The Top 10 Project Management Software Solutions for Entrepreneurs

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The Internet has afforded an incredible number of people the opportunity to start their own business. A record number of entrepreneurs are popping up across the United States—and they are opening businesses to pursue opportunity, as opposed to out of necessity.

But with the advent of the Internet and booming online business, entrepreneurs are quick to discover that finding project management software to manage their business is more difficult than it sounds. There are literally hundreds of project management software options that claim to be the “best” for entrepreneurs (and if we’re honest, a lot of them aren’t worth their own website hosting fees). Trying to pinpoint the best solution for your business is a huge time sink—unless you have help.

via Cory Doctorow, Flickr

via Cory Doctorow, Flickr

I’ve waded through the hundreds of project management apps and software solutions tailored to entrepreneurs, and below I’ve picked out the cream of the crop based on price, scalability, and features.

1. 10,000ft


10,000ft gives entrepreneurs “the big picture,” or an overview of who’s working on what task, how much budget is left for what project, and reporting tools to better your project efficiency. 10,000ft is great for managing your entire company as opposed to zeroing in on specific projects. Their support team adds, “[10,000ft] focuses on important information like project profitability and team utilization to help entrepreneurs make better decisions about their business.”

The cost is mid-level at $49+ per month (the fee varies on the number of users). I would recommend this solution for entrepreneurs who want a high-level view of what’s happening at their company.

2. Asana


According to Capterra’s own research, Asana is one of the most popular project management tools available. And for good reason: Asana is an intuitive project management system. This project management option is best for teams looking for a strong collaboration tool. I personally like Asana because of its layout—you can pick it up as easily as Facebook. Best of all, Asana is free for up to 15 users. If your company is a little bigger, Asana charges $50+ per month depending on the size of your office.

3. AtTask Enterprise


Want a system that’s designed to amalgamate all of your work processes, communication, and project information on an easy-to-use cloud system? Shawn Dickerson, GTM Director from AtTask explains, “AtTask provides entrepreneurs with a cloud-based work management solution that combines all of their essential work processes and tools in a single platform. Unlike traditional project management software, AtTask helps entrepreneurs prioritize work across multiple projects, eliminate excessive status meetings and collaborate more effectively – all within a unique dashboard they can tailor as their own.” Those are some pretty big claims, but I’ve found that AtTask is up for the job.

AtTask boasts that it’s “the only complete work management solution,” intuitive, and supported by excellent customer service representatives. AtTask is a bit pricier at $30 per user per month, but it offers more functionality for experienced project managers such as Gantt charts, compatibility with Agile and Waterfall project management approaches, and workflow automation.

4. Podio


Want a project management system built to handle complex projects? Is your startup managing multiple projects and in need of a system designed for heavy lifting? Podio is great for high-responsibility, high-freedom entrepreneurs who like it when their staff takes charge of their own tasks. Your employees’ tasks will be entirely transparent to you and the rest of the company. The software is incredibly flexible and customizable, and you can even build custom apps to make Podio just right for your company.

The only drawbacks to Podio are that it doesn’t save your completed projects and its time-tracking feature is elementary. Podio is free for up to five users and charges $9 per user per month after that.

5. ProofHub


This cloud-based project management system is known for its outstanding ease of use. Reviewers have claimed again and again that the software has “Little to no learning curve.” ProofHub is particularly good for project communication—internally and externally. It’s also loaded with features—from Gantt charts to time tracking to to-do lists, ProofHub has plenty of functionality to grow with you and your business. ProofHub starts at $49 a month.

6. Redbooth


Redbooth is a great deal for small companies. It’s free for ten users and five active projects, then scales up starting at just $5 per user per month (when billed annually). With plans at that rate, Redbooth offers 5GB of storage, free Evernote and Box integration, and a host of incredible features like workload view, iPhone and Android apps, and role-based permissions. Users also regard Redbooth  as a trustworthy project management system—the chances of your information getting stolen from their cloud database are very slim.

Redbooth has a simple user interface that’s particularly good for collaboration; teams can discuss tasks in real time while sharing a screen, and they can comment on each other’s’ tasks with notes. It not only allows you to connect with your team internally, but also with external clients, which increases the transparency of your company and (hopefully) helps build greater client relationships.

7. SmartSheet


If you run your life through spreadsheets, look no further. SmartSheet is an innovative product that gives a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening at your company. SmartSheet gives users easy collaboration tools (with end results in mind), Gantt charts, and extensive reporting options.

In fact, SmartSheet excels at reporting. It creates editable summaries as you’re working through projects that can pull from as many sheets as you’d like.

For businesses with more than three people, SmartSheet starts at $39 a month and allows for unlimited collaborators.

8. Teamwork


Like its namesake, Teamwork offers incredible collaboration features. It features an intuitive social networking tool that allows users to post “statuses” about where they are in their work. Teamwork also offers more features than most entrepreneurs can normally afford—for example, the project management software offers milestone tracking, Gantt charts, messaging features, file management, time-tracking, calendars, mobile integration, and critical risk analysis.

