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Keeping on top of employee goals and initiatives takes strong organization and time management skills. How many goals have you or your employees set but never actually completed? With the right talent management software, setting and achieving employee goals can become a lot easier. But setting and tracking the goals is only one part of success. If you want to set goals that will actually happen, they need to be SMART. talent mgmt software SMARTer goals

Managing a team can be difficult, but having people who know how to successfully set and complete their goals will make all the difference. Think about the goals you have set but never accomplished. Why is that?

These goals that were never finished might sound something like, “We are going to improve production by 5%,” but with no clear plan that indicates how or when it will be done. Do the SMART thing and create goals with substance.

When setting goals it can be for tomorrow, next week, a month or years from now. It doesn’t matter when the deadline is; it’s all about making a plan to turn that goal into a reality. If you don’t make a solid plan, that goal will most likely never get checked off.

Learn how to create SMART goals and then encourage your employees to do the same. Remember no matter what the goal involves, it can be made into a SMART goal.

S – Specific

The goal needs to be clear and precise, because if it’s too broad, it will be very difficult to complete. This means you or your employees need to ask yourself the six W’s…

  • WHAT do I want to accomplish?
  • WHY is this goal important?
  • WHO is involved?
  • WHERE is it happening?
  • WHEN should it be finished?
  • WHICH attributes are important? Requirements and constraints?

M – Measurable

This is all about the HOW! How can you know if you or your employees are making progress? If you cannot measure a goal, you won’t know if you’re close to its successful completion. Figure out a way to track the goals’ progress.

A – Attainable

Is the goal achievable? Your goals might test you at times and push you to go outside your comfort zone or learn something new, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t attainable. If a goal is important to you, you will automatically start finding ways to make them a reality. You will work to gain the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to reach the goal. Make sure when your employees are creating their goal, it isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility.

R – Relevant

Does your goal drive you or your employees to do better? Does it push them to expand their perspectives, take chances, step outside of themselves? Find a goal that will help you or your employees grow.

  • Is it worthwhile?
  • Is it the right time to work toward this goal?
  • Does it align with other goals, needs, or efforts?

T – Timely

Make sure you have a solid end date! Without a deadline, you will be more inclined to push it back and back and back again. You’ll tell yourself that you’ll get to it later, that you’re just too busy with everything else. Stop that from happening by putting reasonable due dates in your calendar.

  • When should it be completed?
  • What are the different check points? Create check points before the deadline to assess how far you are in completing the goal. This is a great way to get updates on your employees’ progress.
  • What can I do tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Create deadlines for each step so the goal comes together easily. This will help you or your employees stay on top of and complete the goal.

Once you or your employees have created a SMART goal, evaluate and reevaluate those goals periodically. Make sure the goal is still relevant, following the set time schedule, and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything of importance. A talent management software that prompts you to answer these questions can propel you into great achievement at the employee, department, and organizational levels. Look for a solution that supports this methodology.

What goals have you set in your organization? What can you do to make your goals SMARTer?

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Pamela Perryman

Pamela Perryman

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