The Top 10 Free and Open-Source POS Solutions

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Update 8/3/17: This post has been updated to include some new players and to reflect current feature sets.

Free point of sale software? Isn’t that like the Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster? Things only children and crazy people believe?

free POS

Guess what? It’s NOT a myth.

Free POS exists, though you’ll still have to buy the hardware, whether that’s is a full register/scanner/printer combo or just a desktop computer or tablet.

Below, I’ve gathered a list of the elusive sasquatches of the software world.

In this collection, you’ll find a few open-source options, a few truly free versions (which is an anomaly not just in the POS world, but in the software world at large), and one freemium product. Most of the solutions are locally installed, except where specified, and they’re presented in alphabetical order.

1. Chromis POS

Chromis is a relative newcomer, the result of a split from the uniCenta project listed below. Born in 2015, Chromis is a Windows-only system, running on Windows XP through 10.

The open source POS supports customized layouts for receipts and screens, a built-in customer database, using kitchen monitors for order displays, and CSV-based product import, which can be a real time saver for businesses just starting out.

The project’s SourceForge listing is full of positive reviews from users, many that came over from uniCenta or OpenBravo (the precursor to the precursor).

This is the first of many systems that you’ll find here with very active creators. John L., the founder of Chromis, is heavily involved in the day-to-day of the project. That means new features and bug fixes are pulled right from the users.

Chromis also offers a kitchen screen software that integrates with the POS, if you want to send orders back to a separate monitor.

2. eHopper

eHopper is a POS solution that was created with intention of helping small business owners stick to their budget, without sacrificing quality in their software. eHopper also seeks to prevent small business owners from getting locked into systems or hardware that are a poor fit for the company.

On the limitations side, the free version only integrates with one credit card processor (A1 Charge), support is limited, and you won’t be able to integrate with QuickBooks. You’re also limited to one register and you won’t be able to use the system’s employee clock features.

Moving up to the paid version will cost you $40 per register and will give you access to those missing features. Capterra reviewers like eHopper, giving it a 4/5 star rating, with over ten reviews.

As a result, eHopper can easily run a small store end-to-end for free. Its features include contact management, some inventory management, handling tips and split payments, and employee management. eHopper runs on Windows, Android tablets, and iPads, giving stores a nice range of options.

3. Floreant POS

Floreant is a free and open source POS built for restaurants. It can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and it’s really, actually free. The company makes money by helping businesses set up the system and by providing ongoing support.

You can use tablets to run Floreant in your restaurant, taking the POS right out to your customers’ tables. Or, you can use the bar tabs feature and preauthorize cards, holding them until the customer closes the night out.

On top of these basics, Floreant connects to kitchen printers, runs a great set of reports, gives managers a set of tools including splits and voids, and lets you easily manage menus and recipes.

The clear limitation is its restaurant-focused nature. Everything Floreant offers is great, unless you’re selling new tires and car maintenance. If you’re looking for a free restaurant POS, this could be a great place to start.

Even though it’s an open source, it comes with a simple installer for folks who don’t want to get into the weeds.

4. Imonggo

Imonggo has been on the scene since 2009. The company launched a massive redesign in late 2016 and now claims users in over 1,100 cities around the world. Imonggo has also joined up with Mercury/Vantiv, which is the POS’s credit card processor of choice (though card integration only comes at the paid level).

Imonggo’s free version is well-suited to one location, supporting a single user in a single store. That store can manage 1,000 products and 1,000 transactions per month. It’s a fairly high limit, depending on the type of store you run.

Your single location can use an iPad, Android tablet, PC, or Mac to run Imonggo—which is to say, it’s web-based. This is a real thing, as the free version doesn’t support offline mode. If your internet connection is spotty, you might want to look at an installed option.

For bigger businesses, Imonggo offer a $30 per month, per location plan. With it, you’ll get unlimited users, offline selling, and no limits on either products or transactions.

5. Keyhut

Keyhut’s Cash Register software is the brainchild of the inimitable Dale Harris, who is the internet’s greatest curmudgeon. His site is worth looking at even if you never need POS, simply for a good laugh. He is unapologetically himself and he is hilarious.

Why is cash Register is a completely free POS system? Dale says “One purpose of the program is to help small or medium business to compete with large chain stores. But mostly I am doing this to have fun.

It works with any cash register/printer/PC combo you might have (Though if you run a 64-bit system, you’ll need to run an additional program), and he’s considering expanding the coding to include tablets. For extremely small businesses, the software can be run off your home computer, provided you don’t mind receipts being printed on regular sheets of paper.

