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The SaaS Love (Hate) Affair: 7 Requirements to Find Your Integration Software Soulmate

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You love your apps. You don’t love the fact that it’s incredibly challenging to get these apps to work together. Cloud integration— connecting multiple cloud apps and tasks together to create strategic business processes— is essential in this new world of cloud business.

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Custom integration projects are both costly and time consuming, and often leave much to be desired once the final bill is paid. Fortunately, there are a host of cool new tools in the marketplace that make your existing apps talk to each other in simpler and more effective ways. As you think about rekindling your love affair with your apps, make sure to consider these seven requirements when searching for the perfect integration platform:

1. Speed

Traditional integration models use consultants or internal IT departments to implement integrations, both of which take months. By the time the project is complete, your needs have changed again. Modern approaches to integration can build strategic business process in minutes. If it’s faster to move data manually than with your current integration tool, it’s time to go on the hunt for a new solution.

2. Ease of Use

In order for a solution to be fast, it also must be easy to use – and not just for your developers. Today’s tools share the love by bringing integration to the hands of everyone in your organization, which means you no longer need a computer science degree to connect your beloved apps.

3. Cost Effectiveness

You may think that paying more means you’ll get more. That may be true for some aspects of your business, but with integration, it often means you are paying for clunky custom integrations that are slow and hard to use. Great app relationships don’t have to break the bank.

4. Comprehensiveness

If your integration platform can only connect one app to another, you’re using a tool that’s not built for business. Instead, look for a platform that can connect all of the apps you use now—and those you will use in the future— into comprehensive business processes that deliver value to your customers. This may just be the one time it’s better not to be monogamous.

5. Scalability

If you want to use cloud integration to build a competitive advantage for your organization, you need a tool that can scale as you do. Make sure you can spice things up by being able to invite team members to your account, add new apps quickly, and change your plan as needs change.

6. Enterprise Readiness

Enterprise ready doesn’t mean expensive and complicated. It just means that the integration platform you select must be able to accommodate enterprise requirements such as security, scalability, reliability and personalized support. While it might be fun to have a fling with a one-to-one integration tool that helps you make a book list for your Kindle or alerts you when your Nest battery is low, those aren’t the types of tools with which to build a life-long business partnership.

7. Flexibility & Adaptability

Don’t settle for an integration platform that requires you to run to a consultant or your IT team every time market conditions change. Modern technology is WAY past that. Take your relationship with integration into your own hands, and make sure your platform gives you the power to change your processes on your terms.

If your cloud integration platform meets these seven requirements, it will add value to both your business and customers – in ways you never thought possible. But if your current tool lacks one or more of the above, it’s time to break up and look for a better partner.

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Claire Machado

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