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QlikView vs. Microstrategy

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So you’ve narrowed down your business intelligence software options to a final showdown: QlikView vs. Microstrategy.

QlikView vs. Microstrategy

QlikView vs. Microstrategy

But which one is the better choice?

There’s enough to both QlikView and Microstrategy that even this two-business showdown is an embarrassment of riches. While you could easily throw a dart and still get a great product, check out this comparison so you can know which choice will meet your needs.


QlikView vs. Microstrategy

QlikView offers ad-hoc reporting, data analysis, business intelligence dashboards, and data visualizations. It’s those last two—dashboards and visualizations—that Qlik is best known for. They also offer a large catalog of APIs, so you’ll have the chance to integrate the other software you use with Qlik.

Capterra reviews of QlikView praise how easy and intuitive it is. Mike Jones of Certainteed called QlikView “easy to use” and “very intuitive.” Asta Augustsdottir said it was equally easy for both programmers and business-end users. Rob Gittins’ review corroborated this, saying his company’s first-time users found it “pretty easy to get going.” It’s impossible to overstress how important it is to have a product employees will actually want to use. As Joe Stangarone noted, BI adoption is sometimes as low as 22% among the people who need to use it most.

Robert Richardson praised the simplicity of the drag-and-drop functionality, and Anita Evers noted how easy it was to amend search criteria.

QlikView vs. Microstrategy

QlikView’s NPrinting reporting platform is another feature that makes BI easy. The NPrinting platform lets you schedule reports, and also lets you get them to the right people in a simple fashion. With NPrinting, you can embed reports in Microsoft Word documents for easy transmission and consumption.

Further making it easy for new users, Qlik offers a wide range of training courses, either in person or virtually. If you’re unable to make it to the classroom training, Qlik’s virtual forms of education, like their online community forums, offer the chance to learn how to best use the program. In Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, Qlik’s “self-paced forms of training,” in particular, got scores that put them in the top quadrant of that category.

QlikView also offers an impressive range of ways to turn your information into value. Qlik has data connectors with SAP and Salesforce, two other major BI programs. They can also connect to your data from a range of sources, from Amazon Redshift to Facebook to MailChimp. It’s worth checking out the list of data sources Qlik integrates with, if for no other reason than it’s impressive.

Qlikview is usually $1,350 per user, per year, but pricing is flexible based on your organization’s needs. Contact Qlik for more details.

MicroStrategy 10

QlikView vs. Microstrategy

MicroStrategy 10 is a great option if you’re looking for enterprise-level BI. Like Qlik, it’s a great option for a lot of basic business intelligence functions like searching big data, or self-service data exploration.

MicroStrategy made it onto Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, and their customers’ experience demonstrates the quality that got them there. DeRoyal Industries, a maker of surgical instruments, was struggling to track information on sales and inventory. DeRoyal’s implementation of MicroStrategy made their jumbled facts into organized insights.

DeRoyal was, like so many companies, relying on spreadsheets for information. They were also relying on a comparatively small number of people to crunch the numbers from those spreadsheets. The result was an analytics bottleneck.

With MicroStrategy, however, DeRoyal now has organized, accessible facts. MicroStrategy’s business analytics lets employees see how many products are sold, where, and to whom (among other things). Better yet, employees could see this information wherever they were, thanks for MicroStrategy’s renowned mobile app.

QlikView vs. Microstrategy

Reviewers love the range of things MicroStrategy can do. Their functionality ratings come to an average of 4.3 out of 5. Customer reviews support the rating. Pierre Andrieu, the CIO of Nestle, praised Microstrategy’s range of functions compared to competitors, saying that Microstrategy compared favorably with several other competitors Nestle had tried. Another review corroborated this, saying Microstrategy’s features “are among the most complete.”

Microstrategy 10’s mobile functionality is one of its strongest features. In Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, Microstrategy got a 4.5/5 in the Mobile Exploration and Authoring, putting them in a six-way tie for first place in that category. Given that “91% of mobile users say that access to content is very important,” investing in a mobile-friendly solution is a great idea.

Microstrategy’s native mobile app comes with push notifications, so employees will see business updates at the same time they see sports scores and dating app notifications. MicroStrategy’s app is also available, even if you’re working with another BI program. Their app can be deployed as easily with the full MicroStrategy solution as it can with other vendors, which Gartner notes is “a differentiator versus the mobile solutions of other platforms.”

Qlikview vs. Microstrategy: which is right for you?

If you’ve got the money to invest in BI, Microstrategy is a great option. Microstrategy is also a good option if you’ve got a lot of data sources, and if they’re particularly complex.

If you’re a smaller business with little IT budget, you might want to stick to Qlikview. Also, if you or your employees have trouble with the numbers side of things, Qlik’s dashboard and visualizations will be a big help.

Do you use either program? Are you a fan? If so, let me know in the comments below, or leave a review for Qlikview or Microstrategy based on your own experience.

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