This system, despite being free, can actually hold its own among paid POS systems aimed at small businesses. It can run multiple types of reports–including breaking down sales by employee. It has some basic employee management, CRM, and inventory tracking features.

It supports multiple registers.  Dale also offers better customer service than some paid versions I could name. He responds very promptly to his email, runs an open forum, and is available via chat and phone from 8-10 p.m. every weeknight to work out any and all problems.

Cash Register has one review on Capterra, and it’s exactly what you would expect. Glowing, raving about the value, and loving Dale’s sense of humor. Five stars.


I find his website charming and, from the screenshots, I find his interface to be identical to ones used in many grocery stores–so, not that bad. Which is all Dale was going for, he’d likely remind you.

6. Loyverse POS

img_samsung1_en (1)

Loyverse is a totally free POS app intended for use on any iOS or Android devices. Loyverse, as the name suggests, was built with the intention of making it easy to build customer loyalty through technology. As a result, Loyverse has a companion app for your customers to install, which you can use to easily create a killer loyalty program and send push notifications. Loyverse has multistore management and a dashboard app for easy management.

Loyverse has grown quickly and now counts over 240,000 users, according to Capterra’s Top 20 POS Software research. It’s free nature is certainly a selling point, but Loyverse is packed with features too.

You can manage discounts, work offline, integrate with Vantiv for credit card payments, do some inventory management, do a tiny bit of employee reporting, and, as mentioned, get some customer loyalty in your business.

Speaking of loyalty, the way Loyverse works is by getting customer to install the Loyverse app, which generates a QR code they can use in your store. Once they’re signed up with your store, you can give them discounts and send out promotional material, via the app.

Loyverse has been a hit with Capterra reviewers, racking up 150, five star average reviews.

7. uniCenta

2-2-2015 9-48-55 AM

uniCenta is one of the biggest names in open source POS software, boasting a system that could rival any paid small business POS. It has inventory management, reporting, CRM, and even employee management features (many paid products don’t even come with all of those). uniCenta is also formatted for any type of hardware—PC, Linux, Mac, or mobile.

uniCenta’s setup is incredibly flexible, allowing you to host it locally or drop it in the cloud to manage multiple locations off the same system. The software is 100% free, but you can upgrade to a subscription service if you fall in love with it.

Subscribers get earlier access to new features, extended support, and some exclusive add-ons. At the free, Community level, you’ll get all the core functionality and much of the extended functions found in the newest versions—you might just have to wait a tick to get the hottest, newest tech.

Users’ reactions to the software are overwhelmingly positive—a lot of users tout the ease-of-use that this solution has achieved, especially considered it’s open source. One review does mention that the reporting feature is clunky.

For users who like uniCenta but are looking for a slightly different flavor, Chromis POS (listed above) is built off the uniCenta system.

8. ProffittCenter


ProffittCenter is mainly a cash register—it takes money, runs discounts, etc. It does run reports and have some inventory management capabilities that relate directly to automatic ordering of products. It also has an extremely easy-to-use user interface.

Dave Proffitt, the man behind this operation, provides customer support whenever you need it. And, like Dale Harris, Dave told us he provides a really high level of service—he’s available via email, phone, and chat and is willing to rework code. ProffittCenter also boasts an active user forum for support.

ProffittCenter is a Windows-only solution, but it sports plenty of customizable reports, barcode and printer support, and inventory management. You can also setup automatic backups, which are deposited directly into Dropbox.

Overall, ProffittCenter is actually a great solution for merchants who are new to POS software. It’s got a great user interface, and it has the basic functionality to allow a new user to learn how to operate and set up POS software.

9. VendHQ

2-2-2015 9-54-20 AM

Vend, another web-based system, is actually one of the biggest names in POS, so it’s nice to see it them offering a freemium version. Their free option is for one register and user with 10 or fewer active products and up to 1,000 customers, with community support.

Again, this is an option for an extremely small retailer. Nonetheless, if you run a stand at a farmer’s market, or perhaps a mall kiosk, this could be a really good permanent option for you.

You’ll get access to some user management, inventory management, customer profiles, and core reporting features. Vend also integrates with Xero, which is a great win for small businesses looking to make their accounting as easy as possible.

As for limitations, 10 products is the big one. If you have a focused set of products, this could be fine. Anyone hoping to branch out, though, will want to plan for a move to Vend’s paid solutions, which start at $69 per month.

