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4 Best Onboarding Software Options for HR Superstars

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Consider a puppy.

Small, fluffy, cute as all get out. The ball of fluff is brand new to the world and to your family. Your job as the human of the house is to train the new puppy, make it feel welcome, and teach it how to successfully integrate and become a functioning part of the household.

This metaphor is NOT just an excuse for me to post cute puppy pictures…. Ok, well, maybe a little bit.

Training a puppy isn’t all that different from onboarding for a new employee, right? Sure, your new employee is a lot more human and capable than a puppy (though they’re probably less adorable), but you have a similar job. You need to train them, integrate them, and make them into a strong part of your company family.

There are stacks of books and hours of classes you can take to help learn how to train a puppy, but onboarding new employees isn’t quite so easy or fun. Luckily, there are tools you can find and tricks you can learn to make onboarding as painless and fast as possible. Like these four stellar onboarding software programs you can use to help make onboarding a snap.

Each of these programs was selected for their popularity based on number of high reviews, and organized alphabetically. If you want to see software you love on this list, review it and let us know why you love it!

But first, one more puppy for the road.

You’re so welcome.

1. ApplicantStack

Rated 4.5/5 by 226 reviewers

As its name would suggest, ApplicantStack’s primary software offering is an applicant tracking system. The company also offers an onboarding system devoted to keeping your documents organized and cutting down on the time it takes you to onboard your new hires. According to ApplicantStack, their software can reduce your hiring and onboarding time by up to three months. The system digitizes all the involved paperwork and lets you send notes and messages directly to your new employees and their managers, so you can stay firmly on top of their onboarding status.

Reviewers Rave

“We have been using ApplicantStack to manage our hiring process for about [six] months now and it has helped us turn a chaotic mess into a streamlined, organized, efficient process that is easy to manage. The integration with major job boards is a huge help and the service we have received has been top notch. They were even able to integrate the platform with our existing website with almost zero involvement on our end. I would highly recommend this platform and company to help take your hiring process to another level.”

“Truly, the ApplicantStack Team has been beyond fantastic, the tool itself is simple to use, extremely effective and priced at a point that attracts companies of all sizes and the website integration just takes the cake. In less than three weeks TLR went from no ATS, to having a seamless and integrated approach to talent acquisition effectively enhancing the candidate experience, the line manager engagement which immediately saved us money and time. I couldn’t be happier.”

“We’ve been very impressed with everything about the product. Its extremely easy to use with well thought out features. The import resume function blew us away. The system captures data from word documents or pdfs and self populates data fields. While it’s not 100% accurate, it is a significant time save over typing in the information.”

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2. BambooHR

Rated: 4.5/5 by 249 reviewers

BambooHR is a full-service HR software complete with performance management and time-off tracking. Their onboarding software is focused on employee retention and carrying your process through the critical first six months of a new employee’s time with your company. What sets BambooHR’s onboarding features apart is the employee self-service. New employees have access to charts that feature names and pictures of their new team (super helpful for those confusing early days), at-a-click information about company culture and expectations, and email templates that make introductions easy.

Reviewers Rave

“BambooHR is awesome. My overall favorite thing about Bamboo is how user-friendly the software is. Many software programs have a great purpose but lack in the functionality side of things, but not BambooHR. It is super easy to use and I would even call it smart technology as it remembers the tabs you’re using when shifting from one employee or applicant to another. They have an a wonderful “Job Openings” feature that allows collaboration among team members, includes email templates and status updates. It even posts your job listings to different sites online for you and provides a beautiful looking web page for you to add to your own website. It has wonderful on-boarding features that make employees feel welcomed and helps get the on-boarding process started immediately. You can upload documents and make them fillable online with e-signature as well. The have permission groups and approvals that help you take control of employee updates and changes. Highly recommend this software if you’re looking to get rid of paper waste, simplify processes, become more efficient and help build morale at your organization.”

