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It’s about that time of year when Memorial Day and summer getaways don’t seem so far away, and we all start to wonder how many vacation days we have left.  If you’re not sure how many days you have, who do you ask? For many small businesses your “HR manager” probably has a different full-time title on their business card, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t benefit from Human Resources hr dept small business

I talked with Brandy Pelzel of Atlas Business Solutions about how HR software is actually very important for small businesses.  Here’s how Brandy says HR software can help your business:

1) Organize and secure information.

Having HR files stored all over the office not only makes it difficult to pull up information quickly, but it’s also a security concern.  Social security numbers, addresses, annual reviews and salary details should not be available to anyone who opens up a filing cabinet.  Relying on paper files and failing to perform regular back-ups can leave your business in trouble.  An important part of any disaster recovery plan is to make employee information available even when you can’t get to the office. Software can help with that and with scheduled automatic back-ups.

2) Easily create and update reports.

Does a simple question about your vacation days take hours to answer because the person in charge of HR has to check multiple spreadsheets? There’s the one for accruals, the one for used vacation days, the one for your start date, and so on.  Keeping data in multiple places creates unnecessary work, and leaves room for mistakes. HR Software keeps that data in one place that can be referenced for several different types of reports that can be pulled in seconds.

So if you are wondering about how much time software can really save you, listen to this story Brandy told me about one of the companies she has helped.  This company had a staff member who spent an entire day once a quarter filling out state and federal EEO forms for 100 employees.  The staff member wasn’t an HR professional; she was someone who had to take a day away from her main job for this HR task.  After implementing HR Software, filling out these forms went from a daylong task to something she could do in an hour.

3) Send reminders: because it’s not anyone’s main focus.

When it comes to health insurance renewals, certification expirations or benefits eligibility dates, forgetting can hurt your employees and your business. There is a lot to keep track of and if HR isn’t the main focus of your position, it’s even harder to stay on top of these important dates.  Most HR software programs have alerts and reminders to keep your business on track.

4) Provide accurate answers about company policies.

One major benefit of HR software is having all of your office policy and HR documents stored in one place that is easily accessible. Many HR software programs can send out automatic notification emails if a company policy memo is updated.  Transparency and consistency with business policies makes communication about HR issues clear and fair.

Free up your staff to focus on their main job by giving them the right tools.  If you are too small to have a dedicated HR department, let software take care of that for you.

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HR software is a definite need for me and our company. Having a medium sized company, it often takes a long time to schedule our employees and their shifts. We currently use Snap Schedule by Business Management Systems and are happy with it. It has an easy to use and modern interface which makes it time and cost efficient. However, we’re looking into web-based HR software now… Do you have any recommendations?


Hi Amy! Thanks for your comment. Without knowing the specific needs of your business it’s hard to recommend software. I strongly encourage you (and anyone looking for software) to either use the filtering tool in Capterra’s HR Directory to come up with a short list of options based on your company’s individual needs or, if you’d like a free consultation, call 1-855-GO-Software and a Capterra Buyer Adviser will help you through the process of finding the right fit for your company.


I like this blog post and it’s a good reminder that sometimes software can streamline a rather high-touch, sophisticated profession. That said, what HR Software do you recommend for small to medium sized businesses?

Amy McGeachy
HR Consultant & Executive Coach

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