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The Top Legal Technology Influencers You Need to Follow

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Update 6/20/17: We’ve added several new influencers and deleted a few outdated ones to keep this list current.

A lot of people talk about legal technology. But not all of them have important things to say. Cutting through the glut of voices to find real legal tech influencers is tough. I’ve tried to do some of the work for you by narrowing down the top legal technology influencers you should be following. I’ve also thrown in some funny legal people, legal news sources, legal technology blogs, and legal podcasts for you at the end.

Legal Technology Influencers

Nicole Black

Nicole Black is a legal technology expert. She runs the MyCase blog where she helps educate lawyers on how to use technology to do their jobs better. She interviews other experts and writes e-books on how to get paid.

Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Kenneth Grady

legal technology blogs

Ken Grady tweets about the intersection of law and technology from a tech-first perspective. Among other things, he teaches lawyers how to apply the principles of lean manufacturing to their law practices.

Check out his blog and follow him on Twitter.

Legaltech News


The non-cryptically named Legaltech News blog covers… news about legal technology, tracking financials for legal projects, and online resources for risk management in the legal field.

Follow them on Twitter.

Law Sites Blog


Look at that headshot. Does this dude mess around? No, he does not. Robert J. Ambrogi’s blog is called Law Sites because it’s all about websites and tools lawyers need to know about. He plays with ideas of technology’s influence on the legal world while also offering insight on upcoming events. Basically, the software and apps that lawyers need to get the job done.

Follow him on Twitter.

3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Aesthetics are not these geeks’ thing – think pieces about law and tech are these geeks’ thing.

Have a look at their RSS.

Legal Marketing

Kevin O’Keefe

11-10-2015 8-59-42 AM

Kevin‘s got an excellent blog on legal marketing. These are real, applicable posts, explaining, for instance, the reason lawyers should care about the rel=canonical tag. On Twitter, Kevin shares marketing resources such as TED talks and tips on selling the value of social media up the chain of command, and instead of just tweeting out the headline, often pulls out valuable tidbits or summarizes applicable parts.

Take a look at his blog and his Twitter account.


Attorney at Work

11-10-2015 9-04-59 AM

Attorney at Work’s tagline is “One really good idea every day.” And for the most part, it’s true. The ideas center around how a lawyer can succeed in the workplace. Some of the ideas will be more applicable to you than others, of course, but the success rate is high enough to make it worth keeping up with.

Follow them on Twitter.

Legal News

Above the Law

11-10-2015 9-11-51 AM

Above the Law is kind of an all-in-one news depot for lawyers. If you want to know what your colleagues are talking about at the watercooler, keep up with Above the Law.

Follow them on Twitter.


11-10-2015 9-14-07 AM

Lawyerist is that funny, snarky kid in law school everyone went to when they had or needed gossip.

Follow their Twitter.

Bitter Lawyer


Ridiculous lawsuits and other instances of lawyers and law schools behaving badly.

Check out their Twitter.


SCOTUSblog yields updates on Supreme Court happenings and the latest updates on federal government policy and decision-making in real time.

Follow them on Twitter.


Reboot Your Law Practice: For lawyers who are trying to adapt to the new legal landscape

Legal Talk Network: Podcasts on nearly every aspect of law

Bloomberg Law Podcasts: Podcasts for biglaw

ABA Journal Podcast: Podcast of the ABA Journal

Blog Talk Radio for Lawyers

Another list of good podcasts for lawyers


Kanye WestLaw

11-10-2015 9-17-05 AM

If Kanye West had gone to law school, this is what his Twitter would be like.

Follow Kanye Esq. here.



Keeping it real like only an anonymous, female, biglaw aspirant can.

Follow her on Twitter.

Law Student Problems


Law school jokes plus British humor equals fun.

Follow them here.


This Twitter feed gives every legal buff a little laugh between serious postings about the media, local and federal court cases, and policy changes.

Follow them on Twitter.

What Legal Influencers Influence You?

What influencers should be on the list that aren’t? Any legal technology blogs you really like? Let me know in the comments. And if you need some legal software, check out our Law Practice Management Software or Legal Billing Software directories. You can narrow down your options by feature.

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