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The Top 5 Free and Open Source Inventory Management Software Systems

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Updated May 10, 2017: Carta, a great little freebie, is going dark in the middle of the year. As such, I’ve taken it off the list and dropped in Delivrd, another great, free option.

Managing your inventory effectively can be the difference between making the sale and losing it to a competitor. If you don’t know what you have or where it is, you’re going to have a tough time selling it.

Luckily, you don’t have to go broke just keeping an eye on your product. Here are five free or open source inventory management offerings for small businesses, presented in alphabetical order.

ABC Inventory

ABC Inventory is the child of Almyta Control System. It’s a free package for a single user, allowing you to manage multiple warehouses, serial numbers, warranties, and a host of other inventory related data. This free version is really designed to be run on one computer, though, as multiple workstations can’t sync the same data.

free inventory software

As with almost all free options, you’ll be supplying the support — though there are some forums to give you a hand if things get tough. ABC is geared specifically toward smaller companies that don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with a bigger system.


Delivrd is a cloud-based inventory management and order fulfillment solution that just launched its first official release at the end of 2016. The company offers two plans – free and $50 per month. The free plan covers one location and 25 SKUs. A great option for businesses that have a narrow focus, like online retailers and specialty product retailers.

If you’re using WooCommerce or Shopify, Delivrd can integrate directly with them, making life a whole lot easier on the back end. If you use another eCommerce platform, you’ll have to work through some manual data transfer to make it all work.

Delivrd also supports barcoding, pick and pack, and some financial reporting. At the paid level, you get access to more locations and products, as well as getting some PO and sales management tools.


inFlow is an inventory management software focused on small and medium businesses. The company has been growing since 2007 and now claims over 750,000 users. inFlow has a free option that limits you to 100 products and customers, and a baker’s dozen reports. You also miss out on some advanced user features and inventory management options.

inFlow free inventory software

The free version has no expiration, though, and small businesses will be well-served by the small set of options. Default features include barcoding, different accounting methods, and automatic data backup, among others.

Once you outgrow the free version, inFlow can be upgraded for a one-off, $399 payment. That will unlock unlimited products and customers, more reports, and advanced features like customized invoices and order forms. Paying customers also get a year of support.


We’ve talked about Odoo here before, but it’s because there’s a lot to like. For two people using the online system, Odoo is free. If you download the open source version and host it yourself, Odoo can be free for everyone, though you’ll have to support it yourself.

Odoo free inventory software

Odoo is designed as an ERP, but thanks to the software’s add-on app layout, you can make it as large or small as your business requires. For inventory management, you’ll probably want to take advantage of at least the warehouse management system and perhaps the purchase or point of sales system as well.

Since it’s an ERP, all of your data will be combined in the backend, so purchases can flow into inventory and into your accounting, as well. Odoo online can be a great open source answer for a small business, while larger businesses can get a lot out of the full featured software.

RightControl Lite

RightControl Lite provides inventory management for ten product lines. It also comes with invoice and receipt generation tools, geared toward the small business or self-employed individual. Apart from a limitation on product lines, the Lite flavor offers all the features of its bigger sisters and brothers in the RightControl line.

RightControl free inventory software

Users can set automatic reorder reminders when stock gets low, can print labels for stock, and can integrate with a barcode system. If you need more than the ten products or want more users, growing businesses can upgrade to RightContol Solo, Pro, or Workgroup for about $1.50, $7.50, or $30 per month — the company’s rates are given in British Pounds. Each comes with an increase in the number of products that can be managed.

Final thoughts

All of these systems can manage most small business inventory requirements, with many offering flexibility to move up as your company grows. Odoo may have the strongest position for an existing large company, but the low prices for its competitors mean that there are plenty of options within most budgets.

If you’re looking for even more inventory management software, check out Capterra’s full listing. What other free inventory software solutions are out there? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for Inventory Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Inventory Management software solutions.

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Thank you Andrew for writing about inFlow!

If you have any questions about inFlow, feel free to write directly to me at or see our support page for help:


any free or customization inventory system for backup tape?

Also consider Delivrd – it’s now in Beta, completely free inventory management and order fulfillment software, with suport for serial numbers, barcode labels printing and scanning, weight control in shipping, and many more cool features. And it’s all for free!

Columbus just launched the new generation of Inventory and Warehouse Management, with multi warehouse, real time stock visibility, multi channel fulfilment, and more. Its completely free too!

I would like to have an inventory control system for a sports club in my vicinity. They have a bar, restaurant, swimming, hall rentals and other outlets that generate revenue, and I would like an admin control point to have higher level access than other users. What Open Source inventory system can I use, and can your own inventory system work for me?


