The Top 7 Apps for Recruiters

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Update 4/18/18: This post has been updated to remove defunct apps, sort apps by type, and add more apps that recruiters love.

header image showing a smartphone and reading the top apps for recruiters

According to Pew research, 95% of American adults own a cellphone, and 77% of those are smartphones. With such a huge percentage of the population using mobile devices, it’s virtually guaranteed that thousands of people are using their phones to look for jobs.

What does that mean for recruiters? If mobile devices are where your applicants are, it’s where you should be too.

Recruiters who go mobile can use apps to post jobs, manage the hiring process, schedule interviews, and keep track of candidates. And there are a variety of apps out there that can make all this faster and easier.

We’ve gathered a list of the top seven apps for recruiters, many of which are compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. This list is divided into two camps: apps for recruiting and productivity apps.

The first group offers functionality that is particularly helpful to recruiters, and all are standalone (don’t require you to use a specific ATS or recruiting software). These apps are free and were selected based on their popularity in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

The second group of apps have features or purposes that are useful to recruiters or that make your job easier, such as productivity apps.

Within each category, apps are listed in alphabetical order.

Recruiting apps

Looking for direct, to-the-point applicant tracking and hiring functionality on your phone? We’ve got you covered with these fabulous and free recruiting apps.

LinkedIn Recruiter: iOS and Android

The LinkedIn Recruiter app

News feed view in the LinkedIn Recruiter app

LinkedIn is the primary place to find talent online. You’re likely already using it to recruit, and you can get even more out of it by downloading the app.

This free recruitment app lets you search and review profiles, manage your job postings, and save and add notes to candidate profiles on the go.

What reviewers say: Some users have reported bugs like an inability to scroll, but most are fans of the easy-to-use app.

Monster for Employers: iOS and Android

Posting a job in the Monster for Employers app

Posting a job in the Monster for Employers app

If you use the ever-popular to hire, this handy app can help you access your account with ease when you’re on the go and want to have a peek at your postings.

Use this free app to post new jobs, shortlist applicants, search resumes, contact candidates, share jobs, and manage your current applicants.

What reviewers say: Reviewers in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play say that the app is easy to use for both recruiters and applicants and that the search function successfully filters out irrelevant entries.

Rakuna: iOS

Rakuna app ratings screenshot

Rakuna app ratings screenshot

Rakuna bills itself as the app for hiring millennials.

Its mobile access, clean interface, and plethora of images are all appealing to the young hire set. Rakuna offers an easy visual system for recruiters, including star-based candidate ranking.

What reviewers say: Reviewers in Apple’s App Store say that Rakuna is a fast and intuitive system that’s particularly useful for job fairs.

Workable: iOS and Android

A screenshot of a Workable candidate profile

A screenshot of a Workable candidate profile

Workable is a recruiting app that ties into a larger ATS but can also be used as a stand-alone. Post to 15 major job boards and use the in-app scorecard to keep track of applicants’ pros and cons.

What reviewers say: Workable’s Capterra reviews (over 200 of them) frequently mention how easy the app is to use and note its clear and attractive design.

Productivity apps for recruiters

The best apps for recruiters aren’t limited to job boards or ATS apps! Helpful apps can take the form of planners, organizers, and simple reminder systems, like the three gathered here.

Asana: iOS and Android

Upcoming task list in Asana

Upcoming task list in Asana

Managing a full team? Trying to keep hiring, recruiting, onboarding, and all those job fairs straight? Wires getting crossed, balls getting dropped? Then you could benefit from Asana, an app that helps you track different projects, create sub-tasks and to-do lists, and deadlines.

Approaching a deadline? You’ll get an email reminder. Something going wrong in a project? Team members can update the project status and let everyone know.

What reviewers say: Reviewers in Apple’s App Store and Google Play frequently mention how “addicted” they are to Asana and rave about its bright, colorful UI.

Evernote: iOS and Android

Project headings in Evernote

Project headings in Evernote

I’ve mentioned before what an organization and to-do list junkie I am, and Evernote is one of the apps that feeds into that.

Recruiters have a lot to do and manage, and having a calendar, planner, to-do list, and notebook in one place is pretty darn handy. That’s exactly what Evernote offers.

What reviewers say: Reviewers in Apple’s App Store mention how useful the app is. A particular favorite feature for reviewers is the Pinterest-like ability to “clip” news articles and web pages and save them in project folders. Imagine the usefulness of being able to build your own portfolio of each serious candidate’s work!

Hootsuite: iOS and Android

Hootsuite-queued Instagram post

Hootsuite-queued Instagram post

Social media recruiting is huge right now. If social media is where your hiring pool is hanging out, why wouldn’t you go to them? If you’re looking to develop a social media presence focused on hiring (and you should), Hootsuite is a great place to start.

Hootsuite will help you write and queue posts for sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Schedule your post, and Hootsuite takes care of the rest. It can also help you aggregate your feeds for each of those sites, and manage your likes and replies.

What reviewers say: Reviewers on Google Play and in the App Store report that Hootsuite not only makes their lives easier, but is also a lot of fun to use and saves them from having to switch between multiple apps.

What recruiter apps are you using?

Did I list your favorite, or have you got one you can’t believe I missed? Tell me about it in the comments below, or tweet me @CapterraHalden.

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Thanks for the info JP, it’s quite helpful.

Great list, JP. Another app that can be added to the list is Rakuna Recruit:

This app is more for campus recruiters or recruiters who would likely to travel to various career fairs and events for candidate sourcing. With this app on hand, recruiters can capture and qualify candidates instantly anytime, removing all manual data entry and middle work, and reducing chances of losing a candidate lead.

Thanks for the list JP. I came across this interview app at Something to add to the list :). lets recruiters create a fully searchable database of resumes and social media profiles. This “mobile first” web-based software application is designed to run on any smart phone, tablet or desktop. Staying organised while scanning, and assessing hundreds or thousands of resumes is simple and efficient. Resumes are scored and ranked based on your search criteria. The most suitable candidates are at the top of the list so you don’t have to search through the whole pile. The built-in contact manager makes all your notes, assessments and appointments with candidates instantly available anywhere.

ResumeCruncher is fast, easy and affordable. Created with the latest and best technology and securely hosted in the cloud.

Recruitee makes it easier to build an employer brand and promote your job openings. Their software is integrated with free job boards and social media. With one click, your job openings get posted to all sites at once. Furthermore it is made easy to create candidate profiles and share this with your teammembers! See more at:

Another best recruitment mobile app is QuikHiring. It comes with nice features and equally
helpful for recruiters and job seekers. It’s a 5th generation job search engine.
Get more details here is the #1 ranked hiring app on both android and IOS in UK and Spain. It’s focused more on hospitality and retail but aims to find staff within 24 hours.

Thanks Halden for updating such a great list! We’ve been keeping an eye on this for a while, taking inspiration to build our own mobile apps for recruitment. In fact, our brand new iOS and Android apps were just launched:

It would be our honor to have them added to your list. If you need any info, just let me know 🙂

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The CRM features of PCRecruiter are available in their mobile app for iOS and Android as well!

Great Article! I really appreciate your mobile marketing studio. These apps that you mentioned in your article, some of these I used. And I found that these android apps are very interesting to use. Can you please include more apps for us like SEO, PPC, Facebook Marketing?

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