The Power of Customer Testimonials on Your Website

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If your company has had at least one customer for more than 30 days, there is no reason to not have a testimonial on your website.  In case the double negative got confusing… Put testimonials on your website.

In a world where purchases are primarily done online, it’s vital to give your prospects a human connection, and who would you rather they connect with than your biggest fans (i.e. your customers)?  In Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he breaks down the power of social proof and shows how peer support affects buying behavior.  He demonstrates that when a prospect sees a testimonial from someone like them, it gives them “the greatest insight into what constitutes correct behavior.”

Many companies forget the power of social influence by keeping their client testimonials offline. But a quote from your customers prominently displayed on your website can make a big difference.  I’m not saying that it will solely determine whether a prospect buys your software or not, but if they’re on the fence, it could be the factor that pushes them over the edge to sign up for a free demo or start that free trial.

Where should these testimonials go?

Homepage and landing pages

It’s best to sprinkle testimonials all over your site.  Testimonials on your home page and landing pages are a great way to welcome new prospects to your site and qualm any reservations they might have about your product.  In the example below, look at how Contact Champ highlights their customer testimonials below the video:


With the amount of spam internet users receive every day, prospects are wary of giving out their contact information unless it’s really worth it.  A testimonial next to your form can help make the case that it is, in fact, worth it .  Let your customers sell your prospects on the great experience they’ve had using your software.  But be careful not to slap a whole paragraph on there!  It’s best to use a concise, powerful testimonial, or to summarize and bold the key phrases like BlueFolder does below:

More Tips for Displaying Customer Testimonials on Your Site:

  1. Use a customer’s full name.  If they’re uncomfortable with giving their full name, you can use just first name and last initial, but then #2 is a must…
  2. Display their company name (and title, if it helps to qualify their statement)
  3. Keep the testimonial short
  4. Use testimonials with concrete numbers, such as, “ContactChamp increased our sales by 20%!”
  5. Choose testimonials from companies that your prospects might recognize, or at the very least, ones they can easily relate to based on size, industry, etc.
  6. Put a picture of your customer next to the testimonial. Make sure it’s a real picture though and that you have their permission! (If it’s a stock photo, it’s doing more harm than good.)
  7. (optional) If you really want to wow your prospects, use a video testimonial. It only takes a couple minutes to make and has much higher conversion rates!

It should be very easy to get these short testimonial snippets from your customers.  Start small, and send an individual email to your five best customers.  Tell them that you would love to get their opinion on your software, and if it’s okay with them, highlight their company on your site with a testimonial.  With this approach, you should  have testimonials in no time!

And just because there’s always one person that brings this up, if you’re worried that you won’t get good responses from your customers if you ask, then this is exactly the time to ask so you can improve their experience and keep them on as customers.  But don’t worry, if you’re in business, it’s because you have a great product, and you likely have plenty of customers that want to brag about their great buying decision.

If you’re interested in learning more ways to wow your prospects with testimonials, read my other post on how to use reviews.

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[…]  “It’s best to sprinkle testimonials all over your site.” ~Danny Zadoff, Capterra B2B Marketing Blog […]


I definitely agree that it makes a lot of sense to use genuine customer testimonials on your website as the increased consumer trust can help convert more browsers into actual paying customers.


Great post. I have recently been working with a number of law firms consulting them in why and how to integrate social media marketing into their overall marketing strategy.

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