Vend is cloud-based, but continues running with limitations when offline. It’s a feature-rich, easy-to-use system (can you say buzzwords?). Vend sports a 4.5/5 star review on Capterra, with over 80 reviews.

10. ZeroPOS


ZeroPOS is an Android-based  POS that is completely free for all basic POS functionality, and what it defines as basic will run nearly all  small to midsize retailers. Its basic version can easily compete with other full POS systems.

With the free version of ZeroPOS, you get access for just three registers but plenty of features. You get a basic CRM, support, discounts, a great set of reports, inventory management, and QuickBooks integration.

You will have to upgrade to get access to a Windows installation, employee time management, unlimited stores and registers, and localized currency options. ZeroPOS’s paid plans start at $30 per POS, per month.

Other free and open-source POS options?

So that’s my round up of the top open source and free POS software solutions. Have you come across any more of these elusive systems? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments!

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I have personally tried several of the EPOS software reviewed here (and several other (so-called) free examples) not to mention many professional and bespoke systems from many years working in the retail and hospitality industries, a friend of mine uses Keyhut in his shop and it has a pretty devout following, however for me ProffittCentre stands head and shoulders above the rest. A comprehensive selection of customisable reports are available, more than I’ve ever needed. I have three tills networked easily together, one of them on a tablet, the other two on some pretty ancient old windows machines. The database is MySQL, a reliable and trusted open-source solution. I have credit accounts set up for my B2B customers. Although the software has a pretty advanced automated ordering system, I am unable to take advantage of as I buy the same product from many different suppliers and I order in quantity when the price is good as opposed to predicted sales figures, booking in however is a delight (well, in comparison to my previous experiences).
The software is straightforward to use, allows new items to be added from the sales screen, a life saver when switching to a new system. And Dave has always been more than happy to help, although I usually find a solution on the fairly active forum. It has a shedload of other options many of which I have never needed but it’s always good to know they are there!

Ed – Thanks so much for the great review! There aren’t too many reviews of particularly KeyHut and ProffittCentre online, so it’s really good to hear from a user.

We have been using ProffittCentre since opening the shop 3 years ago. Its part of the business that ‘just works’ . On the rare occasion that I have had to ask Dave for assistance or guidance (usually from my own ignorance) he has responded really quickly plus updates and makes available updates to solve any tiny bugs. Although I don’t have experience of any other epos software, I hope never to need any other as this suits just perfectly.

I’m so glad to hear that! I know ProffittCentre has a very enthusiastic following, so I’m really glad to get a comment endorsing it here.

One should try this amazing new POS software- solid product and very comprehensive. Try for free, generous trial period and built in ordering app and Marketplace.

We have used ProffittCenter for almost three years now in our shop and we are happy with it. It has loads of reports and options, and Dave helped really quickly when we had an issue with the login password, and when we were looking for a receipt printer solution.
I have used other POS in previous jobs in big companies that were obviously not free, but this is just as good.
Does the job for us, thumbs up.

Thanks Rosie! He is very quick to respond, I agree. He got back to my questions within the day, even with the 6 hour time difference. I’m glad to hear you like his solution so much. It seems to be very popular.

I can’t believe you can write an article on OpenSource POS Systems and omit ODOO.

From my own research this is by far the most capable solution out of the ones mentions (with the exception of uniCenta maybe).

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with any of these systems, I have just reviewed a number of them recently for a client.

Thanks Leo!! When I do the update, I’ll certainly look into it!

Floreant POS has been around forever and is used by some big name restaurant chains.

Thanks Alan!

I was surprised I didn’t find “Open Source POS” on this list. Completely free, very useful (even does inventory ‘kits’, including several items in a special bundle, for example). You can look at it at

Thanks so much Daniel! I’ll be sure to research it when I update this post!

here is one of POS with open source

Well Done also has an open source restaurant POS offering available at codeplex. You can download it here:

Hiboutik free POS software is not open-source, but it is a complete and easy to use free solution to manage your store.

I Just found this new fork of Unicenta, Chromis POS. It is being run by a user called Johnl, who it appears from the Unicenta forum has added a number of features that appeared in earlier versions, and release a kitchen screen module as add on.

What about ERPNext. It does have a very decent POS

This is an interesting read. I would also like to mention that email marketing is the latest on going trend in the market along with the retail POS software. These retail POS utilize mobile devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics.

