The 11 Most Popular Hotel Management Software Solutions for Small Hotels Compared

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Update 1/2/2018: This post has been updated to include 11 hotel management software options as opposed to the original five.

For clothes, it’s all about the fit.

Think about it: is there anything worse than buying the wrong size pants? You spend 15 minutes trying to squeeze into them, huffing and puffing the whole time. And even if you’re successful, you feel like you’re being strangled all day long.

For hotels, finding the right software fit is especially important, because without a suitable software solution, you’re wasting time and money—big things that take you away from your customers and keep you from providing a stellar guest experience.

For smaller hotels, you may think you’re getting more bang for your buck with a solution designed for enterprise hotels, but in reality you might need some tailoring. You may be paying for a bunch of extra features you’ll never use, or perhaps you run tours as well and need a feature for managing that aspect of your business.

Hotel Management Software

But who in hospitality has time to look for the right software fit when you’re busy managing your hotel? Not to worry. I’ve done the work for you.

Below, I’ve gathered the 11 most popular hotel management software that will work specifically for smaller hotels. Rankings are based off of our Top 20 Most Popular Hospitality Property Management Software Products infographic, which combines number of users, customers, and social platform popularity. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Cloudbeds’ reservation system

Cloudbeds serves as an all-in-one hotel management system that can also connect your property to hundreds of channels (such as and Orbitz) with real-time, two-way integration. It allows guests to make direct reservations through their desktop or mobile device, or even via Facebook.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • All-in-one platform
  • Integrates easily with third parties and credit card processing
  • Lots of features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to use

What they would like to see improved

  • Some were not totally satisfied with customer support


Pricing is heavily dependent on your situation. For example, Cloudbeds charges a hotel in the U.S. with ten rooms a total of $130.64 per month, billed annually (you can opt to be billed monthly for a little bit extra). If you’ve got 100 rooms, it will cost you $218.04 per month. The price may further be affected if you’re in a different country, or if you run a hostel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental.

Have you used Cloudbeds? Leave a review!

2. eZee Frontdesk by eZee Technosys

eZee Frontdesk is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

eZee Frontdesk’s dashboard

eZee Frontdesk is used by boutique hotels, hostels/lodges, resorts, and small hotels in 140 countries, the company claims. More than one million daily transactions in 104 countries happen across this hotel property management solution, resulting in 90,000 rooms managed across the globe. eZee Frontdesk has more than 4,700 customers and 70,500 users.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Rate management to maximize revenue through seasonal rates
  • Mobile application to receive reports on smartphone/tablet
  • Event management
  • Self-service check-in kiosk

What they would like to see improved

  • Inconsistencies in Chinese language pack
  • Day-end security (cash counting) needs strengthening


eZee FrontDesk does not share pricing information publicly, but you can request a free quote by providing your contact information. The solution measures pricing through a module structure that considers number of rooms, modules, and interfaces. You can also sign up for a 30-day trial to see if the solution fits your property.

Have you used eZee Frontdesk? Leave a review!

3. Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Frontdesk Anywhere’s dashboard, as demonstrated on several devices

Frontdesk Anywhere is based in the technology capital of Silicon Valley. It was founded in 2009 and has grown to more than 1,400 customers and 18,000 users. Frontdesk also has an Asian office for those looking for international support.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable availability calendar
  • Personalized guest, company, and travel agent profiles that can be exported into marketing campaigns
  • Data encryption on secure servers, and the ability to restrict user privileges

What they would like to see improved

  • Unable to locate guest reservations by email or phone number
  • “Thank You” letters cannot be sent with hotel photo


Pricing isn’t available publicly, though you can request a free demo for one of their three editions: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

Have you used Frontdesk Anywhere? Leave a review!

4. Hotelogix PMS by Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Hotelogix’s dashboard, as demonstrated on desktop and mobile devices

Hotelogix was developed specifically for small and midsize hotels, and is used by more than 10,000 properties worldwide. This solution launched in 2009 and now boasts customers in more than 100 countries.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Single-point dashboard
  • Multi-device booking engine
  • Third-party integrations with OTAs such as TripAdvisor
  • Available in nine different languages

What they would like to see improved

  • Initial learning curve
  • Long wait time to fix any bugs or shortcoming
  • Quickbooks integration (Available in Beta)


Hotelogix implements a pay-as-you-go model. Their premium edition runs at $3.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $65. Enterprise costs $5.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $90. Add-ons are also available for an additional cost in monthly installments with minimums.

Have you used Hotelogix? Leave a review!

