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Real-Time Performance Appraisal: 6 Free Tools to Gamify Your Performance Reviews

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With gamification becoming a buzzword for every business department from training to project management, to the help desk, it should come as no surprise that performance management is also in the game designers’ sights.

Especially when you consider companies that use gamification have more engaged employees, who are 70% more likely to increase their skills beyond the mandatory minimums.

gamify Performance Reviews

And, let’s face it, the current, annual performance review is a painful dinosaur that neither the manager nor the employee really enjoys.  Especially since the subtext of the whole thing is, “What level of compensation will be awarded next year?”

So instead of a yearly slog-fest, why not turn to gamification to make performance reviews real-time, with immediate feedback that’s actually meaningful and applicable?

This article looks at six free performance appraisal software options. See the full list of free performance appraisal software solutions here.

Here are several free tools that help you do just that:


Free for up to 1,000 monthly requests, this Brazilian-based gamification platform includes a dashboard to create and track badges, points, and levels, as well as detailed metrics and analytics.  It can integrate with any Rails, or JavaScript application, while also having a full API.

Captain Up

Another freemium gamification platform, Captain Up doesn’t charge for fewer than 1,000 monthly active users.  Features in the free version include 10 custom badges and eight levels, basic analytics, and activity and leaderboard functionality.  Captain Up can also integrate with most other applications through a full API and SDKs.

OpenBadges by Mozilla

The folks behind the Firefox browser have put together this open-source badge-issuing tool.  OpenBadges allows anyone to issue (or earn) badges for anything, and can be verified by any third party.  It’s a great, free way to create and issue badges to your employees, ideal for incentivizing skills training and other specific achievements.

NGA Gamification Server

This open-source gamification platform was released by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for free.  It can give awards, points, and badges, and has a customizable web interface for displaying badges.  Its awards can also be exported to Mozilla’s OpenBadges tool and the platform itself can be integrated with other web-based applications.


Zurmo is an open-source CRM, but with a strong focus on gamification built into it.  Scores, badges, and a public leaderboard encourage user adoption, with statistics and the ability to redeem awards for designated gifts or other items being a unique feature of the platform.


This popular open-source gamification platform is aimed at increasing user engagement on websites, but is easily adaptable to back-end, employee needs with a private, secure website to implement it.  Features include badges, live alerts, leaderboards, points, and analytics.

Honorable Mention

Though not yet available to the public, Mambo.IO looks like a promising open-source gamification platform.  They are currently accepting interested beta testers.


Any other great, free tools to gamify your performance appraisal process?  Add them in the comments below!

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JP Medved

JP Medved

J.P. was formerly content director at Capterra.


Comment by Johnny on

Pointagram.com we have a great free plan for business users and it is free for private use! Check it out!


Comment by JP Medved on


The new site looks great! We may do a more in-depth gamification piece later on, so I’ll make sure to reach out.


Comment by Alessandro Giannone on

Hi Medved,
Thanks for the honorable mention! We’ve actually updated our site to give more information and we’re now taking on customers looking for a commercially supported product. The Open Source version is still in the making and we’re continuing to accept early access candidates.
If you’d like a tour, let me know.
Thanks again,

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