I’m very thankful for this information. I just installed unicenta thanks to you. But more importantly, I went from looking for a CRM to getting a POS with CRM. Thanks once again Cara Wood!

Warren – I’m so glad to hear I could help you out!!! It really makes my day. 🙂 I have one small favor to ask. If you remember, I’d love it if you could come back to Capterra in a few months and leave a review of Unicenta on this page. Your review will help me update this article accurately, and it’ll help other shoppers like yourself decide if they want uniCenta.

Good luck in your endeavors and don’t forget to keep up with my blog as I write a lot of posts on how to run a store. 🙂

Hey Cara! I’m so pleased and thankful with the top list of the POS information. It has captured my attention and I took some time to read about them. Many businesse owners will be glad choosing from among this list likewise someone like me who knows of one which is new and powerful and will like to share it with you. This one has many features which can fit nearly most businesses. Please try it out and see it yourself. Here is it Wandaapos or

great “POS’ works perfectly for me, actually it’s got great features! & has similarities with another great one called “wandapos” could check it out at

Thanks Cara
There is a very valuable fork of Unicenta: Chromis POS

RetailMagic is not only POS, but also includes all accounting functions (Payables, Receivables, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger). It is free when using 10 or less products, has been in use for over 25 years and was designed specifically for small retailers.
Take a look at

Is there POS software for parcel shops, we openning a new parcel shop and require software for till

With my long experience I see only few good open source POS system. There are not many attempt to bid with commercial feature rich pos. My observation is
A. Most of the POS are child of abandoned Open bravo code. Open bravo made good start but they quit! Then in last few years, unicenta could do any improvement rather than fixing and adding bugs – As a old guy I used Tina POS once it was simply a cool and stable POS. If the developer spend some time it could be a amazing POS this day. I Tried Samba POS in few of the stores. They are windows based system and less messy than Unicenta and simiar pos. My clients liked it cool interface and organized database. Alas It eventually stopped open source POS and now almost dead.
What I see Floreant POS is excellent piece of code. It does not mess with complicated installer. Just a zip file and it works. Only sad part is they focused Restaurant & Cafe POS and it struggle with Retail system. I am big fan of Open source. Expecting more POS initiatives from kids.

There is one more called eHopper –

Hi, everyone! Great article, good reviews and comments. Let me offer you another free mobile POS for your consideration. It comes supported by a great, web-based, back office. I’ll gladly answer all your questions. Thanks!

Forgot to mention, the free mobile POS is at:
It speaks a variety of languages, with many more to come.

Cara, Here is another one. It is called BPOS

Includes full stock control, CRM, Debtors, Creditors. All in a tiny 2MB download. No database servers, no complicated web frontends etc.

Blisteringly fast, it can index a million sales records in 10 seconds. Lookups are instantaneous.

The help file is incomplete but I’m actively updating it. It contains enough info to get started. Check out some of the main features such as “combi search” where users can find stock items 6 different ways from a single prompt.

Hello, we are in Ecuador, South America. Which POS system would you recommend as suitable for our three laundrettes with small retail shop in each location. Thank you.

Hi Cara We have a small convenience store in BC Canada and we are looking for POS software that is compatible with excel or quick-books and that will calculate the Canadian taxes. We are going to update from a cash register to POS so it will be new to us, so it would be good to have something that I could get some teck support. thank you Harold

Harold – I’m not sure how many products you have, but I recommend checking Vend out. I also recommend looking at Zero POS.

Loyverse POS seems interesting! I can communicate directly with my customers thru the shopper app. Thanks Cara for your research and passion!

The Best Web Based Point Of Sale of Software is Ctrloffice ,


I am searching Multistore point of sale that have feature to integrate with any ecommerce site just like woocommerce or magento etc with offline/online auto syncronize option. premium and open source version required.

also i want to create variable products in pos.

I also would like to share the POS application i have made (which is free) using CodeIgniter and TendooCMS

Hello, I am looking for a POS software solution that will let me easily make sales on the fly that are not in inventory. I want to ditch my old cash registers and use software, but having over 20,000 products it would take me far to long to program every product in before I can start. If I can make sales on the fly, I can put things in inventory in my down time until I get caught up. Thank you!

Hi, I’m Johannes form Kenya. Please advise me on the most suitable open source POS for a retail drug shop. I’m really in need of one right now and all that I find here are not so user friendly for the type of business.

Kind regards.

