love losing productive hours).


Luckily there’s project management software to the rescue.

Project management software simplifies reporting in three important ways: it improves accuracy, helps identify stress points, and saves the project manager time and money.

Produce More Accurate Reports

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Are you one of those people who uses six different applications to manage their projects? I’m looking at you, Mr. Excel/Google Drive/Toggl/Team Week/Trello/Synergy User!

Project management software combines the power of all of these free options—from Gantt charts to accounting—and integrates it into one complete package. When generating a report, the software pulls from all of these file types to create a neat, readable summary. Project management software thus eliminates several human error hot spots that come from flipping between programs when traditionally generating a report.

For example, StageTrak Project Management has reporting down to one single click, which can produce Gantt charts in day, week, month, or quarterly view. They also offer the Project Value Funnel Report, which allows users to track the value of their projects in every stage.

Identify Project Weaknesses

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What’s your project’s kryptonite? If you can’t quickly answer that question, project management software probably can.

One of the top advantages project management software offers is that it can identify areas where your project is losing steam. Is one stage over budget and another in need of new resources? Is one project component falling behind and another too far ahead of schedule? Project management software can identify these problems and more.

Take Celoxis. This software boasts that its actionable insights can help project managers make the best informed decisions. One way it does this is by producing graphics that clearly identify project issues. And the reports are customizable—if a project manager has a certain concern, such as budget, Celoxis can narrow down the report to only focus on one aspect of the project.

Save Time; Save Money

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Once, a manager came to me and quietly put a clock under my desk. Confused, I asked him why. He smiled at me and said he’d like me to work overtime that day.

Very funny, Mr. Manager.

Reports, as I said at the beginning, are time consuming—especially if your company has a preferred format for viewing project reports. Wouldn’t it be simple if project management software could provide a solution that offered real-time reporting?

Software options like Tenrox update your reports as you go. As a cloud-based software solution, Tenrox automatically generates reports that address problems like resource use and workforce productivity. It also streamlines its project management suggestions based on your company’s preferred best practices and methodology, making it easy for project managers to outline a project’s trajectory, track its progress, and execute in its final form.

The kinds of reports that Tenrox produces makes weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting straightforward. Be smart and let the software do the heavy lifting.


Project management software is kind of like a superhero—it’s quick to solve problems in a superhuman way. Have you been saved by project management software? Has it made your reporting simpler? Tell us in the comments below!

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Rachel Burger

Rachel Burger

Rachel is a former Capterra analyst who covered project management.


Comment by Chris Rock on

Thank you very much for writing such an interesting article on this topic.


Comment by Sahil Parikh on

Hey Rachel,
Good post! I’d like you to take for a spin when you have time. The “Insights” feature will be of particular interest since it helps people churn out reports. I am still amazed that there are so many pm apps and a lot of them miss out on reporting.


Comment by Rachel Burger on

Happy to do so!

Comment by Venkat Subramanian on

Excellent blog! Thanks for featuring Celoxis.


Comment by Praveen Malik on


PM s/w definitely makes life easier for a PM but Senior Managers make it difficult. Everyone has a different reporting needs.

A PM needs to set expectations on what kind of reports will be provided. A PM needs to use automated s/w tools to generate these reports.

Praveen Malik

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