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The Top 5 Most Reviewed Real Estate Property Management Software

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I’ve been on this baking kick.

Every week, I think of a new bread loaf to make. My weekends consist of watching bread rise and deflate before pounding it into oblivion. Only then does it go into the oven. Exciting stuff.

It can take hours or even days before a loaf is ready for baking. (I’m on sourdough right now and the starter alone takes between five to seven days. Woof.)

So when I’m looking up recipes to make that perfect loaf, I need the closest to a five-star rating. No use making something for days at a time if it isn’t delicious.

most reviewed real estate property management software

Reviews have the same power beyond just baking. From shoes to canoes, finding a great price is awesome, but getting the most out of your dough is better. Quality over quantity, after all.

Even in the world of real estate property management software, reviews are essential.

Imagine investing in what you think is a killer piece of software, only to find that customer support is lacking or the program has a sharp, insurmountable learning curve.


Should’ve checked the reviews.

You see, reviews are powerful tools for consumers. According to a survey by BrightLocal, “88% of consumer read reviews to determine the quality of a business.” Furthermore, 72% of those surveyed even said that positive reviews make them to trust a business more.

It’s all about being reliable and dependable. Like a loaf of bread.

Software functions similarly. A free demo or trial is great, but it may require you to input business information that leads to a flood of follow-up emails. Even so, the demos and free trials themselves take up a lot of time—time you could be using to find more fitting solutions.

Let’s cut down on that search time Capterra style.

Below, I’ve gathered a list of the top five most reviewed real estate solutions at Capterra, listing their pros, cons, and cost to help you make the right decision.

It’s the yeast I could do. (Okay, I’m done.)

**If you’d like to minimize the scrolling, check out our infographic below to remind you of all these software features.


1. Buildium Property Management Software by Buildium (71 Reviews)

most reviewed real estate property management software

Taking the cake with 71 reviews, Buildium is the runaway winner for this list. This property management software is used by more than 12,000 companies since its launch in 2004. Now managing 775,000 units in 41 countries, Buildium’s user-friendly interface is evident based on its popularity and number of reviews. Buildium is deployed through the cloud.


  • Rental listings and applications
  • Lease and document management
  • Premium tenant screening (optional)
  • Secure check printing
  • Online payment for residents, owners, and vendors
    • Resident and property owner portal

Cons (Capterra Reviews)

  • Too many small bugs
  • Expensive in comparison
  • Lacks HOA management feature
  • Learning curve/needs more tutorials


Pricing is broken down by units and depends on which edition (Buildium Pro or Buildium Core) you choose. Buildium Pro (serves up to 150 units) begins at $150/month or $1,620/year for one unit and tops out at $240/month or $2,592/year for 150 units. Buildium Core can be as little as $45/month or $486/year for one unit and rise as much as $4,560/month or $49,248/year for those managing 4,500 units.

A free 15-day trial is available if you provide your contact information.

2. GENKAN Property Management Software by GENKAN (25 Reviews)

most reviewed real estate property management software

Genkan launched in Australia more than 15 years ago and now takes the second spot as one of the most reviewed real estate solutions in our directory. Genkan is best suited for real estate agents and holiday rental managers who manage short term stays or holiday and vacation rentals. This solution can be used through the cloud or mobile applications.


  • Reservations in real-time (including OTAs)
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) function
  • Links to variety of property rental channels, including:
    • HomeAway
    • Airbnb

Cons (Capterra Reviews)

  • Initial learning curve/Needs better training assistance
  • Reporting, filters, exporting features in development, but not present
  • Customer support stretched to capacity


Pricing for Genkan products isn’t listed publicly, but you can contact them for more information here.

3. Rent Manager by London Computer Systems (18 Reviews)

most reviewed real estate property management software

Despite the name, London Computer System is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and develops business-critical solutions used around the United States. Rent Manager is best suited for multi-family, single family, and commercial properties as well as managers who care for 100 to 10,000 units. This solution offers both an installed and web-based option with mobile capabilities.


  • Outsource mailing lists
  • Mobile applications (Android and iOS)
  • Electronic payment processing
  • Resident screening
  • VOIP phone integration


  • Pricing model may be confusing
  • Format and look appears outdated


Rent Manager’s price isn’t listed publicly, but you can request a free quote by providing your business information.

4. TenantCloud Tenant by TenantCloud (15 Reviews)

most reviewed real estate property management software

TenantCloud was founded in 2012 by three renters who wanted to cut down on their number of application fees. Originally meant for their own use, these developers opened it up for all to use and the software spread by word-of-mouth. Because the software is free, TenantCloud depends on a community of developers who help refine and enhance its features. TenantCloud is tailored for landlord, property managers, and servicepros.


  • Cloud storage
  • iOS and Android app
  • Unlimited online support
  • Unlimited tenants and tenant screening
  • SEO tools for marketing website

Cons (Capterra Reviews)

  • Only serves up to 75 units
  • Functionality is challenging
  • More suited for multiple properties
  • Long customer service response time


TenantCloud is free for up to 75 units and can incur additional costs if you decide to make use of third-party service provider products, such as Dwolla and PayPal. Specific pricing for those add-ons isn’t listed publicly.

5. Rosmiman IWMS by Rosmiman Software Corporation (14 Reviews)

most reviewed real estate property management software

While a leader in the asset management industry, Rosmiman also specializes in property management and lands the final spot in our top-five rundown. Despite what seems to be a more enterprise-level solution, Rosmiman serves a range of property types and across a variety of industries, making this a truly flexible option.


  • Flexible contract management
  • Inventory management
  • Paperless work-order generation
  • Customer demographic drilldown
  • Automatic emails/SMS for property events
  • Mobile accessibility

Cons (Capterra Reviews)

  • Slow delivery times for software changes
  • Lacks website management feature


Rosmiman pricing isn’t listed publicly.


What other solutions do you think should have made the top five list? Be sure to check out their Capterra profile and leave your own review for real estate property management software directory.

*Some solutions don’t share their prices publicly, but you can get an idea of how much real estate property management software costs through our real estate software pricing guide.


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