The best POS I have tried for my retail shop in London is Hiboutik ( Most of the solutions available are for the US market and are not suitable for the European countries.

I have recently forked the excellent open source Floreant Pos restaurant system and modified it for use in a busy pub or bar environment with multiple bar tenders serving simultaneously.

TavernerPOS is the result and it’s available for free at . It’s a java based application but can be served to run on iOS or Android tablets using webswing. Source code is also downloadable.


I was happy to see the mention of Chromis Pos only your page. Chromis was born with the development of a kitchen screen app, so the user does not have to use a printer. Following on from a difference of opions, I decided to stop all the work I had done over the last 3 years on Unicenta and created my own fork. When I look at some of the unicenta forks I can see my work in these, which I take as a compliment to the things i added.

Chromis has built a large number of followers since we started in September 2015, which is growing at a steady pace. My intention is to keep Chromis free and continue to develop the product with some new features being developed that are been sponsored by a group of users. We have created a utility that can take Unicenta database and convert to Chromis.

Since Unicenta decided to start charging a service fee to get the latest version we are seeing more people move to Chromis.

There is very active support forum for the users, and we have actively fixed user issues free of charge.


Hi, I want to second Open Source POS (OSPOS). It’s been around for years, and is under active development. It’s web-based, but you can run it on your local machine using WAMP or MAMP. I have an installation guide and documentation here:

I am quite new to all this , can someone recommend an opensource POS suitable for Pizza shop ?

Hi, can anyone suggest a POS for a restaurant/delivery kitchen business… Point of sales, inventory, AP, AR … Please….Thanking in advance

Is there any decent free software to interface with older electronic cash registers like a Casio TE 2200? The CV-10 we use at a not for profit org just doesn’t cut it and needs an old pc or laptop to work.

Some of our restaurant credit card processing clients use some of this POS software in their POS systems and swear by it. A few run Dale Harris’s POS software as well and swear by it. We have had a few of these restaurants switch over to our POS software over the years, but some of them will be using forever. It all comes down to what helps your business run the way that you want it to run. No one knows your business better than you.

Thanks for the interesting info on open source POS. We’re just sick and tired of our current POS, Retail Pro 8.6 Small Business Edition ‘cos it’s a very expensive colossus with feet of clay, much obsolete and not at all user friendly. Once we mailed a question they couldn’t answer but still charged us $130. Open source projects with active forums are perfect when one need to translate captions and text and customize standards. Greetings from Sweden.

Hi Cara,

Amazing post! and great list. I had to visit all their websites – and it was worth visiting.
Very helpful information.

Omg, it’s so many various pos systems I don’t know how to choose the most suitable for me… What do you think about this one ?
Please contact me here if you can recommend me something, tnx)

I run my small F&B bussiness in early Feb 2016 and found this review, thanks to the blogger and reviewer so I can decide which one is better for my needs. Formerly i do IT Job and as an ordinary techie guy i searching some free open sourced POS to be my system so i can modify and it by my self to fullfill my needs. At first I use UniCenta and run it for several months. Afterward i found other more nice GUI and intuitive POS called SambaPOS 4, the last Free Version non Open Sourced of SambaPOS that customizable and it run very well until now.

The criteria for the POS that fullfill my needs is, it must Restaurant/Cafe/F&B Oriented, touchscreen friendly, and have Customer Display capability for Dual Monitor system as well as Kitchen Order Display/Print besides the Inventory and simple Reports capability.

For those who run F&B bussiness I can recommend you SambaPOS 4 or UniCenta. There are many similar POS that forked from Open Bravo or UniCenta such as WandaPOS and Chromis. Now I’m looking forward for Floreant POS and Lyverse review as friend of mine asking me to help him setup POS system based on Windows 8/Android based tablet devices.

Regards, AK

[…] Source — […]

Thank You for your article, and for your readers comments. I am an independent popcorn Shop, a Mom & Pop per se, shopping pos systems. I really only need/ want a pos program I can run on a desktop, that features reports on sales per hour and items sold, maybe time clock. Touch screen would be preferred. Your evaluations are enlightening, but, I’m unsure how to know if I can attach a receipt printer and cash drawer to a desktop running one of these programs. Where to find them. We are still in a situation where we must be frugal (not cheap). I am also really frustrated with; the per month offers, and the “sales people” not mentioning that their credit card systems, and whole systems, are proprietary, unless you ask (“best thing since sliced bread” .. right?). Long story shorter. Your thoughts on the best basic system/ program for me? I have spent 35yrs managing restaurants and have worked with many pos systems over the years .. I just need simple, basic, and, cost effective, to get upgraded from my glorified calculator. Thanks.
P.S. I have two sisters who went to Mary Washington.