Trying to find inventory software that will allow manage different cost prices for same item, when ordered at different times. And be cheap/free?

Any recommendations?


I was looking for an inventory software with the following criteria :

– offline software
– inventory management
– customer list and invoicing features
– accounting features
– easy to use
– nice looking interface
– open source if possible
– storing records in a database that I can access (MySQL or PostgreSQL)

I tested about about 15 softwares.

I would highly recommand OpenConcerto ( which is superior to many other softwares that I have seen. This free software is in French but is open source and designed for possible internationalization.
It is written in Java and comes under the GPL license.
It is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, answers all criteria mentioned above and has a pretty design.
You can download it in a single-desktop version, as well as a network / multi-desktops version working in client-server mode, and lastly the source code is also available.
The data are stored in an H2 (Java Database), but the multi-desktops (network) version also let you use a PostgreSQL or a MySQL database.
The single-desktop version is very straightforward to install.
With the network version, I however had difficulties connecting to the PostgreSQL database from OpenConcerto 1.4. Maybe was this issue only due to wrong database configuration ; if one of you can install the network version successfully, it would appreciate some feedback.
This software is developed by “ILM informatique” in France and is financed by the income that the company earns by selling service.

Although I did not test it, another free and open source software that looks great is Laurux ( It is in French too.
I believe the software is Linux-only as it relies on Gambas 3 (, which is a Basic Interpreter for Linux, but there are possibly ways to make it work on Windows, although the installation may be complicated.

For inventory, I also tested the free ABC Inventory from Almyta Systems, which is not open source.
This appeared me one of the most advanced inventory systems, but appeared me a little complex for (very) small businesses, unless trading items is your work.
ABC Inventory is a free “one seat” version of Almyta Inventory Control Software which
The same company also develops two relatively cheap softwares (arount 40 USD) that are easier to use but with less features:
Small Business Software :
and Almyta Inventory Distributor:

Contact us for various kinds of system management software like compliance management, Equipment Rental Management, equipment inventory management software etc.

Please also check flexible open-source free Hydra Order Management System at

hi how are you all , i need an online software that can generate a Barcode ,asset tracking, inventory software and a phone application that can read barcode , check in out any tools and gives me description for this tools . i cant find any software that can do all of this stuff together so if you can please help me .

If you own a bakery business then ‘Baking It’ has the perfect inventory software.
This software does a lot more than just store all your inventory; but this is a great feature.
In the inventory section you can also add the costs of all your ingredients and equipment. When you start to run low on certain ingredients your shopping list will update so you know what you need to buy.

This is just one of the features of ‘Baking It’s’ software. You can keep track of all your baking inventory; but you can also keep track of your favourite recipes, create quotes and orders, email customers, design cakes and much much more.

Hi good morning. Im planning to start a Pharmacy Business that deals with daily sales inventory and weekly-monthly sales reports. Any free software you can recommend for this demand?

Pleased to read such a blog!
Is Inventory Management Software enough to manage a large business?

I’d like to try one of these 5 free choices.
Please advise on which one will be more convenient for lumber inventory.
Eventually we will be buying one of the many software choices on the market.
Thank you.
H. Ortiz

It’s nice to know that there are some business inventory management software out there that are free of charge. However, I still believe that availing of a stock control software with a barcode scanning feature is a must for every warehouse. This is because such software can surely offer a more extensive and advanced features to its users. It can also reduce manual work when creating inventories for your warehouse.

I want to start a small 3rd party warehouse. I can’t afford $500.00 a month for a wms. I know I need real-time inventory, web based access for my customers, something that orders more products when we run low, pick a part management, – pretty much all things with 3pl. Which is the best free solution for me?

I just rolled out this one my users tell me they love it. work is still in progress so if want you want is currently not there you can suggest it using the feature suggestion link. it’s thanks.

I run an inventory system that uses a progress database on a unix server. We access it via windows workstations. I’m looking for a newer system to connect to our database for demand forcasting. Ideas?

Odoo is only free for one user using one app. InFlow is Windows only. I’ll be checking ABC next then RightControl.

Hi Andrew. Nice information. This is very useful, thanks for uploading the above information. Inventory Management software are very important for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries etc. Supply chains are largely depends upon these kinds of software.

We’ve been developing our Herschel ERP system since 1992 and it’s now at version 12, with over 1000 users. We’ve now made it freeware – unlimited data, unlimited users, no restrictions. It runs on any Windows version and it’s fast and powerful. There’s a full knowledgebase with simple implemenation checklists. Visit for more information – and then create more jobs in manufacturing!