5. Maestro PMS

Maestro is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Maestro’s dashboard

Maestro PMS ranks 14th on our hotel software popularity list, but its special emphasis on helping small properties, even something as small as a timeshare, is what earns it a spot on this list. Maestro is designed for the cloud, and brings 20 different modules under one umbrella, including reservations, front desk, sales, space and club management, and dining POS. Maestro aims to simplify things, enabling hotel managers to run everything from one dashboard.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Can be hosted on the cloud or installed on Windows
  • Lots of features are available a la carte, which is good for smaller hotels with unique needs
  • Excellent support
  • Integrated mobile housekeeping app

What they would like to see improved

  • The software has a steep learning curve for some


While Maestro PMS doesn’t share exact pricing details publicly (you’ll need to set up a meeting to get a quote), they offer both a one-time purchase model or a subscription-based model with no licensing fees. You may have to pay an annual support fee, however.

Have you used Maestro? Leave a review!

6. MSI CloudPM by MSI

MSI CloudPM is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Cloud PM

MSI’s CloudPM has 5,800 customers in North America, including the Douglas Inn, Liberty Lodge, and New Victorian Inn & Suites. This cloud-based property management solution has been around since 1990 and is great for hotels looking to keep costs down by bypassing the purchase of additional hardware.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Automatic backup and optional on-site backup
  • Web-based instructor-led training to learn software
  • “Single click” access to archived night audit reports

What they would like to see improved

  • Potential cloud connectivity issues


MSI doesn’t publicize pricing for its CloudPM solution, so you’ll have to set up a demo to get a quote.

Have you used MSI CloudPM? Leave a review!

7. OPERA Property Management System (PMS) by Oracle

Oracle Hospitality's OPERA Property is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Oracle’s scorecard and strategy management dashboard

When you think of Oracle, you probably think of big-time enterprises, meaning big-time budgets for software. Surprise! Oracle also understands independent hotel needs, notably powering small hotels like the Ampersand Hotel in London’s South Kensington neighborhood.

Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Property is a comprehensive and scalable solution that is available at three levels (Premium, Standard, and Lite) and is also available for both cloud and installed deployment. Any property from boutique to chain hotels can make use of this popular solution.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Profile management
  • Accommodation management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Multi-property configuration
  • Multi-language and global currency support

What they would like to see improved

  • Outdated online interface for some
  • Can be slow during check-in/checkout process


Oracle doesn’t publicly share their pricing, but you can contact their support number (1-800-633-0738) for more information.

*If you need a general idea about how much hotel software costs, be sure to check out our pricing guide here.

Have you used OPERA Property Management System? Leave a review!

8. RDPWin

RDPWin is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

RDPWin’s dashboard

RDP (Resort Data Processing) provides customized software for clients and says it can handle properties of any size, whether it be a small vacation rental or a huge resort.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Can be cloud-based or installed on Windows
  • Live online or in-person training available
  • Offers 24/7 support with a live rep

What they would like to see improved

  • Because it is customizable, some reviewers noted that setup can be complex and time consuming


RDP offers two pricing options. The first is an on-premise purchase model, which is $15,000 with no other fees, potentially saving you money over the longer term. If you want to spend less money up front, RDP offers a web-based model that starts at $500 per month.

Have you used RDPWin? Leave a review!

9. Rezlynx PMS by Guestline

Rezlynx PMS is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

Rezlynx PMS’ dashboard, as demonstrated on a tablet

Guestline was founded in the U.K. in 1991 and now hosts offices in Thailand. Guestline is used in more than 20 countries in five continents and has processed more than 4.5 million bookings. Guestline’s hotel PMS is a solution that’s scalable for all hotel properties types.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Mobile accessible
  • Customizable and branded HTML email templates
  • Region-specific accounting rules
  • PCI-compliant payment provider

What they would like to see improved

  • Potential cloud connectivity issues


Guestline doesn’t share their pricing information publicly, though you can contact a sale representative for more information.

Have you used Rezlynx PMS? Leave a review!

10. roomMaster by InnQuest

roomMaster is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

roomMaster’s dashboard

InnQuest’s flagship roomMaster solution is for hotels of all sizes (which is great for flexibility if you see growth in your future), leading to their top three spot on our popularity list with 5,200 customers and more than 450,000 hotel rooms managed every day. InnQuest also claims to add between 100 to 200 new features every year.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • Complete audit trail for all financial transactions
  • PCI-compliant payment processing
  • Rate options: daily, weekly, monthly, and package
  • Unlimited guest history
  • City ledger and direct billing

What they would like to see improved

  • Outdated and difficult-to-use user interface
  • Charged for bookings processed through third-party OTAs
  • Only U.S. currency pricing model


You can buy three versions of roomMaster: Starter, which starts at $199 per month; Professional, which is $279 per month and adds an online booking engine and channel management; and Complete, which is $349 per month and adds foreign currency management and credit card payment processing for unlimited workstations. All prices listed above are for hotels with between one and 25 rooms—prices go up if you have more rooms than that.

