The Top 15 Legal Marketing Statistics for 2017

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Marketing is crucial to success in the legal business world—it’s almost as important as having high-quality law practice management software. How do you best market your particular products and services? How do you set yourself apart from your competition? How do you appeal to, attract, and retain clientele?

Law firms need to be on top of their marketing game in order to attract potential customers. It is critical for law firms to identify, anticipate, and satisfy the requirements of their current and future clients in a manner that will be profitable to them as a firm.

If you are a law firm thinking about how to improve your marketing techniques, here are some of the top statistics pertaining to legal marketing in 2017:

  1. By 2020, video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, meaning law firms will be utilizing video as a medium for creating marketing content. [Source: Cisco]
  1. 70% of law firms have generated new cases through their website; having a good website it key to acquiring new clients and cases. [Source: imarc]
  1. Potential clients for law firms spend on average 16 minutes per hour on various social media platforms. This is why engaging in social media and using these platforms for marketing is crucial.
  1. 74% of all legal consumers visit law firms’ websites to take action; yet another reason to make sure your website is up to par and provides an intuitive and helpful experience for potential clients right away. [Source: imarc]
  1. In a survey of over 101 law firms, more than half grew their number of clients due to increased social media engagement and this trend will predictably grow in 2017. [Source: Stellar SEO]
  1. 45% of all traffic to law firm websites is driven by LinkedIn, a statistic that demonstrates LinkedIn’s ability to support attorneys’ marketing efforts. [Source: Law Firm Suites]
  1. When legal firms use video content for marketing purposes, web traffic from search engines increases by 41% when compared with firms that don’t utilize video. [Source: hitsearch]
  1. Law firms that publish poor quality marketing videos will create a negative image of themselves in the minds of 62% of users. [Source: hitsearch]
  1. Utilizing video marketing can increase a law firm’s organic search traffic by 157%. [Source: hitsearch]
  1. 70% of law firm websites don’t have a direct call to action on their homepage – set your firm apart by including one. [Source: Legal Productivity]
  1. In 2015, only one-third of law firm websites were mobile optimized. Go mobile in 2017. [Source: Legal Productivity]
  1. 33% of legal consumers begin their search for a law firm by using online resources; law firms need to ensure that they have a variety of good quality content online for consumers to look through, i.e. blogs, infographics, eBooks, etc. [Source: imarc]
  1. 66% of law firm websites don’t have a contact form to allot customers to request more information. This is an essential component of a good website, allowing potential clients to inquire for more information after they have already shown interest in your firm. [Source: JurisPage]
  1. A shocking 97% of all law firm websites are lacking any kind of personalized contentPersonalizing your content involves targeting potential customers based on certain information about them, such as who they are, where they are from, how they are accessing your content, etc. [Source: Legal Productivity]
  1. 68% of law firms do not have their email address on their homepage and 27% do not have their phone number—set your firm apart by including them on the homepage. [Source: Legal Productivity]

How do 2017’s legal marketing statistics impact you?

Are these statistics surprising or helpful? Will they change the way your law firm operates? Make 2017 the year your firm gets a competitive edge in legal marketing! If these facts caught you off guard, give them a tweet to spread the knowledge.


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To effectively market a law firm, you must go digital. In particular, you have to get it right on the web design because is the core of the firm. With a good website, you can easily run all marketing campaigns. For example, it will be easy to integrate other campaigns and drive a lot of traffic. Besides, a good law firm website is capable of reaching more clients especially those using mobile devices.

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