Six Manual Tasks You Can Automate with the Help of Field Service Software

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I could tell John was frustrated by the tone of his voice through the phone. John’s field service business (tractor and small motor vehicle repair) was losing money because customers were slipping through the cracks, and they weren’t getting scheduled into his techs’ busy workdays. 6 manual tasks automate

He knew the only solution to effectively manage his growing business was to automate some of the time-consuming, manual processes they had in place by implementing field service management (FSM) software. After speaking with several field service business owners just like John, I noticed a few commonalities among companies that are looking to move from their current pen and paper method of tracking to something more automated and accurate.

After weeks of research and dozens of phone conversations, I’ve developed a short list of the top six manual tasks you can automate with the help of field service management software:

1. Scheduling

Field service software centralizes scheduling information and updates in real time, so employees can access customer history, view job sites, and check the status of existing work orders immediately! Personnel can also track workloads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to increase appointment booking and efficiency.

2. Customer Management

Software allows you to organize customer details, including service history and payment information in a secure environment. You can access this information in real time, so you spend less time managing existing customers and more time bringing in new ones.

3. Time Tracking

A field service management solution allows you to manage timesheets for employees, including time off, overtime and pay policies. Plus, the software monitors time-effective services, as well as time-consuming customers.

4. Work Orders

FSM software digitizes forms and organizes them through each stage of a job, whether you’re at your desk or out in the field. This function helps you provide accurate project estimates and verify customer satisfaction.  Plus, automating your work orders increases your speed and efficiency so you can move on to the next job without worrying about overdue paperwork.

5. Invoicing

The ability to invoice electronically and accurately within seconds of completing a job will improve your cash flow by cutting days off your service to cash cycle. The less time it takes to produce and deliver invoices to clients, the quicker your company can receive payment!

6. Reporting

You need to be able to track stats about everything that goes on in your company, and field service software does this for you easily. You can quickly find completed work orders, individual tech stats, revenue-driving services, inventory reports, and more. Software gives detailed insight as to how your business operates.

Based on my recent phone calls with field service business professionals, these six daunting tasks were the primary pain points that drove them to make a software purchase. If you’ve already made the leap to an FSM system, what other tedious processes have you automated with the help of field service management software?

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