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The Top 13 Hospitality Groups on LinkedIn

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You know that superstition about the 13th floor? Good thing it’s not true for LinkedIn groups.


Hopefully. (Currently knocking on my wood desk.)

But the lucky thing about hospitality is that while it’s a bit behind in technology, it’s on par when it comes to social media.

Think of how the ease of online marketing tools, like Instagram, have changed the industry for the better.

The same goes for professionals in the business. While it’s easier to connect with your guests more than ever, it’s also easier to connect with other hospitality professionals, even those on the other side of the world.

LinkedIn has become the go-to space for professional networking, and the site’s interest groups make the exchange of ideas and information a game changer for a variety of industries. (It’s also fair to say that it’s resulted in a lot of spammers intent on hocking their products, but that’s neither here nor there for this post.)

So how do you know which ones to join for the latest trends, news, and developments in hospitality?

I’ve got them right here.

Below, I’ll outline 13 terrific groups for you to join so you can exchange ideas and practices with professional peers from around the world.

Let’s get started.

Boutique Hotel News

Members: 7,000+

The great thing about social media is that you can connect with others around the world, including those in your same industry.

With this LinkedIn group, you can connect and trade ideas with more than 7,000 people from  boutique hotels, one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry.

Expect to stay on top of the latest developments of boutique hotels, including insights into hotel marketing, news surrounding about the latest buys and sells, and even boutique hotel design.

Global Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals

Members: 20,000+

If you’re working in the sales and marketing sector of the industry, this group enables you to exchange ideas and strategies for making your hotel the go-to place for any guest stay.

It’s international twist also allows you to see how hotel marketing differs around the world, giving you new marketing perspective and an idea on how to reach other markets if your hotel expands internationally.

Recent group posts include insights on how to blog better, automation, and the impact of high attrition rates in the hotel industry.

Hcareers Hospitality Industry Professionals Group

Members: 16,000+ members

Another general group for hospitality professionals, this space provides a forum for job postings in additional to space for discussing the latest news. Even retired professionals are encouraged to join.

Recent posts range from digital marketing strategy to hotel website SEO and how to manage your hotel’s reputation, something of integral importance in the online world of reviews.  

HOSPITALITY SUPERSTARS (Employers, Recruiters & Hospitality Superstars)

Members: 138,000+

While this is a larger, more general group, it’s also one of my favorites because of the variety of posts and conversations that take place in the comments. Plus, general groups like this are also great to see how the latest news and trends affect different sectors of travel and tourism.

Hospitality Superstars is a nice fit for all members of the hospitality business, from hotels to airlines, retail, and restaurants. Posting are beneficial to both seasoned professionals and those just starting out.  

Hospitality Trends

Members: 80,000+

I love Twitter, but it can be difficult keeping up with the latest in the industry and what new innovations mean for you. Not to mention, amassing a large number of people to follow is great, but can leave you with an overwhelming amount of tweets to comb through.

That’s where Hospitality Trends comes in.

In this group, you can expect to find links to informative articles and new research studies from members around the world, including chefs, front desk managers, and sales and marketing professionals. It’s a great resource for more in-depth reads.


Members: 33,000+

If you’re more interested in hotel investment and finance, this group caters to more than 33,000 members who share the latest in feasibility studies, the necessity of technology, as well as hotel mergers and acquisitions from around the world.

Members include hotel chain owners, brokers, consultants, design firm, and even construction companies.

Recent posts tackle the value of glamping, mobile engagement strategies, and small hotels up for sale.

Hotel General Managers (GM)

Members: 44,000+

If you’re a general hotel manager, this group literally has your name on it.

This networking platform unites general managers across cyberspace, enabling networking and other senior hospitality management working in hotels to share best practices, including bettering hotel operations, increasing guest experience, and improving the workplace environment.

Recent posts cover how to retain employees, marketing your eco-friendly property, and capitalizing on spring break.

Hotel Group Network

Members: 170,000+

As one of the larger hospitality groups on LinkedIn, Hotel Group Network invites members from around the world to talk all things hotel in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, and Turkish.

It’s a great forum for hoteliers interested in international expansion and seeing how practices translate across the globe.

Recent posts include discussions on teamwork and leadership as well as personal development in the workplace.

Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide

Members: 261,000+

This is another general group, but promises an international perspective on the hotel industry with members sharing knowledge, seeking career advice, and even posting relevant job opportunities. News and developments also pepper the conversation.

Recent posts include analysis on the Starwood takeover of Marriott, new booking platforms, and thoughts on the impact of the Zika virus.   

Hotel Technologies & Software

Members: 29,000+

Ever wonder how tech and hotels collide? Hotel Technologies & Software is a great group for both hotel tech employees and those searching for hotel management software or tech insight.

Posts delve into subjects like BYOD, Wi-Fi, and data security, the latter of which is becoming a major concern in the hotel world.

Every profile is checked upon request to join, ensuring that only qualified professionals will be posting in the discussion.

Hospitality World

Members: 14,000+

Another international group right at your fingertips, this general discussion forum may not be the most active, but does provide excellent resources to those looking for reliable and relevant information concerning the hospitality business.

Those interested can expect to see posts about leadership practices, tips on attracting international guests, environmental impact, and experiential hotel marketing.

TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY FORUM – Hotels, Tourism, Luxury, Wellness, Food, Spa

Members: 261,000+

This group is managed by the International Luxury Hospitality Association, but don’t feel like you have to be a luxury hotelier to join. All members of the travel and tourism industry are welcome.

The Travel & Hospitality Forum is another general group, but, like others, promises a wealth of information and perspective, leading to a variety of posts and discussions about this evolving industry.

Recent posts include how to deal with financial difficulties in hotel development, the power of Instagram foodies, a list of awesome theme hotels, and Facebook tips for small hotels.

World Hotel Managers

Members: 30,000+

Another awesome resource for hotel managers to network, this group provides hotel managers with posts and discussions concerning leadership and employee management.

World Hotel Managers emphasizes the importance of hotel tech and provides support for those in between jobs at the moments, including posts on the latest news and developments to keep job seekers in the loop.


Want to connect with even more industry influencers? Be sure to check out our list of the top 16 leaders in hospitality to follow on Twitter.

And don’t forget to let me know if there are any other groups I should add to the list! Be sure to tell be in the comments below.09

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Comment by Anne Thornley-Brown on

You forgot a couple that are relevant to the hospitality industry.

– Event Planning and Event Management 360,000+ members PLUS a commmunity of 15 related regional and topical groups.

These groups were, up until recently, part of that community:

– Event Planners Network Canada – Réseau des planificateurs d’événements au Canada
– Caribbean Event Planners Network
– Global Networking & Professional Development for Event Planners

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