“As an employee, BambooHR is the easiest to navigate system I’ve ever used. Much cleaner than EmployeeNavigator, with an intuitive layout and lots of functionality. From figuring out what benefits I have to being able to see where I’m at in the overall org chart to requesting time off, BambooHR is simple, clean, and powerful.”

“Employee on-boarding is another process streamlined through BambooHR. Candidate information is transferred from the APS to their employee record the moment he/she is hired. We customized BambooHR’s on-boarding checklist to fit our company’s needs. Any person, whether HR, manager or new hire, can be assigned items within a template checklist. Once a person is hired, the assigned items will automatically generate notifications to the appropriate person. Check-list notifications may serve as simple reminders to more complex messages requiring electronic signatures. BambooHR’s electronic signature feature recently has allowed us to enjoy our first “paperless” on-boarding experience!”

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3. iCIMS Onboard

Rated: 4.5/5 by 242 reviewers

iCIMS is another example of a larger HR software that features an onboarding component. Their onboarding software makes all your forms fully electronic, including signatures, so you don’t ever need to touch your printer. Their employee onboarding portal allows you to customize the offered resources to be specific to each employee’s role and position, so that their efficiency in their first few days of work is maximized. iCIMS also has nifty onboarding reporting that help you track how well your newbie is performing, which will make your life so much easier when performance review time rolls around.

Reviewers Rave

“The platform is incredibly user friendly and the best part about it is how configurable and flexible it is to each company’s needs. Every organization has different structures and process within their Talent Acquisition and HR functions and iCIMS has truly developed their products to meet these needs. The consistent updates to the system shows that they are on the cutting edge of recruiting enablement and technology while listening to feedback from their clients. The system has evolved so much since my first interaction with it 6 years ago. My favorite features of the system would be the configurable dashboard, reporting functions and the email campaigns. The one drawback to the system comes from its configurability. While this is great, it does require an organization to commit time and resources to working with iCIMS to maximize its potential.”

“It is absolutely perfect for growing businesses. From the superb training materials to the awesome Help Desk, their technical support team is beyond great! The efficiency of the iCIMS software enabled our growing organization to onboard 1100 employees at multiple locations across the US in less than a week!”

“We’ve been using iCIMS for about 3 years now and are so thrilled with the capabilities their ATS platform has provided us. Their reporting tools are outstanding, the system is very user friendly and are continuously enhancing certain aspects with each new version. Their customer service department is the best I’ve ever worked with. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and work diligently to answer any questions we might have. I would recommend iCIMS to all considering their services.”

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4. UltiPro

Rated: 4/5 stars by 364 reviewers

UltiPro is talent software that prides itself on being people-first. Their onboarding software reflects that with highly customizable features such as welcome messages for new employees that focus on why they were hired for their position. That new employee can also create their own personal goals that you can track through the system. The software’s design is very visual, with the ability to embed images and even videos. And, of course, you’ll find plenty of features to organize and sort your various documents.

Reviewers Rave

“We have been using Ultipro since I started with my company. From an end user’s perspective, it is very easy to use and navigate manage time and attendance, and support continuous and proactive talent management. And its cloud based. Overall i am very satisfy with this product.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Ultipro. This system is by far the easiest HR system I have ever used. As an end user – I find it EXTREMELY helpful to have the ability to log into 1 site for all my HR related needs. From obtaining yearly W-2s, viewing weekly pay stubs., or updating direct deposit or benefit options is user friendly and not much training required at all.”

“Onboarding has been a way for us to eliminate a lot of paperwork and scanning of policies and documents. It has taken a while to get in groove with so many locations hiring all our seasonal employees at the same time. However, in the end this is saving enormous amounts of time.”

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Have you found an awesome onboarding software?

What’s your onboarding method? Do you like the old fashioned way, or a digital paperless system? If you’re loving your digital system, share what makes it the right choice for you in the comments below.

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