Teamwork is also innovative in that they don’t charge per-user—instead, for $24 a month, a business owner could get 15 projects and 5GB of storage.

9. Trello


A favorite from my list of free project management options, Trello is a Kanban-based system that any user can pick up immediately. Its simplicity means that users can glance at the dashboard and know where projects stand. Unfortunately, its simplicity means that if you’re looking for a project management system loaded with features, Trello isn’t for you. For example, Trello doesn’t offer any sort of calendar or the ability to hone in on the details of a project. But since it’s free and intuitive, this software is a great starting point for entrepreneurs just beginning to explore tools to manage their projects.

10. Wrike


Are you hoping to integrate lots of apps with your project management software, like email marketing, file sharing, and accounting? Wrike is perfect for you. Wrike works with a variety of applications including Box, Zendesk, and most major email systems. Wrike earned its name in project management from its emphasis on task management. Users can easily edit and update tasks as they move through their project. It displays all the information a user needs on its dashboard and keeps users updated through the newsfeed.

Wrike is also reasonably priced. It’s free for up to five users. After that, it’s $49 a month for up to 15 users, and $99 a month for 15 users or more.


Getting your business off the ground is tough—don’t waste time wading through hundreds of project management software options that are designed for huge companies and prohibitively expensive.

Have you chosen a project management option for your business? How did you choose which product to use? What are good project management software solutions for entrepreneurs? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Looking for Project Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Project Management software solutions.

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Great list of software, but you missed ViduPM a project management Software assists in all project management problems, with its amazing features and user-friendly navigation, it makes every task simple.


Hi Rachel, great list! While we’re on the subject, I thought this’d be a great place to mention Saviom ERM ( It’s changed the way we do things around here. The features are extensive yet easy enough to grasp. Add to which, you get to decide what to customize, including the price! I’m glad I stumbled upon it when I did or I would have drowned in a sea of options!


Hi Rachel,

I use personally ProofHub for my company and I think you missed to say something which is very important, at least to me : the app is available for both Android and iOS. This is something you cannot find on each platform ( )

Otherwise, great article! I plan to give a try to another service and I need to know more about what’s on the market.

[…] before; it’s been named one of the best free project management software options, one for the best project management software for entrepreneurs, and as one of the best free CRM software options on the […]


Thanks Lexi! I love Kanbanchi. But I wouldn’t call it a top pm software for entrepreneurs because it’s not as flexible as non-kanban based systems.


Thanks for good article, Rachel! I think it’s quite hard to pick interesting software nowdays because there’s too many. Recently I was searching for a good dashboard app for a team work and found a new one called Kanbanchi (kanban board). What is the biggest luck for me – it’s fully integrated with Google Drive.
And they have a neat support – quickly reacting every enquiry.


The new release of Twproject seems very promising, we are an agile team of 10 people and we are really happy with it, we tried Basecamp too in the past but it was too basic for us.
If it may help someone this is the link


Good review! Have used Asana and Trello but nothing can beat Basecamp!

Basecamp uses a simple, visual interface to help individuals and team’s manage their shared and personal projects and tasks. Basecamp’s dashboard provides an overview of all your discussions, to-dos, files, text documents and events in a single glance. You can integrate some tools as per your requirement:

i. For time tracking and accounting :
Accurate Time Tracking Software : Tracks time spent on Basecamp tasks and verifies work done with screenshots.

ii. File sharing, feedback and annotations:
Framebench: Framebench ( is a cloud-based communication and feedback platform that acts as a central workplace where you can store and share your creative assets. The tool is developed to ease the workflow.

iii. Basecamp Invoicing and Bookkeeping : Invoice clients & track expenses. Painless accounting software w/ simple reports making you happier.

iv. Reporting, Charts, Planning:
Zapier ( : Integrate Basecamp with dozens of your favorite productivity applications with this


By looking at the list of project management solutions that Capterra provides and by excluding the top sponsored products it results a completely different Top 10. And those products are listed based on users reviews.


Thanks for the detailed review Rachel. I would consider iCoordinator also in this list. With the lobby and workspace concept, entrepreneurs can keep all the project related information in one place,collaborate and share project details with the collegues and customers easily. It is absolutely free for a single user. You can read and register fot it here


Hi Rachel, I like your list. I think you are missing a really nice piece of software called Hub Planner which is looking after resource scheduling and planning in a really nice and modern way.


Weird that you skipped Bitrix24. These 10 are pretty good, but not a single one has CRM or client management and marketing tools that are on par with Bitrix24, which is essenitally free. Sales and client management are at the center of being an entrepreneur. I might argue that Bitrix24 along with GoogleApps and some others would make a much better choice than, say, 10000ft and Trello, that don’t even have basic invoicing or employee management tools.

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