How to Build an Industry-Specific Tailored Software and Tech Stack for Startups

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Businesses need industry-specific software to succeed. What software are you missing?

tech stack for start-ups

We previously highlighted three foundational software solutions that every business needs to succeed: finance and accounting, data security, and customer relationship management.

But what can you do to remain competitive and optimize your business processes after you have your software foundation in place?

In 2018, Capterra collected data from 715 businesses with the hope of finding out what technologies they use or were planning on using in the next 24 months. While we found that most industries need fundamental software to keep their business running, we also found that businesses in different industries require individual subsets of software to improve their competitive advantage.

Businesses that tailor and prioritize technology based on their industry after investing in foundational technologies dramatically increase their ability to compete.

What software are my peers using?

Want to find out what software your peers are using to improve their businesses? Take our short assessment to find out which software matches your industry and what you should expect to spend on a new solution.

What software do you think your business is missing?

Are you missing the basics and need some guidance on what foundational software you should purchase? Or are you missing something specific to your industry that you want to learn more about?

Leave your questions and thoughts in the comment section below!

Information on Capterra’s Top Technology Trends for SMBs survey

Capterra conducted this survey in June and July 2018 among 715 U.S.-based small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with more than one employee and annual revenue of less than $100 million. The survey excluded nonprofit organizations. The qualified respondents are decision-makers or have significant influence on the decisions related to purchasing technologies for their organization.

Looking for software? Check out Capterra's list of the best software solutions.

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Tirena Dingeldein is a former Lead Emerging Technology and Business Trends Analyst for Capterra.



Hi, very good article thanks for sharing.
You are excellent blogger.


Hi Lawal,
You can absolutely classify a chatbot as software. We actually have a Conversational AI Platform category at Capterra which lists software that provide the service you’re describing:
Let me know if I can help with anything else!


Chat bot has really helped my small business in customizing my customer service. Most of the problems our customers have are usually solved via facebook messenger with the use of a chat bot. As a result of this, the bot has reduced the number of calls we used to receive before we incorporated the chat bot. But from this discussion, I like to know, can we classify chat bot as a software? Thank you.

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