5 Best Technology Resources for Starting a New Church

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Where do you begin when you’re starting a new church? How do you find the right technology for your specific needs? There’s so much to do; you’re overwhelmed with questions, and you don’t have a clue how to get them answered in a timely fashion. top 5 tech resources Choosing the right technology for your church is a monumental step forward—investing in the right technology will save you time, help your church grow, and keep everything running smoothly.

The first step is to find some reliable church technology resources to help you gather information and point you in the right direction. While there are many online resources for you to use, here are a handful of church technology information sources that I recommend:


  • The Church Tech association covers all things technology for church worship ministries. It contains information on software, hardware, and sound, plus their site offers a blog, online training, and plenty of information to get you started with technology for your church.
  • StartCHURCH is an association dedicated to helping you start your church—down to the very last detail. They’ve even created a software package that can help you manage your finances, tithes, and any area of your church that’s out of compliance to help your church get off on the right foot.


  • The Faith & Tech Blog provides information on how to make your ministry more effective and make your lives easier by using technology. It focuses particularly on free, user-friendly tools.
  • On ChurchTechy, there are plenty of valuable posts about Church IT.  For example, they write articles such as, “5 Plugins for Fundraising on Your Website,” so even if you’re not that tech-savvy, you can learn about what technology is available to you.
  • Church Tech Matters is another blog that shows you how to equip your church with technology so that you can better reach your members and also reach other people to potentially gain new followers. Recent posts include: What To Do With Volunteers, Leading Followers Is Too Easy, and other information of this nature.

Bonus: Here’s a great piece by Church Tech Today on six of the best church tech blogs.


  • ChurchMedia.net is a worldwide community where ministers can go to share knowledge about media and technology used in their churches. The community consists of both volunteer and paid media ministers.
  • Church Tech Leaders also offers a forum to help you integrate technology into your daily processes. Church technical artists and church leaders can connect with peers on the site to share ideas and get help with implementing church technology.

Ebooks & Guides

  • Church Community Builder offers downloadable e-books to guide you through the process of building your church. Some of these books include “The Assimilation Engine,” which explains how to engage your members in your church’s mission, and “Is Your Church An Elephant?” which can help your church get out of a technological rut.
  • Mister Nifty is a great guide to help connect your church with high-tech and inexpensive tools. These resources include information ministry resources, a blog, reading recommendations, and more.


  • Engage International is an organization that has asked church leaders around the world questions about their congregations, and they’ve aggregated the answers on this Q&A site- covering everything from developing a digital strategy to engaging members through mobile devices .
  • Open.LifeChurch.tv provides completely free educational resources for you and your church, including video downloads, podcasts, FAQS, and a variety of other content.

Starting a church is no easy task—but finding the right technology doesn’t have to be daunting! Fortunately, with these resources at your disposal, you’ll have answers to all those nagging tech questions, and you can pave the way for tech success in your new church!

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