The 10 Best LinkedIn Groups for Recruiters

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Update 6/20/17: We’ve added three additional LinkedIn groups for recruiters that we thought you’d love to join. We’ve also updated the existing list to be more up to date. Check it all out below!

Most recruiters and hiring professionals treat LinkedIn like it’s an old rotary phone: a sturdy tool to connect with the people you need, but not much else.

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If, instead, you treated the professional social network like a smartphone: as both a tool (to make calls) and a resource (to find information online), it can be so much more valuable.

Sure, you know all the advanced tips to recruit on LinkedIn, but if you’re not also using LinkedIn like your target candidates are, as a resource for professional development and not just a recruiting tool, you’re leaving a lot of value on the table.

LinkedIn groups are one of the best features the social network offers, and not just to find applicants. Groups are perfect for making professional connections and sharing and learning best practices in the industry.

Here’s a list of the top ten LinkedIn groups for recruiters, ordered alphabetically:

1. HR Professionals

Don’t let the name throw you off—this group of some 370,000 members is mostly focused on recruiting topics. Articles and discussions range from the importance of measuring a candidate’s emotional intelligence, to how to recruit older employees.

2. Onrec Online Recruitment Network

This group, with 11,000 members, is a forum for sharing and gleaning recruitment best practices. The members are dedicated to engaging in discussion to share “game-changing” talent management technologies around the globe. This group is also utilized for job postings.

3. Openreq (HR, Staffing & Recruiting Professionals)

Despite having 31,000 members, there aren’t frequent updates to this group. However, the content that is added to this group tends to be fairly high quality. From hiring productivity tools to discussions on social recruiting, you’ll find plenty of helpful information here.

4. The Network

This is the biggest of the recruiting groups on LinkedIn, with 825,000 members. Managed by the eponymous “global recruitment platform,” it’s a great community for recruiting news, best practices, and networking. Unfortunately it’s also promoted as a place to recruit, find headhunters, and job hunt, so you may have to sift through a lot of job seekers and candidates to find the nuggets of helpful professional content.

5. Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals

This group is one of the larger ones, with almost 200,000 members. It’s comprised of Employer Branding Experts, Talent Managers, HR Directors, Career Coaches, Recruiters, and more. This group is a good one to join if you are interested in expanding your network, getting new ideas or sharing your own.

6. The Recruitment Network

The Recruitment Network is devoted to transparency, innovation, and integrity. With 530,000 members, many of them industry experts, this group focuses primarily on discussion. In their own words, folks join this group to find “recruitment topics not discussed anywhere else.”

7. Talent Economy HCM

This 45,000 member group for HR and talent management executives has tons of great recruiting insight. Members comment on everything from tech tips for onboarding new hires, to whether to hire a VP of sales, to examples of great job ads to inspire your own efforts.

8. Talent Management Professionals

The 7,000 members of this group cover a range of talent management specialties, not just recruiting, but there are a ton of great recruiting-specific discussions. Content covers the gamification of recruiting and HR, making the most of employee referrals, and the best ways to improve the candidate experience.

9. Talent Management Technology

Although this is one of the smaller groups on this list with just 3,400 members, the engagement and discussion here tends to be high and of good quality. As the name implies, this group focuses on talent, HR, and recruiting technology, and discussions range from assessment tools for new hires, to video interviews and ATS research.

10. The Undercover Recruiter

This group, with 45,000 members, has no time for false modesty, describing itself as managed by “probably the best recruitment & career blog in the world.” Given the great content in the discussions, however, it’s hard to disagree with that statement.  From articles on using Pinterest to recruit, to comments on resume writing, this group is a great place to source news and tips.

More Resources for Recruiters?

Are there other great LinkedIn groups you’ve found invaluable in your role as a recruiter?  Add them in the comments!

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