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The Benefits of Time Clock Software

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When you have a business to run, you don’t have time to waste on keeping track of your employees’ schedules or whereabouts. TSheets CEO Matt Rissell understands your frustration.  While running his own business with employees in several different locations, Matt was unhappy with a lot of the different time clock software solutions he came across so he decided to build his own.  Time clock software can help businesses across all different industries and verticals, so I asked Matt to share the three most important benefits of these solutions.benefits time clock software

1) Accuracy

Keeping track of schedules and actual clock-in and -out times on paper often leads to rounding or conflicting reports that can ending up costing your company.  In fact, Matt said that it’s not surprising for companies to save 3-5% on payroll expenses after implementing time clock software.

2) Saves Time

Having one system that keeps track of schedules and automatically uploads employee time records to your payroll system saves you from entering the same data more than once and reduces the amount of time spent double checking your records against each other.

3) Mobility

It’s time to erase that image of the static time card punching machine – time clock software is more than just time cards!  Time clock software solutions allow employees to check in through the web or through a text message and many solutions even have GPS tracking abilities.

Whether you’re a service-based business whose employees are always on the go or a company that’s spread out over different locations, if these are three benefits that could help you focus less on managing schedules and more on running your business, time clock software may be the right solution for you.

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Comment by Time Tracking Expert on

Thanks for sharing. I would like just help along a little by listing a few great time tracking tools:
– Freshbooks,
– Easy Time Tracking,
– Toggl.

Of course a full list would be several pages long probably.

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