9 B2B Software Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading

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Update 6/8/2018: This piece has been updated to include fresh examples of B2B software blogs that consistently deliver amazing content.

As a content marketer, I’m always looking for examples of great content, both from a reader’s and a marketer’s perspective.

When content marketing is done well, it helps you engage with your customers on a more personal level, present your team as experts, and—let’s be real—rank for competitive keywords on search engines. This gives your brand necessary exposure and makes your site easier to find from every corner of the internet.

To help you see what great content looks like, Capterra’s content team highlighted some software blogs that we particularly enjoy reading and following that are standout examples of what great content marketing looks like.

9 B2B Software Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading

Take a look at our favorite B2B software blogs to get examples of great high-quality content. And as a content nerd, I’d suggest taking a few notes on how your B2B company can follow their amazing examples.

You can also check out any of Capterra’s B2B blogs for pertinent industry information and updates.

9 B2B software blogs that do a fabulous job at content marketing

I’ll be honest with you: This list was put together via an unofficial survey.

I asked my colleagues on Capterra’s content marketing team which B2B software blogs stand out to them, whose content they admire, and why they think these blogs are examples of great content marketing efforts.

Who better to judge quality content than very picky content writers with years of experience in their field?

To balance against the subjective nature of this list selection, I did throw in a few objective qualifiers:

  • Each blog has to have been updated with something other than a product update announcement in the last month. (There’s one exception to this rule, but it’s for a good reason, I promise!)
  • The blogs contain a call to action on their homepage, either to subscribe or start a free trial—this is content marketing, after all.

Enough about criteria. Let’s get to the actual information of this post.

Blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo blog - software blogs

The Bizzabo blog homepage (Source)

Bizzabo is an event management solution whose blog focuses on the ins and outs of pulling off successful, well-attended events. Event topics covered on the blog include marketing, engagement, general management techniques, and an overview of the event industry at large.

Nick Morpus, our event management expert, likes Bizzabo because it “provides useful technical knowledge,” all with “a narrative spin in order to keep event professionals interested.”

He also mentions that the blog “updates their content multiple times a week, which would satisfy any avid reader.”

Why you should take note of Bizzabo’s content: Bizzabo is a great example of a blog that delves into everything related to its industry, offering help in a wide variety of areas in a personable, engaging tone.

2. BMC

BMC blog - software blogs

BMC’s blog (Source)

BMC offers a variety of IT management solutions, and their blog reflects their range of products, covering hot topics such as AI as well as more general areas, such as day-to-day IT operations.

BMC’s blog covers every trend in IT management, big or small. They consistently publish content that provides actionable insights for IT managers in language that even non-tech savvy people can easily understand.

I write about IT management for Capterra, and BMC has been a go-to whenever I have a question about how IT trends directly impact IT managers.

Why you should take note of BMC’s content: BMC’s blog is an amazing example of content written for experts that still manages to be useful and informative for readers outside the industry.

3. Buffer

The Buffer social media blog homepage

The Buffer social media blog homepage (Source)

Buffer is a social media marketing solution. Its four blog verticals cover social media (of course), culture, engineering, and transparency.

Buffer offers some of the most useful content for managing social media marketing campaigns that I’ve seen. (Full disclosure: I use Buffer’s free solution to promote my personal blog.)

Their content is heavy on “how to” articles, providing amazing templates and step-by-step articles that help even the most clueless marketers navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.

Why you should take note of Buffer’s content: Buffer’s content provides a great example of really capitalizing on the “how to’s” of your industry to become a useful tool with insights into simple and complex issues and processes.

4. Groove

Groove blog - software blogs

Groove’s blog homepage (Source)

Groove is a help desk solution whose blog offers advice on customer support. But, as we’ll discuss below, you might know of Groove from its stellar startup advice.

Groove is my exception to the “recently updated” rule. Why would I include a B2B blog whose featured post talks about how they’re not blogging anymore?

Because I’m trying to give you examples of some of the best content out there.

Groove’s blog is the best example I can find of how vulnerability, openness, and honesty can lead to more sales. That honesty includes talking about the brand’s struggle with content marketing and their commitment to quality content.

You can read their explanation of their content hiatus here.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in an honest story about the ins and outs of building and maintaining a wildly successful startup, you can access their legacy content on their “Startup Journey” blog.

Why you should take note of Groove’s content: Groove’s blog is one of the best examples out there of how to increase sales and brand awareness through radical transparency and honesty.

5. Help Scout

Help Scout blog - software blogs

Help Scout’s blog (Source)

Help Scout is a customer service solution whose blog focuses on the pain points of growing companies, customer service ins and outs, and their own company culture.

