The “Mad Libs” Advantage: How CRM Kicks Up Your Communications

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What is it that makes Mad Libs so darn _______________ ?
                                                                                         positive adjective

I like to think it’s the fact that you end up inside the story so it becomes personally relevant. Your own words and thoughts provide the substance for what goes on. As it so happens, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions can offer your business a similar advantage. By providing a centralized reservoir for all kinds of prospect or customer data, they let you tailor your copy to your recipients and put them at the center of the story.mad libs advantage crm

Customer relationship management systems do not usually send this tailored copy (that falls more within the realm of an e-mail marketing software solution). Rather, they organize and store data that will allow you to send more targeted messaging to increase the relevancy of your sales and marketing outreach, not to mention the likelihood that the prospect will notice (and hopefully act on) your call to action.

Below is an example of how CRMs offer the “Mad Libs Advantage” (in this case to an imaginary salesman named Darrel at an imaginary cellular phone company named CellPhonetics). The underlined words represent blanks that a CRM can help you fill in to personalize the story.

Mad Libs Emails

The example on the right will appeal more to Patricia since it specifically addresses her needs and preferences: she wants something simple and easy to use. A CRM lets you keep track and organize such details so that you can easily and effectively personalize your communications.
And, in case you were wondering, I like to think that Darrel closed the deal 🙂

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Alison Klein is a Marketing Assistant at Capterra. She helps with all marketing-related tasks and reports on customer relationship management. When she’s not covering the software industry, you can find her writing, enjoying good food, and listening to Jay-Z.


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