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10 Software Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading

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Software: The subject that launched a thousand blogs.

Literally, though. Helen of Troy had nothing on software.

So which ones are worth subscribing to? Which ones should be daily/weekly reads? Which ones are actually interesting? Luckily, your favorite software blog has decided to put together a comprehensive list of our favorite software blogs.


This list was put together via an unofficial office survey combined with our years of reading other software blogs. In addition, each of these blogs has excellent information quality and entertainment value.

Essentially, readers of software blogs expect excellently researched, meaty content that is delivered in a clean layout with a conversational tone and coated in pictures. Ideally, the pictures illustrate the point enough that as I’m skimming along, I can actually grasp all the main points from the topic sentences and pictures combined. Each of these next blogs achieves this and that’s why they’re our favorites.

Enough about my criteria. Let’s get to the actual information of this post. Please note that these are in no particular order.

1. Inbound Hub

10-10-2014 2-39-40 PM

This is Hubspot’s blog. Hubspot is a marketing automation software company and their blog provides excellent information about not just marketing automation, but marketing in general. This blog has everything going on and is so popular here at Capterra that almost everyone in the office mentioned that I needed to include this blog in my post.

Inbound Hub posts every day about basically any subject devoted to modern marketing and sales in a voice that is witty, understanding, and informative, all in one go. Topics in the past week include prepping your email marketing for the holiday season and a guide to successful negotiating as an introvert.

What sets Inbound Hub apart: They cover everything you need to know about sales and marketing, and they’re experts at all of it. If you need a sales and marketing question answered, this is your blog!

2. Logos

10-10-2014 2-40-54 PM

Logos is focused on church management software and what it means to run a church in the modern era of technology. It’s updated once a month, but each piece is very in depth and well researched. Posts include Scammers, Hackers and Phishers, Oh My! and Out of the Pocket—Smartphones in Church.

What sets Logos apart: Each piece is an in depth essay providing all the details of issue from the background and the pros and cons to the potential solutions and why they might be implemented. You cannot walk away from a Logos piece feeling like you don’t understand the topic. The best part? The posts are extremely straight forward. The writers at Logos know their stuff.

3. Wrike



Wrike is project management software, and their blog is, naturally, devoted to that. This blog really has it going on. Posts include 9 Phrases to Jumpstart Productivity When Delegating a Task and The Project Manager Shortage is Coming: 3 Ways to Prepare.

What sets Wrike apart: The person behind the titles and topics at Wrike is genius. These titles have a massive clickbait factor. (I mean, the project manager shortage thing? I don’t even have anything to do with project management and I had to read that one.) Not only that, but these posts deliver. They give you maximum information in minimum words – the blog sweet spot. (I’ve yet to master minimum words – had you noticed?)

4. Booker

10-10-2014 2-43-18 PM

Booker is salon and spa software and their blog covers not only that but the whole lifestyle of being a spa/salon owner. New posts are added daily and their topics range from inspiring mantras for yoga teachers to ways to achieve local Google search success.

What sets Booker apart: Booker just gets what it means to be a salon owner. Their articles about software provide not only detailed answers about what salon software is/does, they also provide detailed answers about why a salon owner needs it, showing a deep understanding of the day-to-day workings of a salon.

Plus: Booker is also a super fun blog. You can come to read informative software posts and then take a break and read 6 Problems Only Salon Technicians Will Understand.

5. Procore

10-10-2014 2-44-03 PM

Procore is a construction software blog that posts daily, with roughly three of these posts per week devoted to well-researched pieces on construction software. Informative posts cover everything from how to promote your construction company to why your company should have a hardware disposal plan.

What sets Procore apart: Procore is really good at combining entertainment with information. One thing they do regularly is Throwback Thursday blog posts. They have a particularly interesting Throwback Thursday video they posted to the blog about building log cabins (in which they actually built a log cabin, shown in an embedded video). As an ex-history major and general history nerd, I had to contain my squeals of excitement. They also have a weekly humor post called Screw Loose that collects funny construction happenings from around the internet and curates them into one blog post.

6. Wild Apricot

10-10-2014 2-55-01 PM

Wild Apricot is another one that was mentioned multiple times in my informal office survey. They cover membership management software. Posts include Everything You Need to Know to Recruit Younger Members and 4 Ways Your Non-profit’s Social Media Habits Are Like A Carnival. Posts are added several times a week.