Have you used roomMaster? Leave a review!

11. SkyTouch Hotel OS

SkyTouch is a popular hotel management software solution for small hotels

SkyTouch’s calendar dashboard

SkyTouch is a cloud-based, fully integrated property management system. SkyTouch offers more than 100 interfaces and 24/7 tech support. Currently, it is being used by about 7,000 customers worldwide, according to the company.

What Capterra reviewers love

  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Quick check-in process
  • Support team is helpful and easy to work with
  • Detailed reports
  • Web access allows you to monitor your business from anywhere

What they would like to see improved

  • Some small quirks, like the inability to look up rooms by room number or an extended downtime during an upgrade
  • Users would like to see some extra features, such as the ability to red flag difficult guests, or a smoother refund process


SkyTouch doesn’t advertise their price on their website. Instead, you’ll have to fill out a form to request a demo.

Have you used SkyTouch? Leave a review!

What’s your favorite software for small hotels?

What’s your favorite small hotel PM solution to use? Let me know in the comments below.

*If you want more information on what some of these hotel software features mean, check out our definitions post here.

Looking for Hospitality Property Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Hospitality Property Management software solutions.

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How’s is Hotelogix and Webrezpro ?

Hotelogix and Webrezpro are great options as well, Pritam!

Unfortunately, they didn’t make this top five list, though they did make our top 20 most popular Hospitality Property Management Software infographic, which you can see by browsing through our Hospitality Property Management software directory on our home site.

Hi Jennifer,

I enjoyed reading your post. It’s very helpful and very informative. I got a lot of researching done with your list. Thanks for sharing 🙂
Cheers to you.


Thanks Justine! Glad to be of help!

I am looking for cheapest PMS for 16 unit appartments.

Do you have any suggestion of hotel managing system especially for large hotel, that is affordable and efficient ? Thank you 🙂


I’m going to be making a hotel PMS software post for large hotels soon, so stay tuned! If you’d like, you can also subscribe to the hotel newsletter so you know exactly when it’s published.

Hi Jennifer,
Seems to be a really helpful comparison done between these trending hotel management software, however, looking at the comparison Hotelogix and Webrezpro they happen to be a good option for SME’s, but indeed my personal favorite happens to be OPERA Property Management System (PMS) by Oracle for obvious reasons of multi-property engagement efficiently.

could you please let me know how to subscribe to your hotel newsletter? Thank you very much.

Hi Jhony,

The teal subscribe button should be underneath the Free Copy of Top 20 Hotel Management Software box on the right hand side if you’re on a desktop. For mobile, it should be near the bottom underneath the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

Dear Jennifer
It was really very helpful to get details of various software being used in hotel industry. we are running hospitality training institutes in Pakistan to build the capacity of HR for the hospitality industry. We need your kind guidance about the availability of smart screen and training modules which could help our young trainees to learn and practice the skills on their computers. Kindly share your valuable inputs and oblige.

We are looking for a cloud based software solution for a small (20 condos) fractional ownership resort, with typical needs for reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, owner profiles, etc.
Hotel software seems primarily driven by on-line rental booking needs and analysis.

Any Top 5 suggestions?

I am looking for providers with cloud based PMS/CRS solutions – other than the well known guys (Amadeus, Oracle, Hetras, Sabre, Guestline, Indra, Protel, Sihot – do you know any?

I am currently using RMS9+
hard to set up, is not user friendly and not flexible
Worst there’s little training and a hopeless help support system.
I’m serious don’t do it

Have u considered Menson.. India’s leading Hospitality Software pl do check em out.

Hi, is there any institute in India (delhi/NCR)?

Have you heard about SabeeApp? I would definitely put them on the list! I’m working with them more than a year and I’ve never seen more user friendly cloud based PMS and Channel Manager like this!
Check their website:

Thank you for the inclusion of Guestline in the top 5! Our solutions are fully scalable and are popular choices for properties of all sizes. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have for customer service and welcome you to get in touch for a demonstration – Please visit

Thank you for the inclusion of Guestline in the top 5! Our solutions are fully scalable and are popular choices for properties of all sizes. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have for customer service and welcome you to get in touch for a demonstration – Please visit

Thanks for sharing this post Jennifer. Opera PMS perhaps deserves to be place on top of results. Somehow, inTouchData management systems also deserves a place here. Maybe some other time I guess.

