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10 Realtor Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Brand

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The housing market has steadily improved since the bubble burst, with home prices rising 11.4% since 2008. Prices are rising, and realtor salaries are surging. It’s a great time to be in the real estate business.

But, a solid market doesn’t mean you can expect homebuyers to fall into your lap.

Whether you think you’re a good marketer or not, if you’re a realtor, you’ve got to do it. Your salary depends on it. Marketing means more than getting your listings seen; you have to build your brand as an expert in your field.

But how do you do that? It’s a daunting task, and you can grind away for months trying to get your name out there and make absolutely no progress if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t panic; you’re not alone. Below, we outline 10 property marketing tips and tricks to help you build your brand.

1. Get social

If you’ve never gotten into social media, it’s not too late to learn some tricks and put them to use to gain some exposure for both your homes and yourself as a real estate expert.

Odds are, you already have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile collecting dust somewhere. Your first step is putting put some work into them. You want clean, updated, and consistent profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Stock social media image via Pixabay

via Pixabay

Don’t just throw photos or short entries about your listings up on those accounts. Social media is all about interaction. You’ve got to build connections with other users, share interesting links, and answer questions.

Make it easy for people to share your website listings on social media. The first instinct most internet users have is to share, so make it easy for them to distribute your gorgeous listings with friends and family. This can be as simple as adding social sharing buttons to your website.

2. Use local images and information

Making a sale isn’t just about the house (location, location, location). People want to be close to beautiful parks, shopping or downtown areas, public transportation, or other neighborhood amenities. Add pictures to your listings that showcase what incredible features of the surrounding area they’ll enjoy if they purchase the home.

Clients aren’t just interested in imagery—they also want data.

Real estate website Trulia recently tweaked its listings to include neighborhood data such as crime rates, school districts, and other information of interest to a potential buyer. Incorporate this information into your listings to set yourself apart by adding a layer of detail that goes beyond mere photo listings.

3. Create great content

Give your users something they can use, such as tips on choosing the right home or how to secure desirable financing.

Consider generating a free e-book breaking down the entire home-buying process that you distribute to interested clients, positioning yourself in their consciousness as a realtor willing to go above and beyond when they’re ready to move forward with the process.

Offer these e-books front and center on your website, and give them away in exchange for an email address and zip code.

Stock image of 3D computer-designed room interior via Pixabay

via Pixabay

4. Create eye-catching imagery

A good real estate listing is all about the visuals; the right imagery can make or break a sale. It’s not enough to use your iPhone to snap a few shots of the rooms.

Hire a professional photographer if you can, but if you don’t have that budget space regularly available make a one-time purchase of higher-end camera equipment and sign up for a few photography classes. You’ll also want to select some good photography studio software.

If you want to go the extra mile, create virtual tours of your listings that allow prospective buyers to explore features from the comfort of their own home.

5. Take advantage of video marketing

Sometimes, people don’t want to read. They just want to watch a quick video, and move on.

There’s a lot of ways to build your brand through video, including creating video tours to highlight interesting features for your listings or educational videos where you give homebuyers tips on finding their perfect home and improving their credit to get a better loan.

If you turn your videos into a regular series that publishes at the same time each week, you’ll build an audience that generates more leads.

Stock image of phone via Pixabay

via Pixabay

6. Create a mobile-friendly site

The world has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and one of the largest changes is in how people surf the web. Everyone uses their smartphone for most tasks these days; a whopping 52% of all homebuyers used an iPhone to search for a home in 2016.

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, you’re missing out on a huge portion of the market.

If you’re not sure how to make your site mobile-friendly, reach out to a professional web developer. Often, they can make the necessary changes for a relatively low cost.

7. Host webinars and seminars

Your appeal as a realtor includes your expertise on the home-buying process, which is often intimidating to prospective buyers.

Launch a webinar or organize a seminar that focuses on some key client questions, and offer free tickets / attendance slots in exchange for an email address and zip code.

Throw out your Power Point presentation and have a conversation with your audience. People want to hear from you, not read a collection of slides. By making yourself available in this way, you cement your brand as knowledgeable and prepared for every stage of the process, from early interest to closing.

8. Create a web page to capture emails

Selling in the real estate business relies on your ability to generate leads. Create a lead generation page—or “squeeze” page—that prompts visitors to share their email address when visiting your website.

One method is creating a helpful tool for people perusing your website, such as a home appraisal or mortgage calculation tool. You’ll want to set the tool up to collect the information entered, giving you some crucial data about potential clients that you can employ down the road.

9. Advertise

Yes, sometimes you need to spend money on marketing. These days, you’ve got a lot more options than taking out an ad in the local paper.

Take advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your home or condo. It’s a great way to send interested traffic to your site but only pay for the visitors that actually click through.

Be selective with the keywords you choose for your advertising campaign; directing the wrong type of traffic to your site is a waste of money. Choose keywords that target people searching for homes in your area. While this might reduce traffic overall, what traffic you do get will be the right kind, which makes all the difference when it comes to making a sale.

Stock photo of keys via Pixabay

via Pixabay

10. Chase those referrals

In the sales world, referrals are money. Not only are you pointed toward a person you know is interested in a home, it’s not a cold call because you can name-drop the person who referred you.

Put in the work to build up a good network of referrals. When you complete a sale, directly ask for a referral. You’ll be surprised at how often satisfied customers are willing to give you one.

For those reluctant clients, offer an incentive such as an Amazon gift card or a discount on their first month’s mortgage payment if they offer a referral you’re able to close on.

What do you do to boost your brand?

We know there are a lot more tried-and-tested marketing techniques out there to boost your brand. What has worked for you in the past? What have you seen work elsewhere?

Is there specific real estate management software that has made your marketing tasks easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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