Hi John,

Tell your sisters a fellow alum says hi!

I would recommend checking out Keyhut, or Zero POS. Keyhut is about as simple as it gets and is specifically designed to run on desktop. Zero is meant to be used on a tablet, but can be easily used on desktop as well. All programs these days are designed to be hooked up to a cash drawer and receipt printer, so don’t worry about that.

I am looking for any good free cash register /POS Software for free, if you know one just refer me

What Cara Wood can tell me about this POS system? Is it reliable or not?
What can you tell me about this POS system?

Hi Cara,

Would you mind to have a look on We offer Free POS Software for more than 46,000 retail stores in Latin America, and we have just launched a version in English. We are receiving excellent feedback from the global English-speaking market, especially from developing countries like India and Pakistan, but also from USA and Canada.

We offer simple to use software and an excellent customer service to help our clients grow their business. Our primary focus is to transform the challenge daily routine of a retail store in a better and easier job.

NEXTAR has a totally free plan but also very affordable paid plans, from $15 to $25 monthly.

Please feel free to get in contact at

Hi guys, I am looking for a system that can deal with about 2000 products. It needs to be able to discount multi-buy goods and deal groups, and Reduced to Clear items. I need to see reports for item sales, and time of day sales. Stock needs to be booked in to inventory. Also, to be able to print shelf price labels using a receipt printer if possible. What do you recommend? Thanks.

Kevin – You may want to look into ZeroPOS or eHopper!

Hey I am looking for a free POS solution for a newly opening pharmacy that will also be selling products other than pharmaceuticals. We have in vision, the plan of setting up a system where people can order their meds, etc, online/via phone app so I would really like to install a system that supports that kind of thing from the inception. Also, I want the ability to network everything so Sales, Stock, and everything else could be tracked from the office in the same building and maybe from a remote location via internet. This network will include Tablets or phones, etc, that will be used for delivery services on the road. I have no experience setting up POS systems and I understand if ther isnt a free version to meet all these needs but I would highly appreciate your input as to what would be the best free system for me to set up. Thank you!

Mohinder – To be honest with you, I don’t fully understand how a pharmacy works, so a plain POS might not be the best option for you. I would check out Zero or eHopper, as those are likely to serve your purposes best as a POS. But given that it’s a pharmacy, you may actually want to look into using some form of medical software that’s got a built-in POS.

Hi, I run a mail-order eCommerce site. I am looking for a non-cloud program that keeps my inventory and customer’s name and addresses and prints out an invoice I can ship with my products to my customer. It dosent have to be free but not a monthly cost.
Thank you, LS

Hi Les! Sounds like you’re looking for an inventory management system. Here are some popular free ones.

So one of the aspects we were looking for is which of these provide robust out of box features for complex promotions, coupons, discounts, pro-ration logic and returns management? None of these open sources have been compared on that aspect. Any insight would be helpful. Also, any references to if a big box retailer would use any of these to start with, which one would it be? Thanks for help and insights.

Nilesh – Open source can be written to do what you want it to, which means that you can’t really compare open source features very easily. What you can compare is how easy that solution is to work with and make how you want it to, which is what I’ve tried to do. For enterprise level businesses, Unicenta is quite popular.

Does anyone know if any of these have a transfer option to backup and copy everything as is to a different computer? I’m currently using Chromis POS but, they haven’t added this feature yet

Mary – What exactly are you looking to copy? Your reports/inventory?

Cara Wood, thank you. I will say you have wrote a nice review but your review title is confusing. Many of the readers may be attracted with Open source POS title and think all these POS are “FREE + Open source”. But they are not true. Most of them are closed source or hosted solution. I have full respect for close source but a separate list will be more appropriate.

Why I do advocacy on open source is simple – you have full control of the system. You can hire a developer and customize it as needed. In last few years there have been good number of POS system that are opensource. I have installed open source POS in Linux and windows in good number of stores. They are happy. Here is my list of Free+Open source POS.

1. Floreant POS

Floreant POS (, released by OROCUBE LLC (
This is the most versatile open source POS I have used so far. No junk thing, no bloat ware, great forum support and the greatest thing is it runs on low resource. I have used Atom processor with 1G Ram and it worked like charm. It has support for Bar code reader, Digital scale, Caller Id, Customer list and Kitchen Display. I have replaced it with Micros old terminal. Even people using Aloha POS loved it. It can be used in table service restaurants, take out, bar and retail type of system.

