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Your One-Click Guide to Online Quiz Design: The Easiest Way to Catch New Leads

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Not even the best online quiz maker can teach you how to design an online quiz that fits all your needs. But this guide can!

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If I lived in the Harry Potter universe, I would be in Ravenclaw. If I were an Avenger, I’d be Captain America. I’ve got a purple aura, would most be at home in Sicily, and should make tiramisu for dessert tonight.

Where does this fountain of self-awareness come from? The majesty of the online quiz, of course! We all want to learn more about ourselves, and quizzes scratch that itch.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 71% of B2B marketing is geared toward lead generation, and while a plethora of B2C companies have already begun using online quizzes in their content marketing, it can be difficult to design them in the B2B space.

So, how do you remedy that and grow your B2B customer base with robust online quiz design?

How to design your online quiz to build your B2B base

Before you even think about designing a quiz, you need to pick out the right survey software. Luckily, we’ve got a directory page and a buyers guide for that.

From there, you should focus your energies and marketing on engagement rather than simply acquisition.

You want your customer base to grow and reach untapped markets, but 49% of businesses get higher ROI with engagement-driven marketing versus acquisition-based marketing.

Engagement builds relationships with your leads, and if they weren’t already in your target demographic, you need that relationship and ensuing trust to achieve higher customer retention and increased word-of-mouth recommendations.

Remember: This list should act as a baseline for your online quiz design best practices. Use your unique product and goals to tweak it to better suit your needs.

Let’s get cracking!

The great big 20-step guide to online quiz design

  1. Give your quiz an eye-catching title.
  2. Observe SEO best practices to help your quiz rank high on SERPs.
  3. Decide what type of quiz you want to make (e.g., personality-based quizzes perform the best but can feel redundant or less helpful).
  4. Use a unique voice and unexpected questions to hook your audience and bring in atypical leads.
  5. Ask questions to better identify who your lead is.
  6. Incorporate question-branching to customize your quiz based on user responses.
  7. Offer quizzes based on a person’s role within the company or industry in which they work.
  8. Don’t get too niche with your questions or else the data will be too specific to be helpful.
  9. Have fun with the writing and phrasing of each question; this is a quiz, not a test.
  10. Demonstrate your own expertise through your questions.
  11. Don’t let the quiz get too long to avoid people stopping midway or feeling like they’re wasting valuable time.
  12. Tie all possible results back to your product (even if it means telling them your product isn’t right for them right now).
  13. Include a CTA (e.g., submitting an email address, filling out a form) that acts as a gate to their quiz results.
  14. Offer a variety of resources to them as a thank-you for taking the quiz (e.g., discounts, free trials).
  15. Promote the quiz on every marketing channel you use, using channel-specific language.
  16. Make the quiz (and user results) easily shareable through social media and your own platform.
  17. Use interesting graphics to make social cards to promote the quiz.
  18. Report perceived trends on social media/your website to re-invigorate engagement and quiz-taking.
  19. Have a next step beyond the quiz to keep moving new leads through the funnel, personalized based on the information you’ve gathered in the quiz.
  20. Keep track of all demographic data you collected for audience segmentation and account-based marketing.

Where to go from here

20 steps is a lot, so let’s start with the first one.

Give your quiz an eye-catching title. This is a great exercise because it forces you to truly understand the crux of what your quiz is about.

Your title should be short (try saying it in one breath), emotional (get out your thesaurus, folks), fun (as fun as a quiz can be, I mean), and to the point (“Brevity is the soul of wit”).

Now here’s your homework: Comment below or tweet at me with the title of your quiz-to-be, and what you hope to use it for. We can workshop it together!

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