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9 Sales Superstars to Follow on Twitter Today

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Sales can be a trial-by-fire type of profession, best suited for people who love to learn by doing.

For sales teams at small businesses, those fires are even riskier. You often don’t have the revenue, support, infrastructure, and ability to recover if something goes wrong that large businesses/enterprises have.

Just because you can’t really go to school to learn sales, however, doesn’t mean that risky personal experience is the only way to learn the ropes.

There are tons of sales pros out there with wisdom to share, and you might be surprised to find that many of them are sharing their successful strategies online for free.

Where can you find them? On Twitter!

Sales superstars to follow on Twitter

Getting the most out of Twitter

Twitter is an amazing platform, but many people get frustrated when they try to use it. They expect it to work like Facebook or LinkedIn, where most users start by connecting with friends and colleagues they know in real life.

In my experience, the best part of Twitter is that you can have real-time conversations with people you’d never speak with otherwise. That includes people at the very top of their game.

To benefit from these conversations, though, you’ve got to find the right people and follow them first. It can be hard to cut through all the noise on the platform to find the right signal.

That’s where this list comes in.

9 sales superstars sharing their skills on Twitter

I asked around and combed through a lot of other lists to identify nine sales pros you should start following on Twitter today.

Why? They’re helpful, conversational, and full of great advice to help you and your small business up your sales game.

To be included, each of these accounts had to:

  • Be more than just an RSS feed for their blog (must share content written by others and respond to other users’ tweets)
  • Have more than 2,000 followers
  • Not clutter their feed with “thank you” retweets or promotional tweets
  • Focus on sales so you don’t have to wade through irrelevant content

Accounts are listed in order from most followers to least (as of the date of publication).

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Tweet

Followers: 1.7 million

Subject matter expertise: Investing and entrepreneurship

Value proposition: When I asked people who work in sales who they follow for industry advice, Gary Vaynerchuk’s name kept coming up. “He hits from a powerful emotional angle,” said sales pro Chris Hemphill. On Twitter, Gary shares sales and entrepreneurship advice, episodes from his podcast, and music playlists (content note: some adult language in his feed).

2. Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan tweet screenshot

Followers: 54,000

Subject matter expertise: Outbound email prospecting

Value proposition: Heather Morgan will help teach you how to write cold emails that convert. She doesn’t just tweet, she also writes articles for outlets including Inc and Forbes on topics such as how to turn awkwardness into a superpower. “She rocks,” VP of Sales PandaDoc Jared Fuller told me, especially on messaging, “which sales as a profession needs.”

3. Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath tweet screenshot

Followers: 43,000

Subject matter expertise: B2B marketing and sales acceleration strategy

Value proposition: Jill Konrath is a bestselling author of three books on sales and runs one of the world’s most widely read sales blogs. She writes with humility on botching big sales opportunities and suggests exercises to increase your sales ability. On Twitter, she shares video interviews with influencers such as Jake Reni, senior manager of inside sales at Adobe.

4. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker tweet screenshot

Followers: 26,600

Subject matter expertise: Creating community for sales reps

Value proposition: Sales Hacker is the only account on this list with a pinned tweet that’s a video overview. It’s a community for sales reps to network with and learn from each other through in-person events, webinars, and videos and articles. To name just a few examples: Sales Hacker hosted a webinar on influencing buyers who don’t think they need you, and their YouTube channel features instructional videos on how to run a successful opening meeting.

5. Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi tweet screenshot

Followers: 24,400

Subject matter expertise: Outbound sales development

Value proposition: Trish Bertuzzi wrote what many consider the bible for outbound sales. On Twitter, Bertuzzi offers bite-size recommendations for how to better manage a sales team, along with how to do great lead discovery and qualification, and dive deeper to get to the core pains of a prospect before selling.

She shares blog posts on topics such as dealing with excuses from your sales reps and is a bimonthly contributor to the Bridge Group blog, offering advice such as how the SDR role needs to evolve to support account-based technology. “She makes it clear that sales is not just about being a ‘rockstar,’ but more about building systems, processes, math, and enforcing best behavior (from a leadership perspective),” Jared Fuller told me.

6. Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy screenshot


Followers: 19,000

Subject matter expertise: The intersection of customer success and sales

Value proposition: Lincoln Murphy is a customer success expert who writes frequently about how sales and customer success work together. His Twitter feed appeals to an even broader audience, with tweet threads on everything from how to make and request sales introductions to music suggestions. On his blog, he covers topics like finding your ideal customer and why sales is part of customer success.

7. Steli Efti

Steli Efti tweet screenshot

Followers: 11,100

Subject matter expertise: Sales and growth at startups

Value proposition: Steli Efti is the perfect follow if you also want to watch and listen in addition to reading. He co-hosts the popular biweekly podcast The Startup Chat with Hiten Shah, covering everything from how to sell to startups to finding your ideal customer.

“I think that he is correct about the core issues of sales, especially from a non-salesperson perspective,” CoderPad Founder Vincent Woo told me. “Sales is about drawing a target on your customer’s problem and casting the perfect dart to fix it. I think a lot of naive salespeople kind of just hit the customer with every kind of value prop they can think of.”

Efti shares podcast episodes on his Twitter account, along with posts he writes for the blog. These posts occasionally include video content on topics such as how to develop confidence in sales.

8. John M Barrows

John M Barrows tweet screenshot

Followers: 7,000

Subject matter expertise: Sales training

Value proposition: Despite being the owner of JBarrows Sales Training, Barrows is more than happy to give away sales training advice for free on Twitter. On his blog, he shares tips on improving your sales game, covering topics like how to handle a client going dark. He also tweets out writing from others, such as this post from the Drift blog on how AI will change sales. Barrows also maintains a YouTube channel, where he posts videos on topics including how to use case studies more effectively.

9. Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob tweet screenshot

Followers: 2,000

Subject matter expertise: B2B sales technology and SaaS startups

Value proposition: Chris Orlob heads up product management for Gong, a company that captures and analyzes sales calls and demos.

“The insights he shares are based on analyzing huge data sets, so his tips are really unlike what you’d hear from other sales coaches,” Chris Hemphill said. “Nate Silver meets B2B sales, basically.”

Chris writes for an array of publications, offering solid, actionable advice on how to (for example) shorten the onboarding process for new sales reps or avoid terrible opening lines. On his Twitter feed, you can see where he answers questions on Quora such as “What are simple sales strategies for cold calling?

Great sales leaders know who to follow

So there you have it, nine sales influencers who are worth following on Twitter.

Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive. Even with the criteria I’ve set, there are thousands of sales pros worth finding. Who do you follow that should have made this list? Leave a comment below for our next update!

To make it super easy for you to follow these sales superstars, I’ve created a Twitter list that you can subscribe to with one click!

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