Hello, I am a rep and I visit my customer in there stores. I need a software just to do inventory with a scanner. I have all my UPC codes. Will also been great if I can scan again on my next visit and see what they sold.

Is there a free software for keeping track of the parts that make up one product/sku?

I am going to run a free charity medical clinic at my area. I want to use a free stock/inventory management system in my clinic. I would use that system especially for my medicines in/out with tracking expire dates, monthly and annual purchase and consumption medicine report.

(1) Medicine purchase
(2) Medicine consumption
(3) Remaining balance in clinic
(4) tracking expiry

Could you please help and recommend me which open source or templates or something should be suitable for my clinic? Thanks in advance.

hi all
i want to know is there a open source system that i can upload to my own sever just like apache

Great research Andrew.

thanks for the awesome list.

If you want to keep this blogpost updated, then I would recommend you to check out EMERGE App, its a free to use inventory management solution for wholesalers and distributors.

Either way keep up the good work with Capterra.

You can used our cloud based free inventory software. Here you can easily maintain your business purchases,sells,stocks and their reports, You can filter reports in any date range, for any vendors, any customers and any users. It’s completely free for lifetime. No limitation for invoices. For more details

Cloud based Inventory for business app for iPhone:

We are looking for an inventory system that can help keep count on a daily basis, as well as provide details for future days. For example, if we have an inventory of 400 chairs, and put 200 on hold for a specific day in the future, I want 200 to be shown as available for that particular day. Can anyone suggest a software based on this need?


Inflow…not really free…well it is if you can work with the limitations. For most, your going to be paying for a functional program.

[…] challenge will be keeping an eye on your stock and knowing where everything is. There are several free online inventory management tools available, and you can enter each new item with a code and location marker, so when it comes to […]

I do repairs for a grocery chain and they have a template of items that we are supposed to have in our trucks. Once a year we do inventory to see if we are missing anything or if we have too many of something. The template does not necessarily have the entire list of what I should carry though.

I am looking for a way to upload the template they give us and then let me go through my truck scanning all the items barcode. As I scan, the program would check the list and if the item is found, it would somehow indicate that. If I have too many or too few when I am done, I would be able to check that. Any items not on the list could be added manually.

Do any of these programs allow such? I don’t need a complicated inventory program like a full business would use. I’m simply trying to compare what I should have to what I do have.

I am going to open pharmacy/Drug Store at my area. I want to use a free stock/inventory management system in my pharmacy. I would use that system especially for my medicines in/out with tracking expire dates, monthly and annual purchase and consumption medicine report.

(1) Medicine purchase
(2) Medicine consumption
(3) Remaining balance in clinic
(4) tracking expiry

You must specify that they have 15 days trial for free, but they don’t have free option

Is there a very simple, free software with which I can keep track of my stock only, like on a monthly basis or a weekly? As in, Serial Number, name of product, Type, Price, Stock sold, Stock available (automatically reduce when a number is added to the ‘Stock Sold’ column) and a Vendor Column though that one is optional. I know it can be done simply in Excel, but I don’t know how and was hoping there is a free software out there that is ready made for this purpose? It should have facilities where I can search for ‘pen’ and everything listed under ‘pen’ would pop up. I’m not sure if I got my idea across, as English is not my first language, but I hope you got the idea.
Thank you so much for your time.


ABM Inventory the cloud-based system for managing inventory, orders, and product range is based on the Theory of constraints. It helps to increase profits by improving sales revenue (25-30%) and reducing costs.
Daily, in the automatic mode for each SKU, the system determines the stock norms, continuously analyzes actual sales and replenishes the inventory according to demand fluctuations.
Functionality: Automating the order process (autoorder), Management of sales promotions, seasonal deals, Analysis and assessment of the reliability of supplies and suppliers, Management and optimization of the product range according to its turnover, sales, and margin. ABM CInventory experts have implemented over 200 projects. Learn more ->

P.S. Suggestion for Austin Voitte and others interested.

Any advise on barcode/ inventory scanner system for small tire shop? We have 2 shops, but still small… Any word would be greatly appreciated!!! TY

Thank you for sharing! I would recommend Counfreedise for the best warehouse inventory management solutions.

TrueratingERP Also offer FREE Cloud based Inventory system . which You can access from any where any time.

It’s simple easy to use. You can configure your product for Inventory tracking as well. Also you can print Barcode using TrueRatingERP software

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