Ready, Set, Review: The Opening Ceremony of Capterra’s Summer Games

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Everyone loves the Olympics. There’s a sporting event for everyone, and the world unites for two weeks over friendly competition. To celebrate one of the top sporting events in the world this summer, Capterra is hosting our own spin on this year’s Summer Olympics.

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For three weeks, all eyes will be on a group of software vendors as they compete in various events to collect the most user reviews.

Check out what Capterra has in store!

Schedule of Events

We had over 40 Olympic events to choose from to draw inspiration for our reviews-themed event. But instead of non-stop reviews competitions for two weeks (we can do without handball or canoe sprint), we decided to feature three of the most popular events: Swimming, Track & Field, and Soccer.

The rules for review collection vary for each event:

Swimming – August 9-11

Whether you prefer freestyle or the butterfly, swimming is a thrilling, fast-paced sprint to the finish line. As we saw in the opening days, anything can happen, anyone can win, and records are meant to be broken.  

To honor the speedy-ness of swimmers, in our Swimming event, vendors have just 3 days to collect as many reviews as they can. Whoever collects the most reviews during that short sprint will win the Gold medal.

Track & Field – August 15-21

Just as there are a variety of events within the Track & Field event, there are countless ways to gather reviews from software users. The Capterra Reviews Olympics pays homage to this by requiring vendors to use as many different strategies as they can to collect the most reviews. We will award medals to the vendors who use the most methods to collect the most reviews in one week.

Soccer – August 22-26

We love it when our vendors respond to their users’ reviews on Capterra. It’s a fantastic way to either thank your happy customers, or address concerns from the unhappy ones. 87% of reviewers even said they’d be in favor of a vendor reaching out to them if they left a negative review, as it shows both users and prospects just how much you value ALL of your customers.

This two-way communication is also crucial between soccer players as they pass the ball back and forth. For the Capterra Reviews Olympics, we want to encourage strong communication with reviewers by rewarding vendors that collect and respond to the most reviews before the end of the event.

Reviews Collection Tips and Best Practices

Even if you’re not participating in the Capterra Reviews Olympics, you can still join in on the fun and get more reviews! I’ve written a lot of blog posts about gathering reviews and why they’re so important. For our Reviews Olympics Opening Ceremonies, I’ll showcase just a few of my favorite ways to collect user reviews.

Email Blast to Customers

In my opinion, this is by far the easiest and quickest way to get a lot of reviews in a short amount of time. Simply send a brief email letting them know why they should write a review with instructions on how to do it. Or, if you don’t want to do just a one-time campaign, you can add a reviews call-to-action in your customer newsletter.   

Add a CTA to Your Email Signature

You don’t have to go out of your way to push reviews on your customers. Emails are always being sent back and forth, so take advantage of the constant communication by adding a reviews call-to-action to your email signature. Now reviews will always be top of mind, even if they’re not the main subject of your email conversation.

Offer Incentives

I’ll do just about anything for a Starbucks or Amazon gift card, and I’m betting your customers feel the same! In exchange for a review of your software, provide gift cards or other tangible rewards that would drive your users to actually write a review.  

And it’s not limited to just your users; incentivize your customer service reps with an internal contest to see who can collect the most reviews from customers. Reward them with company swag, a monetary bonus, or even an all expense paid trip! If the prize is worth their effort, you’ll definitely see results.

I Declare the Capterra Reviews Olympics Officially Open!

The full event runs from today, August 9th, through August 26th. We’ll announce the winners at the end of each individual event, and an overall Gold, Silver, and Bronze will be awarded to the vendors that collect the most reviews throughout the entire competition.

Who will win each event? Will one software vendor dominate the competition, or will each one find their own special reviews collection niche? Only time, and the reviewers, will tell.

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