Cathy Reisenwitz, Capterra’s resident help desk and customer service expert, likes Help Scout because its blog has “very little marketing. The blog posts are well-written, short, and very actionable and relevant.”

She also notes that the posts contain “solid advice written by people who’ve done the job, know how to do it well, and want to teach others what they’ve learned.”

Why you should take note of Help Scout’s content: Help Scout’s content shows that a team of writers who can write both knowledgeably and personably is one of the quickest ways to content success.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot blog - software blogs

HubSpot’s blog (Source)

Hubspot is a marketing automation solution whose blog covers sales, marketing, and service.

Multiple people on Capterra’s content team mentioned HubSpot. It’s a wildly popular blog because it covers everything you need to know about modern marketing and sales in a voice that’s witty, understanding, and informative. If you need a sales and marketing question answered, this is your blog.

Why you should take note of HubSpot’s content: HubSpot is a great example of a blog that’s managed to position itself as an industry leader and expert largely by answering any conceivable question that someone in their industry might have.

7. Sisense

Sisense blog - software blogs

Sisense’s blog (Source)

Sisense is business performance management software. Sisense’s blog focuses on business intelligence in general but also drills down into best practices and how multiple industries, organizations, and teams can take advantage of business analytics.

Our BI specialist, Geoff Hoppe, recommends Sisense because its blog “offers excellent knowledge about what business intelligence software can do for you, how to use BI software, and the state of the industry.”

He also adds that the blog is “a great introduction for people new to BI” and simultaneously provides “interesting info for old hands.”

Why you should take note of Sisense’s content: Sisense’s blog is the perfect example of how to take a complicated subject that involves endless stats and charts and help people learn to apply it to simple, everyday situations.

8. WordStream

WordStream blog - software blogs

WordStream’s blog (Source)

WordStream is a lead generation solution whose blog covers SEO strategies and best practices.

Tirena Dingeldein, one of our marketing specialists, loves WordStream because it is “the perfect juxtaposition of insightful marketing knowledge and unicorn imagery that makes learning new topics in an often repetitive field fun.”

Aside from unicorns, she adds that the blog also “keeps their posts pretty up-to-date with what’s going on in the media as it relates to marketing,” which “helps reduce the panic” when it comes to complicated issues such as GDPR or changes to Facebook.

Why you should take note of WordStream’s content: WordStream is a great example of a blog that manages to keep its finger on the pulse with consistently topical insights.

9. Wrike

Wrike blog - software blogs

Wrike’s blog (Source)

Wrike is project management software whose blog is, naturally, devoted to project management, productivity, and optimizing employee performance.

Our marketing expert Tirena is a longtime Wrike reader and says she likes Wrike because, “It’s more than just a blog, it’s a resource. Their content provides actionable strategies for better managing my projects and teams in an easily digestible way.”

Why you should take note of Wrike’s content: Wrike’s blog is a great example of how to provide truly useful and actionable content for readers in your industry.

Which B2B software blogs do you read?

Every writer at Capterra specializes in a particular market and subject, and the blogs mentioned here reflect that intentionally narrow focus.

Plus, we can’t possibly read all the blogs that exist on the internet.

So, I’m absolutely certain there are B2B software blogs out there that we haven’t mentioned that also provide their readers with great content. If you know of one, please mention them in the comments below to give them the shout out they deserve!

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Kelsie Anderson

Kelsie is a former Capterra analyst.



Great information about the how you can get success in business 2 business marketing. Thanks for sharing !


Love seeing our name up here! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

– Brianna, Blogger @ Wrike

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Hi Cara and thank you for this article!

I also get a lot out of reading Hubspot, so thanks for some great other options. If you get a chance, perhaps you’d like to check out Taskworld’s blog at http://blog.taskworld.com/

We have a nice mix of practical, learn something content like “Are you culturally intelligent?” to awesome infographics like “7 Eyes of Product Development” and “9 Yoga Positions to Destress at Work,” to lighter articles like “Startup Advice from Yoda” and “Which Dinosaur Manager Are You?” to features about our own experience like “How to Make Customers Happy & Improve Your Product.”

Thanks for considering and for writing this! 🙂 Have a fantastic week!

-Jess @Taskworld

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I know it wasn’t kept up with for a while, but the new Litmos eLearning Blog is definitely worth a read if you get a chance. One of the main contributors is Brent Schlenker whom is really well known in the eLearning community.


Thanks, Cara. Some of the blogs are news for me and will be definitely on my radar! The funny videos on construction are just hilarious 🙂
I enjoy reading our project management blog because the topics are always relevant (like How to Get People to Pay Attention During Meetings) and our writer is smart, witty, and his style is very light, though he still manages to convey the important message. So if you are looking to broaden your horizons on PM without being totally bored, this will be an enjoyable read.

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