2. Chromis POS

Chromis POS( is one of the fork for Open bravo. Its same as another fork Unicenta. Even though they are relatively new I liked their kitchen display. One feature I find useful is variable pricing system. Say in fish market where price is changed frequently it could be better than many other POS. I tried it in two of my projects and they liked it.

3. Samba POS

Samba( is a windows only POS. I liked their User interface. Its Easy and nicely organized. SambaPOS supports multiple languages and currencies. While a newer commercial version is available which is unfortunately proprietary, the slightly older SambaPOS 3 is available as open source under a GPLv3 license.


OS POS ( Its a web-based point of sale system. However it can be used with Wamp or XMMP type of package that runs web server in local PC. It has many features in addition to basic POS operation, including customer management, barcode printing, numerous reporting tools, and the ability to help track inventory.


They were called Open ERP and changed their name to Odoo( . For a system that require more than POS, odoo could be a good solution. I have not yet tested but their site looks cool and read good reviews about them.

Hi NiKole,

Thanks for sharing that list of open source POS options. I will certainly include some or all in my update! I chose to write about both on one list because I wanted a comprehensive list of cheaper POS systems. I realize that I didn’t do a deep dive of the definition of open source here, as I was relying on people already knowing what that means. Perhaps I should include one! Thanks!

any updates on this post? it’s a terrific post but it’s a bit outdated.

Hi Claudia – Thanks for asking! It was updated just under a year ago, so all the information should still be generally relevant. However, it will likely be updated again by June 2017.

Will the merchant be able to use any credit card processing company with the free POS sites listed above?

Hi Cara wood. Very nice article.I wanted a billing cum inventory management software for my fast food restaurant which is not cloud based. I need an offline free software. Which amongst the list will be best suitable for me?

I haven’t used any free soft-wares up until now thinking there won’t be any service and I would be left in the dark if I ever ran into any trouble. The one I am using now seems to be insanely powerful and I get amazing support from the developers and the dealers. I tried 2 systems before i moved to E3plus (not freeware, unfortunately I did not know they existed then). But luckily I got E3plus so cheap, I did not think twice before I made the switch. If anyone out there would like to give it a shot. You can contact the dealers here :- or you can see more product features here :-

Have a nice day!! 🙂 ..

PS:- Hell of an article. Bookmarking it so that if i ever do run into problems with my current software I can turn to your article for help. Keep up the good work. Cheers 🙂

Hi, Cara could you advise, please? I am looking for a POS that can integrate with my eCommerce website, example if I sell a product on my website it updates the store inventory and when I sell a product in the store it updates my website. Is there any out there. Thanks.

John – Vend actually has a built in eCommerce platform. I’m not sure that comes free, though!

Trying to use many freewares and deleted after a few days. Nothing compares with professional systems like Seito, Raptor, etc. Yes, its costly but…

Check out this new player in the market!
it can compete with any POS system out there.
Setup an account within 3 clicks.
it’s called: vecino cloud.

Hi Cara, We are getting ready to open a small booth at local farmers’ markets. We are looking for an iPad app to help us track product sales and compute change. We will be cash only and will not have wi-fi on-site. Do you know of anything out there that would meet our needs? It seems difficult to find something that doesn’t need wi-fi.

You most likely know this but I just want to point it out just in case: free and open source do not mean the same thing. At least, not in software. Open source is when the codebase is released and available for download and also can be edited by anyone. Everyone can keep their own copy of the software. Free, in the other hand, is when the software can be used without having to pay but the codebase might be proprietary and not released to the public. Owning a copy of such program might be a copyright infringement, depending on the license under which it is released.
I did not see any open source option in your list. Maybe I did not check well enough. But please feel free to correct me.

I’m currently looking for a POS that can be use in accommodation business, i’m currently handling our family transients in Philippines Palawan and I wanted to have the features where the records can be shared internally, can print receipts for customers if we bought a receipt printer.

I also want to ask you guys if what are your payment methods in your business online, and how do you take care of cash payment,credit card payments do you guys have a credit card swiper how does it work? This might not be related to this article, but I’ll appreciate your answer.

please take a look at this Cheappos app it was free and has a lot of features.