What sets Wild Apricot apart: The blog posts will not only provide you with excellent information on membership management software and technology, but it will also keep you up-to-date with all the industry happenings. They write book reviews on the latest books about membership management and posts on pertinent topics like what phone call do your members actually want to receive? They really make themselves a must-read if you’re managing a nonprofit or other membership organization.

7. Ecommerce University

10-10-2014 2-55-57 PM

This is Shopify’s blog, which is, as the title suggests, devoted to ecommerce and ecommerce software. The blog is updated about three times a week. Posts include 6 Foundational Ecommerce Marketing Tactics to Stop Your Bucket from Leaking and 14 Ways to Use Offers, Coupons, Discounts and Deals to Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty.

What sets Ecommerce University apart: As a former retail slave – er, worker, I have to say that I LOVE this blog. They write on all kinds of different topics relating to retail and each of their articles displays a thorough knowledge of what it means to manage a retail business (check out: How Nordstrom Made Its Brand Synonymous With Customer Service (and How You Can Too), it really encapsulates customer service best practices beautifully). Ecommerce University is just all-around excellent, even if you’re just a general manager in one store of a much larger brand. The amount that this blog can teach you about online retail in general, as well as ecommerce software, is just phenomenal.

8. Field Aware

10-10-2014 2-56-48 PM

Field Aware posts several times a month on all things relating to field service management software. This blog really focuses on the software and tech for the industry itself. Posts include The iPhone 6 Plus Might Be Your Next Field Service Device and The Importance of Setting BYOD Policies for the Mobile Workforce.

What sets Field Aware apart: This blog is really enlightening for anyone who needs to know something about field service management software. In their Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution  series, author Mike Raia elaborates on different aspects of Field Service Automation software that might never have crossed your mind, like why getting a FSM that’s built on top of a CRM could be bad. In each of these posts, he also offers suggestions for how to counter problems, or to avoid them altogether.

9. LearnDash

10-10-2014 2-57-47 PM

LearnDash is a great blog if you are in the LMS scene. Posts are added daily by LearnDash’s CEO, Justin Ferriman. Posts include 4 Ways to Fight Cheating in ELearning and Using Storyboards for Better ELearning.

What sets LearnDash apart: LearnDash manages to offer consistent, helpful tips with a very personal, down-to-earth voice based on Ferriman’s actual experience with building an LMS. Ferriman keeps the posts short, but he doesn’t skimp on information. He uses lists effectively to provide everything you need to know about a topic.

10. CareCloud

10-10-2014 2-58-24 PM

CareCloud is blog devoted to electronic health record software. They publish between two and three times a week with very consistent, helpful posts. Topics range from how an EHR investment can payoff in as little as 10 months to strategies to help maximize practice profitability.

What sets Carecloud apart: Carecloud’s posts are really devoted to how to make your medical practice as successful as possible, particularly by maximizing revenue. You will never learn so much about maximizing in one place unless you talk to Warren Buffett a lot.

So that’s the Capterra top ten software blogs we enjoy reading. Which ones are your favorites? (We know we’re already on that list, so just include the other ones!)

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Thanks, Cara. Some of the blogs are news for me and will be definitely on my radar! The funny videos on construction are just hilarious 🙂
I enjoy reading our project management blog because the topics are always relevant (like How to Get People to Pay Attention During Meetings) and our writer is smart, witty, and his style is very light, though he still manages to convey the important message. So if you are looking to broaden your horizons on PM without being totally bored, this will be an enjoyable read.

I know it wasn’t kept up with for a while, but the new Litmos eLearning Blog is definitely worth a read if you get a chance. One of the main contributors is Brent Schlenker whom is really well known in the eLearning community.

[…] psyched my blog made this Top 10 List: 10 Software Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading published October 14th, 2014 by Cara Wood in B2B […]

Hi Cara and thank you for this article!

I also get a lot out of reading Hubspot, so thanks for some great other options. If you get a chance, perhaps you’d like to check out Taskworld’s blog at

We have a nice mix of practical, learn something content like “Are you culturally intelligent?” to awesome infographics like “7 Eyes of Product Development” and “9 Yoga Positions to Destress at Work,” to lighter articles like “Startup Advice from Yoda” and “Which Dinosaur Manager Are You?” to features about our own experience like “How to Make Customers Happy & Improve Your Product.”

Thanks for considering and for writing this! 🙂 Have a fantastic week!

-Jess @Taskworld

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