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What Does Recruiting Software Cost?

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What’s the most frustrating thing about sales taxes? No, it’s not that they’re way too high. Or that they unfairly target the poor. Or even that they’re so often wasted on boondoggles like government shrubbery and... Continue Reading

11 Epic Mobile Recruiting Resources

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Fully 63% of job seekers look for positions from a mobile device, but only 16% of global employers have a mobile career site. Mobile recruiting is important, and chances are your organization is behind. Luckily you... Continue Reading

How to Hire Millennials

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They’re the favorite punching bag of the Boomer media—lazy, inept, and coddled from birth to expect undeserved rewards: those wascawwy Millennials. But, like it or not, they’re also the future workforce. And, surprisingly, reports of their... Continue Reading

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