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The Benefits of Shopping Around

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When we realize that we need something now, it can be hard to take the time to shop around to find the right fit.  Maybe it’s freezing outside and you need a sweater. Or maybe you’ve just realized that a CRM system can keep track of your customer data more efficiently than Excel.  Either way, it’s hard to ignore the fact that things could be better.benefits shopping around

Before you short-change the research process and rush to the big name brand, check out these five reasons about why you should take your time:

1)  Lesser known products might be a better match

The “it” look of the season may not be flattering on you just as the big name of the CRM world might not meet all of your requirements.   Business software is a big purchase and it’s important to base your decision on requirements and not impulses.

2)  Learning about additional or unique features

You may find a new feature to add to your “must have” list that will make your business practices even simpler or something that you didn’t even know was possible.

3)  More support for your final decision

Maybe your initial hunch was correct or maybe you found something better, but now you’ll have the numbers and proof to backup your choice.

4)  Negotiations will be easier

You’ll know what other companies are offering and where you could potentially get a better deal.  Having all of this research at your disposal will help ensure that negotiations stay on your terms.

5)  A better understanding of what you’re buying

Most people buying CRM software aren’t CRM experts and that’s generally true for any type of business software.  While it can be overwhelming at first, one of the most invaluable benefits of comparison shopping is that you’ll learn more about what you are buying so that when you’re ready to make a decision you’ll be a bit of an expert.

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