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The Top Maintenance Statistics You Should Know For 2017

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According to a survey from 2015, only 6% of respondents consider their maintenance department to be well established, while 33% reported theirs as somewhat well established and 16% said not at all.

Almost half of these respondents also reported that they were still using manual methods for their maintenance, though many of them expressed a desire to invest in computerized maintenance management software in order to improve the proactivity and simplicity of maintenance management.

Maintenance management software is useful for many businesses across a wide range of industries. Whatever kind of business you may run, it is crucial to ensure the efficient maintenance of your building and your equipment so that operations can continue to run smoothly. Investing in maintenance management tools is a smart business decision that will have high returns.

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The top maintenance statistics

Here are the top statistics pertaining to the field of factory, plant, and building maintenance that your business should be aware of for 2017 as you seek to improve the efficiency and smoothness of operations:

1. Any business can save 12-18% by investing in preventive instead of reactive maintenance. [Source: Mintek]

2. According to a Plant Maintenance Study from 2016, 51% of manufacturing facilities now use a computerized maintenance management system. [Source: Plant Engineering]

3. The top 3 manufacturing maintenance management technologies are paper records/reports (39%), in-house spreadsheets (52%) and CMMS (63%). [Source: Plant Engineering]

4. A 2017 survey revealed that out of the respondents, 45.1% of plants are utilizing a proactive approach to maintenance. [Source: Plant Services]

5. After implementing a CMMS, the reliability of your equipment can improve by as much as 35% to 50%. [Source: ReliabilityWeb]

6. Maintenance management typically takes up at least 40-50% of a business’ operational budget. [Source: ReliabilityWeb]

7. Facility management technology reduced businesses’ maintenance costs by 3.3% on average. [Source: iOffice]

8. 74% of businesses consider the simplicity of a maintenance management system to be extremely important. 0% consider it unimportant. [Source: Hippo CMMS]

9. Preventive maintenance is the most desired CMMS feature, followed by asset management and work order management. [Source: eMaint]

10. Businesses, on average, spend 80% of their time reacting to maintenance issues that arise rather than preventing them. [Source: eMaint]

More top maintenance statistics?

Were you surprised by these numbers? Are they helpful? Will they change they way you think about your business’ maintenance operations in the future? And how do these maintenance statistics impact you?Let us know what you think or give these stats a tweet to spread the information!

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