5 Best Project Management Pinterest Pages You Should Be Following

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Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has taken off as a wildly popular social media platform. It helps users visually organize tips and ideas for improving their personal and professional lives, including designing, planning, managing, and even budgeting.

While everyday life tips and inspirations make up a substantial number of Pinterest’s “pins,” the business world (both B2B and B2C) relies on Pinterest too. To make something “Pinterest-perfect” is commonly heard in marketing departments with visually appealing products.

But Pinterest can be used for so much more than organizing users’ lives, aggregating inspiration, or advertising products. It’s also a great platform for finding and saving ideas about project management and business operations.

That is, if you know where to look. Lucky for you, I’ve already found some of the top PM pages on Pinterest to get you started.

Top project management Pinterest pages

Filtering through Pinterest pages and boards can be an overwhelming experience since they’re seemingly endless. To help your search, here are the top five project management Pinterest pages that you should be following. I evaluated these Pinterest pages with the following criteria:

  • The page directly relates to project management
  • New information is added to the board on a regular basis
  • Posts are insightful and engaging

These pages are listed by number of followers.

1. 480 Degrees Inc. Project Management

480 Degrees Inc.’s Project Management Pinterest Boards

With 17,700+ followers, 480 Degrees Inc. has one of the more popular Pinterest pages devoted to project management.

It’s a large company located in Canada, which focuses on project management training and consulting. 480 Degrees Inc. has boards ranging from development, projects, and planning. Browsing its boards will likely spark new inspiration and give you some new ideas for improving your business’s project management practices.

Who runs it: 480 Degrees Inc.

Start with this board:Planning

2. A Girl’s Guide to PM

A Girl’s Guide to PM’s project management Pinterest boards

For devotees to project management, it will come as no surprise that Elizabeth Harrin’s project management Pinterest page is making an appearance on this list.

As the owner of A Girl’s Guide to PM, a content marketing firm dedicated to project management, Harrin centers on these “musts” of business: time management, problem solving, and, of course, managing projects well. She consistently updates her Pinterest board with her latest tips on how to manage one’s work life effectively.

Who runs it: A Girl’s Guide to PM

Start with this board:Time Management

3. Project-Management.com

Project-Management.com’s project management pinterest Boards

Project-Management.com’s page has over 750 followers and boards spanning a wide range of topics related to project management.

Its boards contain reviews of project management tools and project management books. Project-Management.com also pins articles on what’s trending in the PM world.

Follow this page to keep up to date on PM news and to learn about Project-Management.com’s take on popular PM tools.

Who runs it: Project-Management.com

Start with this board:Books

4. Capterra

Capterra’s s software-related Pinterest boards

How could we pass up a chance to highlight our own Pinterest page, especially when we have such good information on project management?

Capterra’s Pinterest page, like its project management blog, uses its boards to focus primarily on software. This emphasis on project management tools supplies readers with plenty of infographics and reading material for choosing the best software for themselves and their teams.

Plus, Capterra has boards on industry-specific project management, including IT and construction, so you can get tips personalized to your industry or role.

Who runs it: Capterra

Start with this board: “Project Management Software

5. Tony Adams – Project Manager

Tony Adams’ Pinterest boards, covering leadership, innovation, and project management

Tony Adams is a project management consultant, leadership consultant, speaker, and blogger from Australia. His Pinterest page is a channel he uses to share personal stories and tips based on his own expertise in the project management field.

Through his boards, he shares his insights into topics such as project management, leadership, innovative thinking, and motivation. This is a good page to follow if you are more interested in the personal side of project management and enjoy a narrative approach to a project manager’s day-to-day.

Run by: Tony Adams

Start with this board:Project Management

Which project management Pinterest pages do you follow?

Pinterest isn’t often the first place that project managers look for professional development, but ignoring the social media community is increasingly a bad career move.

With the right boards, project managers can use visual clues and link out to helpful articles to become better in their field.

That said, when searching for the best project management Pinterest boards, I found there weren’t as many options as I was expecting. Why do you think that is? Do you think that Pinterest will become more helpful to project managers in years to come? And do you think that I missed some of the top Pinterest pages for PMs?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re interested in more project management resources, check out:

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