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12 Best LinkedIn Groups for IT Professionals

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Let’s talk about LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is a great space for connecting with other professionals in your industry community.

Through my own LinkedIn profile, I connected with a college classmate, who then helped land me this job.

I owe a lot of my success to LinkedIn. I owe a lot of success to y’all, who probably found me through LinkedIn.

It can be a pretty magical place, especially if you know how to make the most of it.

Tech as a whole can be a difficult space to navigate. Sure, there’s lots of consumer tech sites and lots of people trying to hype their startup (even in some of my comments, which quickly go to my spam folder), so where can you go to meet with the real deal IT managers and professionals?

Not to worry. I’ve navigated my way through the space for you.

Below, I’ll list the top 12 LinkedIn groups you should join, outlining their recent discussion topics and postings so you can determine who you want to connect with.

Global Information Technology Professionals Association

Members: 28,000+

Ever wanted to connect with IT professionals from around the world? This group gives you the chance to see the practices and concerns of international tech employees.

Posts range from ensuring the safety of BYOD in the workplace, online coding courses, and the impact of cloud technology on businesses.

Information Security Careers Network (ISCN)

Members: 48,000+

Security professionals are the hidden superstars of the information technology world as privacy and the threat of a major data breach are becoming bigger concerns in recent years.

Whether you’re looking for work or for someone to fill a position, this group can be an excellent resource for job opportunities, in addition to discussions on topics like ransomware, mobile security, and the rise of the IT security sector.

Information Technology Managers Forum

Members: 11,000+

Are you an IT manager? Because this one literally has your name on it.

Like other LinkedIn groups for IT professionals, this one touches on the latest news and trends in the tech industry, but also includes discussions on a variety of leadership methods and strategies.

Recent posts include discussions on mobile device management software, the power of teamwork and collaboration, as well as how c-suite can create a big data culture.

Information Technology Professionals

Members: 146,000+

This open group is an excellent resource for all facets and members of the technology community, even sales and marketing, finance, healthcare, and investment banking.

As well as job postings, Information Technology Professionals benefits from its massive size in general postings, which touch on a variety of tech issues across industries. This LinkedIn group is perfect for IT professionals who may work in businesses outside of tech itself.

Information Technology: Jobs, Job Postings & Job Recruiters

Members: 287,000+

While this group focuses on job postings and opportunities, it still contains a fair share of discussion surrounding business tech practices. This LinkedIn group also concentrates on ways to better present yourself during the employment process, like resume improvement and interview skills to have in your back pocket. Not to mention, some posts also address issues after hiring, including employee engagement and retention.

Past discussions have targeted mobile app development, Java collection framework, and even toxic workplace environments.

IT, Computer Software & Hardware

Members: 46,000+

While general groups can give you a variety of perspectives on the latest in the tech sphere, sometimes you need a little more tailoring.

With this group, expect a focus on computer software and hardware with members interested in the latest news and developments in the space, like the notion of web accessibility, the future of email archiving, and IoT trends coming around the bend this year.

Software & Technology

Members: 1.7 million

By far one of the largest LinkedIn groups on this list, Software & Technology boasts an astounding 1.7 million members, who range from business executives to sales and marketing.

Due to its size, discussion is vast and covers topics at an international level as well as in an array of languages.

Recent posts tackle shape-shifting malware, free and open source database software, as well as TED Talks for a quick dose of inspiration if needed.

Software as a Service – SaaS

Members: 78,000+

Not into self-improvement posts or inspirational fluff? Work in the SaaS sector?

This group targets all members of the SaaS industry so long as you aren’t pitching irrelevant topics or advertisements for your company. Pretty refreshing considering the irritating, self-promotional tactics of the online world.

So if you’re really looking for some in-depth discussion and relevant articles, this community ensures that you’ll learn about relevant issues like the role of the cloud in businesses, how to find project management software, and reports on the global SaaS market.


Members: 116,000+

Need a job? Like, for real? And not some scummy job scrapped from the bottom of Craigslist, but a legit, actual job in the tech field?

Not only does this group post fantastic, relevant job listings, but it also includes practical resume and interview tips, as well as small doses of encouragement while you navigate your job search.

Want to learn how to craft a better resume? Want to be more confident in the interview process? Want to get that elusive raise? Check out their latest group discussions.

Technology Leadership

Members: 83,000+

Sometimes IT leaders need a place to talk amongst themselves to discuss leadership strategies and others methods of encouraging teamwork and fostering a positive work environment.

With Technology Leadership, connect with CIOs, CSOs, CTOs and addition leaders across the IT community.

But it’s not just for seasoned leaders either. Some of this group’s best posts are about being suddenly promoted to a leadership position or even aspiring to become a leader at your company.

WITI – Women in Technology International

Members: 8,000+

Time for a shoutout to all the ladies in the tech industry. This one’s for you.

This LinkedIn group was formed from the organization Women in Technology International (WITI), which began in 1989 and has since expanded into the world’s leading trade association for women in tech.

While you don’t necessarily have to be a member of the organization to join, it may be worth your while.

Recent discussions touch on workplace culture, why businesses need more female employees, and wage inequality.

Women In Software Engineering (WISE)

Members: 7,000+

Are you a woman passionate about coding and want to connect with other women in your industry? Here’s one for you.

Aside from posting on more software-related tech topics, posts tackle the disparity between women and men in the tech industry, the irrelevance of the beer test, and lists of major female techies to give you that splash of inspiration now and then.


Interested in connecting with even more IT leaders in the space? Be sure to check out our roundup of the top 18 IT leaders on Twitter.

And don’t forget to let me know of any other LinkedIn groups I should have on this list. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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For those IT pros that identify and/or allies with the LGBTQ community, I run OutBüro – the LGBT business, entrepreneur, and professional global community ( and OutBüro on LinkedIn. It’s LinkedIn’s largest LGBT Professional Group ( with over 43,600 global members as of Feb 2018.

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