Nice article, We have developed a POS which can be used at any restaurant or a small cafe, and its cost effective plus works just like any other high priced POS. Best thing about Menuadda, is that it does not require additional hardware. You can start using the service with your existing hardware or your personal mobile or a tablet even your laptop. It is a cloud based and can be accessed from any where and single subscription can be used for multiple outlets.
Just check this for more info –

I’ve been consulting in POS since the mid 90’s. Yes you can find source out there for POS. Ask yourself a couple questions. Does it support chip and pin encryption devices? Scanners? Printers? Pole displays?… these devices change every year. Keeping up with development is a very challenging task. I’ve have 15 developers that can build IOS and Intel based POS software, but only (1) high paid developer that can integrate multiple external devices proficiently. Just a different perspective from an old POS guy.

Hi Carol,
Our app, ZapNabit, allows virtually any merchant to set-up and begin selling within minutes. They appear in their local area for customers to view their product and order. We are looking for a general POS system to integrate that will transfer the orders received on our app to a variety of merchant POS systems: restaurants, merchandise and retail. Do you have any suggestions?

So what would be most recommended for a start-up consignment shop?? Just starting out in my home
I tried to download Proffit and it doesn’t load not work…. We are unsure why.. Need something that will help me keep track of consigners, print bar ideas or even just codes specifically for each consigner and their items and keep track of each persons account… Ideas?!

I’m also using for few months, it’s great and absolutely FREE.
These guys made POS as a free service for the retail community.
Totally recommend it:

My favorite POS software is Point of Success Special Edition. Found at it is a food related POS for restaurants/takeaways etc and is full of features.

Recently I started using Vecino Cloud.
It was very easy to setup and the service is great.
The best thing is that it’s free!
You should try it.

Hello, I have read your blog and was surprised to see that Pangea was not listed with the rest of the free POS software. Moreover, I would like it if you could review our own blog post about the internal control via POS systems.

Great Article. I am looking for a POS for a retail clothing store that i can operate offline. I also need a feature for selling on three moth installment. Which one do you recommend?

Do these softwares support bar code scanning?
We are starting a grocery store and I need an open source software which I can extend to produce reports as per our requirements.

A friend of mine owns small restaurant in Europe. It’s pretty local and family oriented. After trying a couple of POS solutions (that were pretty unreliable and had some issues), he tried Zienix POS software for restaurants and takeaways. After trial period of about 15 days or so, he was so satisfied he decided to go long-term with this Zienix company.

This POS has a lot of options and it’s very easy to use since he is not quite a tech, my friend. It also has some additional gadgets such are customer database for management, table scheme and statistics included. In his own words – my waiters are happy so am I 🙂

Hi Cara,
Just came across this page of yours. Nice amount of POS software there. But you mentioned that uniCenta is free, but from what I found, it doesn’t? Is this “it doesn’t ANYMORE” ? or am I missing something?
In order to download the software, you have to sign up, and signing up means the cheapest is still 60 pounds??
So, did they at unicenta change their game or am I over reading a part of their website where it says “free download”?
Thanks, Will.

Will, think your post is a bit way off the mark.

uniCenta oPOS is only charging for their time and access to their customer support forum. A subscription gives access to their latest app’s, sources and things like User Guides as well.
If you take a look at Sourceforge you will notice they are still pushing uniCenta oPOS releases into the Community; free for everyone to get hold of.


Hello Everyone. Awesome post.

Question here, anyone knows any KDS Software to use with another POS? I have a system already and want to use a KDS with it.


Any of these can run on mac and manage multiple users with different permissions?

I’m running a mobile marketplace / farmers market ( a tiny grocery store that travels around to different food deserts). I think I am looking for a program that I can store locally on a tablet and use w/o internet to manage sales and track inventory. I can run credit cards, etc on my phone. Does such a software exist out there? Perhaps there is one that I could manage just via my iPhone SE? Or perhaps there is another option I’m not seeing that might work? Mostly I am super small, just started out, and have very little capital to work with so can’t really afford another device with monthly service fees.

Update – uniCenta is not free. You must pay a yearly fee for their online presence.

Hey, I recommend you to add JustBilling also in this list.

Just Billing is the best Billing Software and Mobile Application which is very useful for a restaurant, retail, and service business. Just Billing makes your business easy and quick, with this software you can manage your business with just one click. Just billing provides services from point of sale billing to GST Return filing like GST invoice, inventory management, business accounting, expenses management, purchases recording, customer loyalty management, customer feedback etc.

you can check their business site: and product site:

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