15 Talent Stats You Need to Know for 2018

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2018 is at our doorstep already.

The year has wound to a close, and soon we’ll all be writing 2017, crossing it out, and replacing it with 2018 for a few weeks while we get used to the new year.

Writing mistakes aren’t the only things we’ll carry into the new year, though. If you’re a savvy HR or talent management professional, you need to be aware of the trends and data we’ve watched over the past year, and think about how they’ll impact recruiting, hiring, and talent management in 2018.

We’ve gathered 15 vital HR and talent facts that you should know heading into 2018 so you and your business can put your best foot forward.

What you need to know

1. Attracting high quality candidates is the top challenge for 76% of hiring managers (Glassdoor).

2. American employees are working harder than ever. Of those who receive paid time off, most used only 54% of their eligible vacation time in 2017 (Glassdoor).

3. 53% of employees report wanting a stronger health and wellness focus (Mercer).

4. 79% of employees believe that employers should share responsibility for health and wellness with their staff, versus 11% who believe the responsibility is the employee’s alone (Westfield Health).

5. Employee opinion counts! 46% of employees say they’d be more engaged with wellness if their employer asked about their preferences (Westfield Health).

6. Moreover, 74% of employees reported feeling more satisfied, motivated, and loyal when they know an employer cares about their wellness (Westfield Health).

7. Replacing an employee costs employers 33% of that employee’s annual salary (Work Institute).

8. The average employee is 1.5% more likely to stay with a company when changing roles if offered a 10% raise on their base pay, even when controlling for job title, industry, business size, and location. (Glassdoor).

9. Everyone likes the ability to choose; 56% of employees want flexible work options (Mercer).

10. Employee turnover is 25% lower at companies that support remote work (OwlLabs).

11. There’s still something to be said for in-office work. Employees who spent 15 minutes socializing with coworkers during their workday exhibited a 20% performance boost (FastCompany).

12. If your staff does work remote, make sure you have the right video software to keep in touch, since video conferencing is 30% better for communication than audio alone (OwlLabs).

13. If you use talent software, make sure it’s in the cloud. Gartner predicts that by 2020, cloud revenue will account for over 62% of the global software market, up from 50% in 2017 (Gartner).

14. Diverse hiring is successful hiring. Gender and ethnic diversity are positively correlated with business performance by up to 15% and 35%, respectively (Gartner).

15. Just because you lose an employee, it doesn’t mean they hate you. 63% of employees rated their former employer “very good” or “excellent” after leaving the company (Work Institute).

Gimmie the facts—STAT!

Get it? Well, I think it’s funny…

What do you think about these 15 important stats? Did you learn something? Was anything surprising? What’s the most useful takeaway for you and your company? Tell me all about it in the comments below, or tweet me @CapterraHalden.

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