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Tech fashion management finally comes around

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Ever since Zuck got up on the Market’s biggest stage and opened the trading day in his signature hoodie, Silicon Valley has gone nuts for the things. You can’t hang out in the Mission without bumping into a rainbow of hoodie-wearing nerds, sporting everything from black to dark blue while sipping their nuevo-gauche highballs.

If you’re on the hoodie train, you need to make sure you’ve got your game lined up and ready to go every night. That’s a job in and of itself, which is why many techies are reaching out to Hoodie Handlers, String Theory, or one of the other personal hoodie management services.

Those monthly bills add up, though, which is why we’ve seen a huge influx of hoodie management software firms popping up in the last year.

The newest kid on the block is Joey McIntyre – that dude was, like, sixteen when Hangin’ Tough dropped. In the hoodie world, I’m of course talking about Hoodeeze.

Unlike some of the other entrants in this field, Hoodeeze incorporates real-time data from your wearables, as well as information from the optional sewn-in hoodie tracking packages that have made it so famous.

Let’s talk tech.

Pulling one over

Hoodeeze basic patch contains a small RFID chip and are “threaded” with copper wiring to operate as passive proximity cards. This means that you can not only track your hoodie when you’re nearby, you can also use your sleeve to make payments, hop on public transportation, or unlock your favorite bike sharing location.

At the second level, Hoodeeze Gold, you get patches with integrated GPS receivers and USB charging capabilities. The GPS is perfect for a morning run up along Twin Peaks or a long walk across the Campus. The USB charger is simple and straightforward, as well. Simply plug the wire into your mobile and the patch pulls from your phone.

While the tracking is a nice touch, the real value in Hoodeeze – and its major innovation – comes from its wearables data integration.

By tying your fitness tracker, phone, and augmented glasses into the Hoodeeze app, you can get real-time data on your hoodie’s cleanliness and appropriateness delivered to your phone. For instance, Hoodeeze can see that you’ve got Aunt Divine’s funeral on Sunday and can remind you to wear something a little nicer to the event.

Customer support and upgrading

Reviews for support have been a bit of a mixed bag. Many users have had great interactions, but things seem to get a little dicey when privacy concerns are raised. Depending on how much information you’re willing to share with Hoodeeze, you might want to consider using one of the many third-party apps currently on the market to manage your patches – there are plenty of videos on YouTube walking you through the process.

Upgrading is another matter. Due to the patches simple adhesive system, users can simply pull the old patch out and drop the new one in. I upgraded from basic to Gold in under ten minutes.

Hoodie integrations

Hoodeeze hasn’t made any official integration claims just yet, but users are already seeing some special interactions across brands. Most major hoodies have the right internal texture to support the patch adhesive, though some cheaper brands have pilling issues.

I’ve seen the best results from American Giant hoodies. These bad boys are made right in the USA and are built to last. Plus, the reinforced elbows offer nice support when resting on chair arms all day.

Future plans are yet to be announced, but other players in the hoodies space (Hooded, InMyPocket, etc.) have said that they plan to work with everything from Champion to Under Armour.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a hoodie tracker that really adapts to your lifestyle, Hoodeeze is probably your best bet. While I do have some privacy concerns, I’ve also already sold my soul to Facebook, so it’s not like anything I do is private anyways.

The basic patches run $25 apiece with Gold patches at $50. The app is free with any patch purchase.

For more Unicorn and Startup Tech, visit Capterra’s Unicorn software directory. If you’ve had some great hoodie moments, drop me a line in the comments to let me know.

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