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The 5 Best eLearning Podcasts

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What’s the worst thing about driving?

Ask any bibliophile this question and they will all give you the same answer:

Not being able to read.

All that wasted time, commuting to and from work, without a book in your hands!

Itunes Music Charts On Apple Iphone 5S

Luckily, that’s why books-on-tape and their more updated cousins, podcasts, were born.  You can learn new things no matter what else you’re supposed to be doing (driving, folding laundry, listening to your significant other) and all it takes is a quick download and some headphones.

This is especially important for eLearning and training professionals; you’re super busy, but still somehow have to find the time to keep up on industry changes and best practices.

To help you out, I’ve scoured the web to find the most pertinent, accessible, and well-done podcasts focused on eLearning, learning management systems, and online training.  Oh, and they’re all free, so you don’t need to give up that daily vanilla chai latte in order to have a more fulfilling commute.

Rod’s Pulse Podcast

Rodney Murray, the head of academic technology at the University of the Sciences in Pennsylvania, has been running this podcast since 2006.  He’s syndicated on and sponsored by Inside Higher Ed and covers everything eLearning tech-focused.

With over 120 episodes so far, Murray delves into upcoming eLearning trends (as in the embedded example below), interviews with educators and instructional designers, and how to flip classrooms.  His clear knowledge of the space makes his content helpful and applicable, and he includes a full list of show notes with links to resources mentioned in the podcast, on his blog for each episode.

Murray is focused on the academic side of eLearning, vs. corporate training, so much of the material relates to things like Blackboard and other academic-focused tools, but much of his advice is still broadly applicable.

The eLearning Coach Podcast

Connie Malamed of the eLearning Coach blog started this podcast in 2013.  This is a great podcast if you’re into the cutting edge of eLearning and instructional design.  From designing learning games (like in the embedded episode below), to the possibility of the Tin Can API, to infographic creation, Malamed covers some of the hottest, freshest topics in the space.  She also interviews a ton of interesting people like the author of Wired for Story, a learning executive for the BBC, and one of the original innovators behind the Tin Can API.

The content of the show is primarily aimed at a corporate audience, but will be helpful nonetheless to academic educators as well.

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eLearning Stuff

With almost 90 episodes “eLearning Stuff” is a sort of potpourri show, with multiple different hosts covering a wide mix of eLearning topics each episode.  James Clay, the primary host, is head of ILT and Learning Resources for City of Oxford College, Banbury & Bicester College, and Reading College.

The “eLearning Stuff” team, based in the UK, discusses social learning, ebooks and their place in education, BYOD (episode embedded below), as well as covering eLearning and learning technology conferences like Learning without Frontiers.

Unfortunately the podcast ended in 2012, but the material still remains relevant and interesting.

E-Learning Academy

Aimed squarely at corporate eLearning practitioners, this podcast hosted by Alison Bickford of Connect Thinking has been going since 2010, and has one or two episodes a month.  With topics from how to integrate LMSs into your training, to how to create great video courses, and examinations of blended learning trends, the podcast covers a lot of ground.

While most of the episodes are actually done in video format, rather than just audio, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play it from iTunes while you drive.  The video accompaniment is supplemental, not essential.

elearning academy image

Trends and Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences

Hosted by Abbie Brown and Tim Gree, professors of instructional design, this podcast publishes every two weeks, and serves as a great roundup of industry news, trends, and developments. Each episode recommends and summarizes articles from the previous two weeks, makes predictions on learning technology, and adds some great commentary on the eLearning space.

Topics covered include how wearable devices will affect eLearning, technologies for student engagement, and augmented reality.  Again, this podcast is available in both audio-only and video formats.

Bonus: Eye on ISD

One of the newer podcasts on this list, “eye on ISD” still manages to bring a lot to the table with its eight episodes focused on instructional design.  That said, “eye” has only been going since April of this year, and it remains to be seen if it will be around long enough for you to add it to your subscriptions list.


Do you have some favorite eLearning podcasts you just can’t enough of?  Add them in the comments!

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Thanks for this great roundup JP! I will add these to my playlist. Although it’s not an eLearning podcast per se this can be a great learning podcast for those that are doing marketing for an eLearning company:

A big thank you for the links to these 5 eLearning podcasts. As a corporate trainer I travel over 35 weeks a year putting on technical training. Lots of travel time to listen to podcast downloads.

I commonly listen to spongeUK!

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