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The Top 25 IT Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

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UPDATE 9/22/2016: This post has been updated with new accounts and additional information since the original version went live. There are now 25 IT leaders as opposed to the original 18, and I’ve updated several accounts’ descriptions to better reflect their current content and coverage.

Twitter can be a tough space to tackle.

It can be tough getting followers. It can be tough getting eyes on your tweets. It can even be tough just figuring out who the leaders are in your space.

Because who are you supposed to follow if you just don’t know? And what makes a Twitter influencer influential anyway?

IT Leaders

Do they tweet a lot? Quote ancient philosophers? Engage in inflammatory rhetoric to grab the attention of the online world?

Not to worry. I’ve done the hard work for you. Don’t have time to follow them all? Follow the list here.

Below, I’ve rounded up the top IT leaders in the industry, focusing on those in business and leadership so you’re following accounts that will help you grow your business and IT management skills.

Let’s get started.

1. Marc Andreessen: @pmarca

Andreessen is best known as the coauthor of Mosaic and a cofounder of browser Netscape. He currently serves as board members for tech giants like Facebook, eBay, and Oculus VR.

2. Charles Arthur: @charlesarthur

A former tech editor for The Guardian for more than nine years, Arthur is known for his book Digital Wars: Apple, Google, and Microsoft Battle for the Internet, and his campaign FreeOurData.

3. Emily Chang: @emilychangtv

Host of Bloomberg West, a daily show concerning the intersections of business and technology. Chang posts clips and quotes from interviews with major tech influencers, including Eric Schmidt of Alphabet, Inc. Great account to follow to discover additional influencers in the tech industry.

4. Sara J. Chipps: @SaraJChipps

Passionate about women who code and shares tweets celebrating the accomplishments of other women in tech. Chipps is also a JavaScript developer and the founder of the nonprofit Girl Develop It, which teaches women how to build software.

5. David Cohen @davidcohen

If you’re interested in the world of internet startups, David Cohen is the man you want to follow. Cohen is both the founder and managing partner at Techstars, “the number one internet startup accelerator in the world.” Recent tweets touch on diversity and inclusivity initiatives as well as encouraging young children to give STEM a try.

6. Chris Dixon: @cdixon

Chris Dixon’s feed is full of the latest trends and practices in the industry as well as predictions for what the future holds for technology, including green tech, virtual reality, and software.

7. Brendan Eich: @BrendanEich

Brendan Eich is another top dog of the tech world. Aside from inventing JavaScript and confounding, Eich has also been busy with his new startup, Brave.

8. Lyza Gardner: @lyzadanger

This founder of Cloud Four is passionate about coding, software, and spotlighting marginalized communities within the tech industry.

9. Bill Gross: @Bill_Gross

Bill Gross has founded more than 100 companies in the past 30 years. Recent tweets have covered coding, Wi-Fi speeds, and data security. Always sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest news stories in tech.

10. David Heinemeier Hansson: @dhh

These days David Heinemeier Hansson focuses his tweets on the newest iPhone model and JavaScript, but you may know him better as the creator of Ruby on Rails as well as the founder and CTO of Basecamp.

11. Rachel Kalmar: @grapealope

Not only a neuroscientist, data scientist, and entrepreneur, Rachel Kalmar is also a unicyclist. She’s recently been tweeting about the relationship between wearable tech and data, as well as the emergence of open data.

12. Rachael King: @sfwriter

This San Francisco-based technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal has been covering developments for tech giant Oracle as well as how Salesforce is jumping on board artificially intelligent business software.

13. Brian Krebs: @briankrebs

Brian Krebs now tweets about cybercrime after his own computer was hacked in 2001. Krebs’ blog (and his Twitter) have broken numerous big stories over the years, including the Target hack in late 2013. His feed is a good resource for the latest in cybersecurity news and developments.

14. Farhad Manjoo: ‏@fmanjoo

Farhad Manjoo covers technology for the New York Times. His recent tweets examine self-driving trucks and an article linking to Google Trips, a new, free app “that serves as a trip planner and travel guide for anyone who is exploring a new place.”

15. Hilary Mason: @hmason

A great resource to follow for information on data and coding. Mason is the founder of Fast Forward Labs, a machine intelligence research company, and the Data Scientist-in-Residence at Accel.

16. Christopher Mims: @mims

This tech columnist at the Wall Street Journal will keep you up to date on tech business and entrepreneurship, as well as its relationship with the economy. Mims used to be a contributing editor at the MIT Technology Review.

17. Daniel Newman: @danielnewmanUV

The CEO of Broadsuite posts about emerging tech trends, innovation in IT, and how to embrace digital transformation. Newman also tweets about essentials to IT leadership and the changing tech workplace.

18. Tim O’Reilly: @timoreilly

The founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media is known for his contributions to free and open source software as well as popularizing the term Web 2.0.

19. Jason Pontin: @jason_pontin

As the editor-in-chief and publisher of the MIT Technology Review, Jason Pontin is a reliable leader in the tech world. Aside from of course promoting his posts on his home publication, Pontin also posts updates from recent conferences and he highlights young innovators changing the IT landscape.

20. Reshma Saujani: @reshmasaujani

Saujani is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code and tweets about the under-representation of women in tech, in addition to information about programs that encourage young girls in STEM fields.

21. Lance Ulanoff: @LanceUlanoff

Lance Ulanoff is the Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable. He tends to post both fun and informational content, touching on consumer tech, but also its impact on business.

22. Poornima Vijayashanker: @poornima

Vijayashanker runs Femgineer, an education company that promotes inclusivity within the tech industry. Tweets about engineering and links to interviews with female executives for insight into successful management and leadership strategies.

23. Padmasree Warrior: @Padmasree

This CEO of NextEv also sits on the board of directors at Microsoft and posts inspirational quotes about leadership and why we need women in tech.

24. Jeff Weiner: @jeffweiner

The CEO of LinkedIn has a lot to tweet about at the intersection of tech and business, including posts on data analytics, the potential of software, and snippets of interviews with famous business leaders.

25. Capterra IT Management Blog: @CapterraIT

Currently managed by Tirena Dingeldein (@TJDingeldein), her feed is filled with retweets of the latest developments in tech and leadership, sprinkled with links to this weekly blog post that tackles topical news, leadership skills, IT-related software, and insightful articles about everything IT related.


Can you think of any other IT management influencers we should have on our list? Think you’re one of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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I Have one more: @r_demidchuk Ternium CIO


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Thanks for including me in this list! 🙂

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