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5 Awesome Shedul Alternatives for Spa Management

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After a hard day’s work, who doesn’t love a soothing massage?

Customers increasingly use spa services for rejuvenation and relaxation. According to Statista, the US saw 179 million spa visits in 2015. American Massage Therapy Association’s survey states that 18 percent of Americans received massages in 2014‒15.

As a spa manager, don’t you want a bigger slice of this market? Spa management software can help you do it. The software features online booking, e-payments, and auto-reminders to help you manage your spa. Better management means more clients to your spa. More clients mean a bigger slice of the spa market.

Shedul is a popular, and free, spa management software. Online booking and scheduling is its niche feature. Customers can book appointments through the website, Facebook page, or other widgets. The activity dashboard displays action items and notifications. The software’s POS feature completes sales transactions and manages taxes, invoices, and receipts. You can send reminders and custom messages to customers to reduce no-shows.

Shedul is great, but it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for alternatives to Shedul, then read this article to know about five other awesome software.



ChiDesk is an online spa management solution that helps in scheduling, point-of-sale, and stock control. The scheduler function uses the calendar interface to plan services and employee shifts. You can track sales and update stock levels based on loaded recipes. The POS function supports invoicing and multiple payment methods.

Reporting is one of its niche features. The software supports cash management and sales projections. You can also track inventory and resource use. The drag-and-drop features make bookings easy. ChiDesk collects all client information and tracks marketing efforts. You can send customizable emails, reminders, and vouchers to the clients using the software.

SpaGuru is the on-premises version of ChiDesk.


  • Reviewers on Capterra were happy with the ease of use, customization, and customer service offered
  • They also like the reporting and booking features of the software


  • Capterra reviewers would like additional support for training
  • Some of them also mentioned issues with sending emails and SMS, especially from outside the US


ChiDesk offers the following price packages:

  • Solo edition – $40 per month
  • Standard edition – $60 per month
  • Advanced edition – $80 per month
  • Premium edition – $100 per month
  • Enterprise edition – $120 per month

You also have a free trial option. Click here for pricing details.

ProSolutions Software – Transcend


Transcend is the spa management software offered by ProSolutions Software. The software offers a host of features such as online appointments, client management, and scheduling. You also get a personal assistant – DARCI. DARCI schedules and sends emails. The assistant reports suspicious user activities as well. DARCI displays customized messages and supports marketing efforts.

Transcend offers pre-built reports and tracks customer engagement using website and social media analytics tools. The POS system tracks refunds, applies discounts, and accepts different modes of payment. The drag and drop options simplify user-experience. The customizable client profile feature helps to improve customer relations.


  • Reviewers on Capterra love the extensive reporting, front desk, scheduling, and inventory program features
  • They also appreciated the live chat function that helps to communicate quickly with customer service representatives


  • Some Capterra reviewers have faced occasional technical glitches with the POS function, the online booking, and email features


The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 1 – 3 users: $69 per month
  • 4 – 7 users: $99 per month
  • 8 – 15 users: $149 per month
  • 16+ users: $199 per month

The prices are exclusive of a one-time setup fee. Click here for more details.


SimpleSpa is a cloud-based appointment management software for spas. The software offers inventory control, point-of-sale, and reporting. Its niche feature is online appointment booking through an appointment manager. The software also lets you create custom services and gift cards for clients.

SimpleSpa offers dashboards, reports, and analytic features to track business performance and to generate insights. An email reminder is another popular feature. Automated SMS/text messages remind clients and staff of scheduled appointments.

The software is available in multiple languages – English, German, French, Spanish, and Greek.


  • Capterra reviewers love the frequent software updates, the simple pricing structure, and the awesome customer service
  • Email/SMS reminders and easy payment processing are the most appreciated features by Capterra reviewers


  • Capterra reviewers don’t mention any specific complaints with the software


The software is available in different pricing packages at both monthly and annual rates.

  • Basic edition: $10 per month
  • Standard edition: $20 per month
  • Pro edition: $40 per month
  • Enterprise edition: $80 per month

Click here for detailed pricing plans and structure. The vendor also offers customizable plans.


Zenoti is an all-in-one spa management software, best suited for small and medium businesses. The software offers all the standard features including appointment scheduling, custom reporting, inventory management, and automated marketing. It also supports automated billing and payment mechanisms.

Zenoti is scalable and supports business operations in multiple locations. The mobile interface of the application lets you use the software on multiple devices. You can also add notes and create paperless forms using the software. Automated text messages remind clients about appointments and promotional offers. The software also helps in client engagement and marketing. Niche features offered by the software include centralized membership tracking and fingerprint based attendance management.


  • Based on Capterra reviews, some of the most loved features of Zenoti are membership and package management, scheduling, payroll, and integrated SMS campaigns
  • Capterra reviewers love the customer service


  • Capterra reviewers want more features like a flexible POS system, third-party integrations, and support in multiple countries


The pricing structure is not publicly available. You can contact the vendor for a quote.


MassageBook is practice management software for bodyworkers and massage therapists in the US. The software helps spas schedule appointments, prepare notes, and manage staff. You get a host of features including an online scheduler, appointment reminders, and gift certificates. You can also prepare SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) notes using the software.

MassageBook also supports your marketing efforts. It offers email creators, automated SEO, and Facebook integration to improve client relations. The MassageBook directory lets you locate and reach out to clients. The software is ideal for small and start-up spa businesses.


  • Some of the most loved features include email campaigns, SOAP notes, and reports


  • The software lacks features like membership pre-billing
  • Users are not able to book back-to-back appointments


MassageBook offers a free version of its software. Prices of other versions are as follows:

  • Basic: $9.99 per month
  • Clinical: $19.99 per month
  • Marketing: $24.99 per month
  • Master: $29.99 per month

For pricing details, please click here. ABMP members get discount prices as well.


By using a spa management software, you can definitely bet on grabbing more clients from the growth that the spa industry is witnessing.

Besides, using a spa management software gives you an edge over the competition. You’ll have more time to spend with your clients without worrying about lost appointments, missed payments, or no-shows.

Check out Capterra’s directory on spa software for a complete list. If you are already using a spa software, drop us a comment in the section below about your experiences.

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