The Secret to “Amazing, User-Friendly, Effortless Landing Page Creation”

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What used to take days when outsourced now takes Abby Bandel, the Marketing Manager at SimplyCT, hours to do herself. She now has more control, more flexibility, and less stress. Best of all, the tangible results on the business are all positive. Hard to imagine I’m referring to landing page creation. How in the world does she do it?secret to landing page creation

She uses Unbounce to create her landing pages. Landing pages? You know, those things you keep saying you should do but have convinced yourself you’re not technical enough or don’t have enough time to do. Those things your wonderful Marketing Advisor keeps suggesting that will dramatically improve your conversion rates. Well, the gig is up. Abby’s about to ruin your excuses as to why you haven’t created one yet.

4 Lame Excuses for Why You Haven’t Created a Killer LP…or 4 Big Benefits Abby Gets by Using Unbounce

1. It’s too expensive to have someone else do it…She does it herself and saves time and money

In the past, SimplyCT would outsource the design and creation of landing pages to an outsider. As you have probably experienced, it takes much longer to convey the vision and requirements to someone else. It takes more time to review the drafts and discuss changes with someone else. It typically takes days to have someone create a landing page for you (the first time – don’t forget about modifications down the road). And, of course, it costs money to have someone else do it.

The alternative…by using Unbounce, Abby is able to easily create her own landing pages in hours. Abby admitted to me that she’s not a designer or programmer and doesn’t understand anything about code. Yet, she’s “never worked with something so easy.” She can do it and so can you.

2. It’s already good enough…She has the ability to A/B test and improve

You’ve undoubtedly read and heard lots about the benefits of A/B testing. If you aren’t convinced you should be doing it, consider this: more testing = improvement = more money. Problem is, most people don’t understand how to do it, let alone have the capability to do so easily. Abby does.

Because Abby is using Unbounce, she’s able to quickly create multiple variations of a landing page and test/track the effectiveness of each. Unbounce makes it incredibly easy to make copies of pages and set up testing. As Abby put it, “it has enabled us to improve conversion rates constantly through testing.” She can do it and so can you.

3. I already have an idea of where my leads come from…She has the ability to accurately track lead source

Alongside testing, tracking your leads is an excellent and proven way to improve your conversion rates and sales opportunities. There are numerous ways to track, download, and integrate lead information using Unbounce. Having the detailed information about sources gives you the ability to deliberately manage your campaigns rather than guessing.

Abby’s able to track specific campaigns – lead volume, conversion rate, success rate, cost, etc…and do so easily and in real-time. With this information, she’s able to (re)allocate resources to the most successful sources and constantly improve.  She can do it and so can you.

4. It really isn’t that bad….She has a better landing page

Better is certainly a subjective term, but Abby believes her landing pages are now more focused and higher quality than they were before. She has professional looking landing pages that didn’t require a graphic designer to create. “There are so many built-in design elements available” that you really create a great page yourself.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the basic “design” skills necessary, Unbounce offers a ton of great advice and support to ensure you have the know-how to create an excellent landing page. She can do it and so can you.

You no longer have any excuses for why you don’t have an effective, professional-looking landing page.

As Abby said, it’s “amazing, user-friendly, effortless landing page creation.”

She did it. You?

Check out the landing page she created to see what you could do, too!

P.S. We love and use Unbounce but there are a lot of great tools out there that can help.  Let me know your favorite and how it’s helping you succeed and I’ll share with the others.

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