3 Foolproof Ways to Improve Your School’s Reports

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We all know that measuring a school’s efficiency and effectiveness goes beyond test scores—these scores can’t tell an administrator about drop-out rates, cafeteria efficiency, or even employee finances.

If you want the best way to check the pulse on your school’s health, look to school administration software.

School Administration Software Reports

School administration software can take data from almost any dimension—attendance, fundraising, standardized testing, you name it—and turn it into a report. Here’s how those reports will make it easier to run and track your school’s achievements.

Bring all your tools to one place

School Administration Software Reports

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It’s tempting to use a plethora of software to address your school’s needs.

Many schools opt to spread their needs across multiple systems. It would not be uncommon for a school to do their accounting on QuickBooks or Excel, their classroom management on a learning management system, their cafeteria needs with a point of sale system, and their standardization needs with test-specific software.

School administration software is meant to address all of these problems in one integrated system. School administration software pulls from all of these file types to give an overarching examination of your school.

For example, MyStudentsProgress.com is a cloud-based solution that offers twelve different kinds of student reporting features. These reporting categories include:

  • Attendance range and day reports
  • Conduct reports
  • Missing assignment reports
  • Student GPA reports

They also offer financial reporting and school lunch reporting so that all of your school’s financial information can be presented in one system.

Address your school’s specific pain points

School Administration Software Reports

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Struggling with Common Core compliance? Trouble balancing the books? Misbehaving students?

These are hardships that most schools face today. What few administrators realize is that software can help them solve these issues.

For example, CorePlanner helps create lesson plans with Core standards in mind. It also allows schools to set standards that align with Common Core and has reporting features that track how closely your school is keeping to those objectives.

PraxiPower is a school accounting software that offers custom accounting reports for private schools. It can balance tuition, registration, and automatic payments against individual students or families, and makes it easy to send out reminders to parents and guardians.

Finally, Administrator’s Plus from Rediker offers bully and victim reporting to comply with anti-bullying mandates and offers discipline reports that will follow students throughout their educational career. Schools can also use this system to create statistical reports to analyze the overall safety of their school.

In sum, the reporting features on school administration software can help administrators use data to better direct their school and manage common issues.

Save your school money

School Administration Software Reports

One of the best features of school administration software is that it can save your school lots of money through reporting. School administration software can generate reports on human resources, admissions and registration, and sports and extracurriculars—all areas where schools regularly devote a majority of their resources.

While using school administration software alone can eliminate many administrative costs, the reports can also highlight where funding has been frivolously allocated—or which areas need more capital.

Regardless of if you are using the software to make sure your school will exceed standards on an immunization audit or you’re making sure your donor information is in order for new donation campaigns, school reporting features will make your school run smoother.


School administration software offers powerful reporting features. The software itself pulls from one system, so administrators don’t have jump between systems to figure out basic reports, can be tailored to specific needs, and ultimately improves your school’s overall management.

I’m sure there are other ways software can simplify your school’s reporting. What are they? What reports are most important to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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