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13 Terrific Email Marketing Blogs for Email Newbies and Ninjas

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: email is not dead! It is still one of the best ways to communicate from a business standpoint. Marketers recognize this innovation and work hard to develop new ways to optimize email marketing practices to better communicate with their audience.

email marketing blogs

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Email Marketing Software has made this an even easier task to accomplish, with custom templates, list management, and analytics. But it’s not as simple as purchasing the software and just sending the email, which is why it’s great that there are so many online resources out there to help marketers make the most of their email marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re new to email marketing, or consider yourself a seasoned expert, there’s always more to learn. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best blogs to read to gain that knowledge.

Return Path Blog

A provider of email data and optimization, Return Path produces a blog with a wide variety of email topics. From best practices and innovations, to sender reputation and privacy, this blog offers a plethora of helpful articles and studies for all your email marketing questions.

New posts are published multiple times a week. Recent articles include:

The Email Experience Council Blog

Managed by the Email Experience Council, their blog covers all things email marketing. The council is the section of the Direct Marketing Association that “strives to enhance the image of email marketing and communications, while celebrating and actively advocating its critical importance in business, and its ROI value.”

They publish many new posts each month, including:


Litmus is a tool you can use with your current email marketing software to test and track your emails with detailed analytics and preview capabilities. Their blog focuses on email design and success metrics for your campaigns.

New articles and videos are posted throughout the month. Recent ones include:

Email Institute

As it says in its headline, this is the “the email marketing best practices destination.” There are articles about everything you need to know about email marketing including deliverability, reporting, and design. You can even go deeper by reading about email best practices for various marketing topics, like B2B, social, mobile, and lead generation.

The articles you’ll see are pulled from other Internet resources, so this is a great place to get the latest headlines from around the industry.


Copyblogger is one of the most popular marketing blogs, so it’s no surprise that their email marketing articles are a must-read. While their posts are not as in-depth as other email marketing focused blogs, the content is still great and very informative.

Recent posts include:

Email Monday

This blog is managed by Jordie van Rijn, an independent email marketing consultant. On his blog, he writes about email optimization, trends, best practices, and strategy, just to name a few topics.

Some of his latest articles are:

MarketingSherpa Blog

Another popular blog for marketing professionals, MarketingSherpa’s section on email marketing is just one of the many categories the blog covers. Email marketing articles seem to be published about once or twice a month, but you can sign up for their newsletter so don’t miss a new post.

The most recent posts include:

Email Marketing Software Vendor Blogs

And who are some the biggest experts when it comes to email marketing technology? The email marketing software companies! Here’s a list of blogs produced by those companies, focusing on how this kind of software can help your overall marketing strategy.

The ExactTarget Blog

GetResponse Email Marketing Tips Blog

VerticalResponse Blog

Constant Contact

Pinpointe Marketing Blog

CakeMail Blog

What are some of your favorite email marketing blogs? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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I’ve used a few on this list – MailChimp, Litmus and Copyblogger, all really good. Check out FreshMail’s blog too.

For the latest in email technology check out They have awesome new features like real-time analytics! Super easy for small business owners!

Great summary! I would add email on Acid and read Freshmail blog from time to time

how about GetResponse? In my opinion is the best one!

I prefer this one

This is a great list, thanks for the post Caroline! This article might be helpful for anyone looking to elicit responses from their emails:

[…] 13 Terrific Email Marketing Blogs for Email Newbies and Ninjas: Hand-picked and trusted sources for email marketing. […]

Awesome list of email marketing blog.its really helpful to the newbies to optimize email marketing.

I would also highly recommend Darren Hanser at

I’m in no way affiliated with him but have been on his email list for a few years now. His emails are GOLD!


I would also add the Berlin-based email marketing provider

One of my favorite email marketing blogs can be found at – whether you are a newbie or a veteran, this blog shares well written, relevant information and has great graphics.

[…] 13 Terrific Email Marketing Blogs for Email Newbies and Ninjas: Hand-picked and trusted sources for email marketing. […]

You made me discover cake mail exists. Thank you Caro.

Some great blogs here, thanks!

That’s a great list of website. But I want to ask one thing? I have tried each and every method mentioned in every blog for enhancing the result of email marketing campaign, but I am not getting the result. Open rate is only 4-5%. Most of time people either don’t open the email sent by us, or just ignore without reading? What may be the reason?

Thank you for this informative article about email marketing. In case you readers need some email marketing help, please check out my gig:

I like this one: It’s more about cold mailing that straight email marketing, still suggest it.

I really like the litmus blog, hubspot, also, all have some really great content and insights on email marketing strategies, list building

it is a very helpful article and those who looking for email marketing database, please feel free to visit They have a huge collection of UAE email ID and phone number database.

visit us : for huge email marketing database collection of higher authorities who have authority to purchase or recommend product.

Cyberimpact has a good blog as well.
Email marketing made easier for small businesses in Canada

Great List!! I will definitely make use of some of your suggested topics while creating my blog.

Your topic was actually very interesting. As a Email Marketing professional now I know how to motivate my team. Thanks!!

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Very Interesting, but there are few sites like . Nobody talk about those, they are low cost and having complete automated funnel. Can you review less famous but powerful email marketing funnels?

Excellent recommendations, I would ad they have an awesome blog.

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