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5 Most-Reviewed Hotel Property Management Software Solutions Compared

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I like boots. I wear boots just about everyday and I even wore them when I lived in the Deep South. Even through the grueling, humid summers. I went through socks like a mad woman.

Enter Snowpocalypse D.C. 2016.

As a Southerner, I can’t exactly tell you what snow is. Our snow days consisted of the threat of ice and school closings even though it was clear as day the next morning.

most reviewed hotel property management software

So when I experienced winter in NoVa for the first time, I knew I needed some snow boots.

As a writer for hotel management, I understand the importance of reviews. Too bad I didn’t heed my own advice.

When I ordered these awesome, snow-treading, ice-breaking boots of fury, they were too small. In the multitude of reviews below, I had bypassed many accounts that spoke of the boots running a size smaller than anticipated.

Good thing it snowed the next day, leaving me with no snow boots and a delayed replacement because of a blizzard. I finally got them before it snowed again later in the winter. At least I got a little use out of them.

Now, as a hotel manager, finding the right software can be tough on your own, so for you, reviews are of even more vital importance. I mean, you’re not spending $100 on boots, you’re potentially making a pretty big budgetary decision here.

Checking out reviews is a smart strategy, considering that “[c]onsumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more)” than what’s advertised.

But still, how can you find a reliable directory of hotel property management software reviews?

Capterra, of course.

I know you’re busy, so instead of combing through the most reviewed hotel property management software yourself, I’ve done it for you. All you have to do is make the decision.

Sound good?

Let’s go.

1. Cubilis by Stardekk (106 reviews)


Founded in 1998, Cubilis takes the top spot with their channel manager system for hotels, where front desk personnel can manage all your hotel’s various booking engine profiles in a centralized location.


Aside from being able to juggle reservations across multiple booking sites, including external and your own, Cubilis assures no possibility of overbooking as all booking sites are updated automatically. This solution also includes a revenue management component to yield maximum RevPAR while still crafting affordable rates. Cubilis is also PCI compliant, meaning that customers who pay with a card, whether credit or debit, can be assured of the safety and security of their information, a growing problem in the hotel industry.


According to Capterra reviews, potential problems include difficulty connecting the rates and mapping component with the suite tab. Some buyers also experienced confusion with the user-interface, remarking on the difficulty in filling out its forms, though customers service was responsive and helpful.


Cubilis runs a fixed monthly subscription that depends on the number of units your hotel needs. It begins at €15/month (or $20/month for American buyers). For a more customized number, you’ll have to get in touch through email here.

2. Hotello by Mingus Software (58 reviews)


You might remember Mingus Software from our free and open source hotel management software post (they’re also behind KWHotel Free), but they also provide one of the most reviewed hotel management systems as well.


Hotello is a comprehensive management system, including front desk, marketing, operations, accounting, and day-to-day management components. With this solution, expect to access a real-time status chart of occupancies and vacancies, a guest preference management option, and optional automatization of invoices as well as thank you letters for that extra touch of hospitality. Other features include an integrated agenda so all employees are on the same calendar, the ability to print commission checks for travel agents, and housekeeping management to monitor the cleaning of your hotel. Hotello is also available in a cloud format for those interested in the benefits of cloud computing.


With 14 years under their belt, reviews for this option are overwhelmingly positive, but include issues such as the inability to have multiple folios open at once, meaning if another has to be opened, the information for the original is lost. Some users have also reported some lagging, which could be an effect of cloud computing as you need a strong internet connection.


Pricing information for Hotello isn’t listed publically, though you can request a free demo with a response within 24 hours. Pricing will also depending on which edition of the software you decide to implement, whether it be the on-premise, cloud, or a customized option.

3. Hotelogix by Hotelogix (57 reviews)


Founded in 2008 and based out of India, Hotelogix is a web-based property management system that is both multilingual and accepts a variety of currencies.


Aside from this software’s global appeal, Hotelogix touches on a variety of hotel property needs, including Frontdesk, point of sale (POS), housekeeping, and even a booking engine to keep reservations, cancellations, and vacancies all organized. Because Hotelogix is a web-based solution, no installation is required; you can access your software anywhere with an internet connection.


Some Capterra reviews note that the user interface takes an adjustment period, while others find the multitude of options overwhelming and confusing.


Hotelogix comes in three distinct editions, with Freemium living up to its name, Premium running at $3.99/room/month (minimum of $65), and Enterprise costing $5.99/room/month (minimum of $90). A free trial is also available.

4. Base7booking by Base7booking (53 reviews)


Created by hoteliers in 2012, Base7booking is a great solution for those finding that other software solutions don’t address the exact needs of hotel managers. Not to mention, this solution is also recommended by travel site trivago.


Aside from this solution’s mobility for on-the-go managers, users can also manage several properties at once, making this a smart solution for those juggling a chain or a few hotels. Base7booking includes a real-time dashboard for on-the-minute updates as well as a “smart calendar” with drag and drop functionality to quickly book rooms, and the ability to split stays or extend them for maximum occupancy and maximum revenue. This solution also includes a simplified check-in and checkout component, an advanced invoice generator, and a customizable email sender to capitalize on a positive guest experience.


Some reviewers note that the financial reports aren’t formatted well and are difficult to understand, with others noting that there aren’t enough restrictions and rules on employee access to the system.


Payments can be made monthly or yearly and range in price depending on room size. Pricing ascends with the number of rooms and an installation fee is included. Costs can be as little as $79/month with a setup fee of $650 and as high as $3,190/year with a setup fee of $1,300.

5. eZee Frontdesk by eZee Technosys (44 reviews)


This on-premise hotel property management system was founded in India in 2005. It’s recommended for properties with 5-100 rooms.


eZee Frontdesk is another comprehensive solution, covering reservations, front desk operations, rate and revenue management, back-office operations, in-house operations, event management, and a self-check-in kiosk. Through these options, users can generate electronic card keys, redeem loyalty points for return guests, and create seasonal rates. eZee Frontdesk even has a mobile application for hoteliers on-the-go so they can keeps tabs on their properties with operational reports and a daily summary report. 24/7 live support is also available.


Some reviewers note that improvements can be made in the reporting and cash auditing at the close of employee shifts as a way to help minimize foul play.


Pricing is not listed publically, but you can request a quote for a customized price. A 30-day free trial is also available.


Think there are better solutions in our directory than these top five? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, leave a review on their Capterra profile page.

If you’d like to explore more hotel property management options, check out solutions for small hotels, OPERA alternatives, or even free and open source solutions if you’d like a less costly and more customizable route.

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Comment by Avalanche Resort on

Hi Jennifer. Yes, reviews really help a lot. But certainly, most rated products might not be the best. Maybe most positively rated can be a factor like considering total positive reviews (only 4 & 5 stars) only. Something like that I would love to see. This article and Capterra reviews have really helped me a lot in zeroing down on the eZeeFrontDesk PMS solution for my property. Thanks.

Comment by Jennifer Champagne on

Glad to be of help, Justine!

Comment by Justine on

Hi Jennifer,

Very nice list!
When i want to buy things, the first thing i check really are the reviews. When i do online shopping great reviews really persuade me that the item i set my eyes on are of great quality.
The same with planning on what hotel management software a company is going to use. Software with great reviews are something to double, triple check on, depending on what you are looking for specifically. If it all fits your criteria and it has great reviews, then give it a go 🙂


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