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How To Launch a Social Learning Program

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Create an immersive and impactful environment through a learner-first approach.

Studies show that 75% of learning at the workplace occurs from social learning. Launching an effective social learning program creates a conducive and collaborative atmosphere where individuals can thrive and acquire practical skills and knowledge from coworkers organically with minimal friction.

However, if you are an HR manager that is implementing your own social learning program, you will need to maintain consistent and open communication with the rest of your company to acquire the feedback that will properly shape your program.

Without the proper tools, your company’s social learning program could suffer from a lack of user engagement, which would sabotage many of the benefits of an effective program. On the other hand, having the right tools in place can result in a deeply engaging experience—and a boon for your business.

4 steps to successfully launch a social learning program

Below we’ve provided steps to follow so that you can provide an immersive online environment that encourages experiential learning.


Set up a live chat system

Effective social learning programs provide learners with a reliable communication feature where they can easily reach out for online support and assistance when navigating the platform. You may achieve this through a chatbot system or live agent correspondence. However, there are pros and cons to each method.

Chatbots offer swift and precise answers without delay, but lack the capabilities to answer more in-depth queries. So, on one hand, if your employees are running into basic technical roadblocks, such as login or access issues, chatbots would be the way to go. However, if you have a learner that needs help handling more complicated scenarios, such as dealing with a security breach, you would want to have live chat correspondence available.

One effective solution might involve the combination of chatbot features with live agent backup. These hybrid configurations offer social learning platforms a comprehensive solution for every user issue that may arise during a learner’s journey. Also, you may want to provide prospective learners with a dynamic live chat system as a contact point before the official launch of your business’s social learning program.


Establish social media management

Social media remains one of the most engaging online channels in the modern digital world. Launching your social media program requires an intuitive and efficient social media management tool that informs your learners about the latest updates and notifications for all your courses with a clear visual timeline.

Advanced social media tools will give you granular control over learner engagement before and after a product launch. By managing multiple social streams effectively (or hiring a social media manager to apply the tools), you can broadcast engaging announcements that strengthen your audience base while setting up a dedicated space for recognizing and celebrating learners’ achievements.


Deploy a feedback system

As with any social initiative, it is critical to discover the learning preferences and concerns of your users before launching a campaign. Survey programs will help you connect your company’s social learning program with your potential students to discover valuable information, such as what their preferred content type and delivery method is (such as articles or videos), so you can drive maximum engagement.

The most effective survey programs offer your HR managers quick setup, easy administrative management, and quality service support that guides you toward valuable real-world data to fine-tune quality lessons efficiently.

Your program’s administrative HR team might also consider including additional support features such as multilingual surveys, intuitive dashboards, and white labeling services to add a professional touch to your course while you gather exclusive insights from each survey.


Include learning experience software in user onboarding

Learning experience platforms (LEPs) can help provide learners with an intuitive and engaging introduction to your social courses. With a reliable LEP in place, your company’s social learning program can leave a strong, favorable impression from the start of the user experience and keep track of progress throughout the learning journey.

The best LEPs offer integrated features that may include virtual product training and demonstrations that immediately ease learners into your customized online environment. Also, these programs should provide the elements that support interaction among learners in a secure sandbox environment, establishing the foundation of social learning success.

Launch a highly anticipated social learning program

Ready to create a powerful social learning program for your company? We can guide you to a flexible social CRM tool that maintains maximum engagement with learners through multiple integrations. Alternatively, choosing an A/B testing software that works for your business can help you determine the optimal effectiveness of your social learning program elements before finalizing a launch.

With Capterra’s comprehensive directory of software, including LMS solutions, your HR team will have the capabilities of connecting with learners across multiple channels throughout your program launch and beyond. By doing so, you can always align and restructure your company’s program outline proactively based on the latest tech and industry trends, maintaining the ultimate experience for optimal learning outcomes.

Visit Capterra today to discover the critical components that will drive the success of your next significant social learning initiative.

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