The Dreamforce Session Guide for Medical Professionals

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When I was working in the pharmaceutical industry, there was one thing I always ran out of.

No, it wasn’t Percocet. Although the danger was definitely there.

 Dreamforce Session Guide for Medical Professionals

It was time.

Since my early years in the medical world, I learned how to become frighteningly efficient with my time. If it didn’t help move our business forward or help the patient, it was cut from my list to dos faster than a machete through a blade of grass.

Time management will be the secret to your success as a medical professional attending Dreamforce.

How do you make the most of your time learning about the latest medical marketing and health technology breakthroughs during the conference?

The secret is in the sessions, not the sauce.

There are over 1600 sessions crammed into four little days. There’s no way you can attend them all.. You shouldn’t even try to.

The best method to break through the conference kerfuffle is to educate yourself about which sessions you want to attend before you go. But who has time for all that research?

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I volunteer as tribute.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Take a look at the session list below and choose your favorites before you get on the plane to San Francisco.

Medical Practice Management

Here are the sessions that you can attend to learn some tips about running a medical practice better. You might also gain some insight into the pain points medical offices have, like medical billing and scheduling.These sessions proport to show attendees how tech companies are paving the way to interoperable EHRs, patient platform planning, and health tech in the cloud.

Health Intelligence and Technology

These sessions all have to do with one of my favorite subjects: how data intersects with healthcare. In these sessions you’ll find information on using Wave Analytics, building an IT infrastructure that supports your healthcare business, and how big data can influence patient care.

Health Apps

Mobile and Telehealth are the wave of the future for healthcare, and these session presenters know it. They’ll talk about how apps can affect change in disease states, and how you can increase your patient and provider experience by employing their wares.

Medical Marketing and Sales

Surprisingly, there aren’t many straight up “Medical Marketing” sessions at Dreamforce this year. But if you want to learn more about how to sell and market better in the health-o-sphere, these are the sessions you’ll want to attend. There are some surprisingly good marketer sessions though that can be used by professionals in any industry.

Patient Care and Communication

These sessions are loaded with Salesforce tips, from how to use the Health Cloud for your patients, to providing better methods of communication with your clients. If you want to increase engagement and improve communication with healthcare providers and their patients, these are sessions you should look at further.

So Now You’re Session Savvy:

What do you think? Are there any sessions that you’re biting at the bit to attend? Let me know in the comments and maybe we’ll see you there!

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