Hi, I write from Italy and I manage a little hotel. The attivity was my father, but now he is retired and I manage all.
I am currently using SLOPE. Not bad, good PMS and very simple to use.
For me it’s cheap.

Any suggestions?

Hi, can we compare the prices of those systems too?
Best, Linda

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for sharing. You might consider adding Travel Soft to the list, greet little system that’s easy for our staff to use on regular basis. Check out their website:

Hi Jennifer and everyone. For a PMS system that does not involve any set up costs, is online, includes a Booking System plus Point of Sale and gives full control over your business, check out

Hi Jennifer,

I work for Frontdesk Anywhere and just wanted to let you know that you are able to search for a reservation via email and phone number. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your list, they are all great softwares with different pricing and features.

If you are looking for a hotel management software for small and medium businesses, please check this one:, it is fully open source, web based with an easy to use UI, the cost is very competitive too.

Hi Jennifer,

I like this blog and couldn’t agree more with the Opera Management System being on top of the result. Although I believe that the Property Management system PMS Xtract would also be worth mentioning as ‘honorable. Just kidding though, still have a long way to go.

I have bookmark this blog.


PMS Intouch

Please let me know if you write a top 10 post on Cloud PMS or similar list for independent hotels. I am the founder of The Booking Factory              which a modern easy to use PMS for independent properties. Great article!

Dear Jennifer and readers,

Accommodation providers large and small may well benefit from taking a look at some of the latest cloud solutions to rapidly gain marketshare, such a Clock PMS by Clock software. This fully comprehensive, all-in-one solution includes both online distribution and guest engagement features that really are at one with the PMS itself.. It has virtually no hardware requirements, is optimised for mobile use by staff and guests alike and it also doesn’t break the bank in terms of initial investment or monthly fee.

Do not go with Hotelogix, Never!!! There system is useless, you can not change bookings after check in date, can you imagine that? 🙂
But that’s not all. Customer service almost does not exist. You need to wait 4 hours someone to say Hi, and usualy they are very unprofessional people having no idea about what they’r doing. And the best thing about them is that, when there chunnel manager charges our customers, they charge the roght amount, but you’r getting less and it is not mentioned anywere in the aggreement, they just do it. I’m looking for new pms

Jennifer, I’m exploring options at this point to manage a hotel and conference center. Opera was difficult enough when Micros owned it. Since it was purchased by Oracle, smaller customers are second rate citizens. You have zero leverage when attempting to do things, are at their total mercy for time schedule (been trying to make changes for months), and their prices have escalated 50% in one year for simple things like an upgrade patch. I welcome your feedback.

What about WordPress themes and plugins for hotels? they are exactly the most affordable and flexible solutions for “small hotels”.

Hi Jennifer, I am a hotel owner of a small boutique hotel in the Netherlands, the Bliss Boutique Hotel. When I bought the hotel, I had a lot of trouble finding a software solution for small hotels. Too complex, very out-dated and not affordable for a small hotelier. Having a partner in the IT and software development, we eventually started building our own software that combines a PMS and a Channel Manager in one and suits the needs (and budget) of a small hotel. I read your blog and it is great. Maybe you want to write another one any time in the future that focusses on smaller accommodations? The needs are very different to a larger hotel which I am sure you would find very interesting considering your background.

Hi Jennifer,

I am a hotel owner of a small resort in Thailand and have been using intergrated with the MyAllocator channel manager it’s a good solution and at this time you get hoteliercloud for the first year free.

Love your reviews, thank you.

Hi Jeniffer,

I would appreciate if you add TravDirect on your list. It’s a free hotel booking solution for b&b and small hotels.

Love your Article!
Thanks a lot for your aid!!

What do you think about roomranger?

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for your Article. We currently use Frontdeskanywhere. I find it hard to find one PMS system to handle everything. Have you research companies who work with your PMS that handles guest online check in and check out’s?

@Amy Johnson: Hi Amy, I updated this piece last and current run hotels. Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll keep it in mind for the next update!

@Keith Dawson: What do you like most about it?

@Nadja Buckenberger: That’s an interesting point, small hotels certainly have much different needs than larger hotels. Care to elaborate a little more on your personal experience on what kind of software features are important for a small hotel?

