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The 8 Event Professional Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Growing up I had to listen to a lot of talk radio while in the car with my father. While I had no idea what it is they were talking about when I was younger, as I grew older I began to appreciate listening to other’s opinions while on the go. Nowadays my tastes in talk radio and podcasts has shifted, but my interest has not.

Most of the time I spend my time listening to music, but there are instances when I am burned out on music and I just want to listen to others discuss things that interest me.


Podcasts are a fantastic way to get the information you want on your own schedule, unlike talk radio which is scheduled for specific times. Event managers spend much of their time moving, which makes finding event news, tech trends, and event management software information through traditional methods much harder.

Whether you fit the description of the busy event planner or you are looking for event industry news on your downtime, these are the eight event professional podcasts you should be listening to.

1. PlannersPod


PlannersPod goes all in on every event industry related, from planning and marketing tips, to hiring talent for your event. Hosted by Toby Goodman and James Eager, these two consistently bring on interesting guests from all across the event planning spectrum, including wedding planners, conference experts, event speakers, and caterers.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 20: How to Stand Out in Front of the CEO of a Top Event Tech Company

Episode 19: Discover How a World Class Event Design Company Creates the Best Experiences

2. The Event Tech Podcast


Technology is changing the world each and every day, which means it is crucial to stay on top of the progress it makes, especially in the event industry. The Event Tech Podcast, hosted by John Federico, is the perfect resource for keeping up with the latest event tech trends and news.

Recommended Episodes:

Feb 2, 2016: Bear Analytics, the Strategic and Practical Value of your Event Data

Feb 21, 2015: Eventbrite, the Best Way to Sell Out your Event Online

3. The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast


The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast promises “a no holds barred conversation” with the top event management talent in the business in the form of podcasts and webinars, all designed to make you a better event planner.

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 25: A Conversation with Mary Pinak (Community Events)

Episode 10: A Conversation with Jenny Nagelmueller (Social Media)

4. Kara’s Vineyard Wedding Planning Podcast


You can’t talk about events without covering one of the biggest events in each of our personal lives, weddings! Wedding planning is a lengthy and complicated process, but our host Kara is dedicated to finding your the best tips, solutions, and ideas to make your wedding or the wedding you plan one to remember.

Recommended Episodes:

Wedding Planning Basics: Your Wedding Budget

Your Wedding Day Timeline

5. Techsytalk Unscripted


“Unscripted” by Techsytalk is a thirty minute bi-weekly podcast chock full of event industry news and best practices given by event management experts. This podcast is offered in video and audio format, which makes their program easy to watch at the office or listen to on-the-go.

Recommended Episodes:

May 31, 2016: Sara Moll from VinSocial

April 18, 2016: Alon Alroy from Bizzabo

6. Meetings Podcast


Meetings Podcast, hosted by Mike McAllen, is a much more detail oriented program surrounding event management problem solving, such as event logistics and technical issues. In addition to their in-depth looks into what makes event planning tick, McAllen also dives into event management news and interviews big names in the industry.

Recommended Episodes:

November 10, 2016: The Likely Mistakes of Event Budgeting

October 20, 2016: Stop Scaring Away Your Clients With Event Technology

All episodes available on iTunes.

7. Exposure Podcast


The Exposure Podcast is a monthly event management news podcast hosted by Dana Doody and Todd Carruth, which covers news, trends, interviews, and event management ideas.

Recommended Episodes:

February 5, 2016: Expo Group CEO and Customer Service

June 1, 2016: The 5 W’s of Standing Out At Your Next Trade Show

All episodes are archived by each month.

8. Savvy Event Planner Podcast


The Savvy Event Planner Podcast is hosted by the seasoned event management expert, Tom Crowl, who has worked with entertainment agencies, event planning businesses, caterers, and many other players in the event industry. His show revolves around event management best practices and budgeting tips to ensure the best possible event.

Recommended Episodes:

How I Started My Event Planning Business

Making Events Social Media Friendly with Phil Gerbyshak


Are there any event management podcasts that you love that you feel like I missed? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Nick Morpus

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Comment by Brynn Alexander on

Thanks so much for sharing this list, Nick – definitely passing this around on social media! Lots of good event-based listening here.

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