Hello Jennifer,
Right now i am using InnkeyPMS software for my hotel and it is really good for Hotel, Motel, B&B, Resorts and many more.

you should be considering Innkey In your list

I really enjoyed your article


I’m surprised that Hetras PMS is not on the list. This is by far one of the most simple, easy to use, intuitive PMS I’ve seen. It comes with integrated Booking Engine, built-in apps for hotel staff (front desk, housekeeping), mobile apps for guests, and Kiosk check-in, Online check-in solution. Most importantly, it’s affordable. Perfect for 3-4 star hotels!

Hello Jennifer

At the moment I’m using CASY Software Solution, did you ever heard of it? It is from Switzerland. It is super appropriate for small Hotels and for dummy users like me 😉 I think the owner developped it himself as he tells in his videos (

Bye 🙂

You can try our free hotel management system with all features we have

May I introduce Smart Finder’s hospitality solutions to the team. Many established site references from Thailand and overseas featuring PMS, POS, BOS, etc. as an innovative smart hotel solutions.

Fabulous blog! Thanks for sharing information about various hotel management system. I also want to introduce new Hotel Management system based on cloud based PMS, POS, Channel Management System and more. I am also using one from

Many thanks
how about the third part integrations ? do you know if all of them are easy to integrate with ?
and my absolute fav. is Opera

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing such an useful list, they are all great software with different pricing and features.

If you are finding hotel management software for online hotel business, please click this one:, You can try free hotel management system with all features. It is easy to use, user friendly interface and various other features.

Which of these would be most beneficial to a smaller hotel? Hotelogix looks rather decent. I’m looking for something affordable and VERY user friendly. Something with a simple UI. Currently using Executech but it feels outdated and hard to navigate.

Some good recommendations! I am free trialling a new cloud-based PMS called Little Hotelier for my small 12 bedroom guesthouse which is working great. It is new but it’s got all the basic PMS functionality, it’s own booking engine and channel manager is included. Can’t fault it!

Why not ? It’s a new PMS launched recently in Brazil. So, it’s new, modern, clean, useful, easy-to-use, great price. Again, why not?

Thank you for taking the time to create this list. I have contacted numerous PMS companies. I have a boutique new hotel will be rates about 4 stars, opening in spring 2019. After reviewing 9 platforms we are still not ready to put pen to paper. They all seem to have a piece of the market. Some are a flat charge with month subscriptions. Many still do not have a paperless folio option. If you need to add something they do not have they are willing to for a charge. In one case $5000 for adding the code for “go moments”. We are still looking and hope we can find at least one that has 75% of our needs list.

We like Webrezpro for our 15 room property. At first we thought it was more tailored to bigger properties but after trying Cloudbeds, we found it to be a better fit, ready to grow with you, the support is excellent, and there is a big difference between a new PMS and one that’s been around awhile. Go with one that’s got better bones, not just the shiny new exterior.

my absolute favorite is MotoPress hotel booking plugin, this is a really affordable wordpress solution for hotel owners

Could I also propose to add to the list – our software is specifically built for smaller hotels so it is as simple as possible to use at a very low cost, but also with a very high quality room pricing algorithm, that you normally wouldn’t be able to get at this level. We like to say it takes 5 minutes a day and costs as much as a coffee.

Hi Dan. My favourite small hotel PMS is eZee Absolute (from the makers of eZee FrontDesk which is on your list). Being a cloud-based PMS, it’s very cost effective and offers access on the go. Its loaded with tons of features and is a complete solution (if you opt for channel manager and booking engine from eZee). The best thing about them is the 24×7 live support. Anytime I get into a glitch there is someone whom I can count on.

I’m currently researching for a client who has a property that includes cabins, hotel rooms and RV campsites… The client will offer 70% booking online via their website and 30% via, so we need a simple-to-use online booking software that is reasonably priced for this seasonal business. Any suggestions are welcomed! Thank you.

A New PMS is in Arrival, in 2019, complet with Night-Audit, better of the existent PMS in the Markt. Al things from Fidelio suite 8, Protel Opera, Amadeus, Hogatex, Winlodge, are included in this PMS.
3 System avaiable; Basic – Professional – Premium
Basic 300 Us$,
Professional 500 Us $ –
Premium 700 Us$




All the products in this list are great but they are not the best. Cloud Hotel ERP is a cost-efficient hotel management system which will help small hotels and hotel chain businesses to compete with the best in the niche.

Teresa Acosta, you should check out our PMS, Magpie Systems. Our software works great for clients with multiple property types. Check out our product at We are the only cloud-based PMS that is seamlessly integrated with QB Online in real time.

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